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Giperplaziya of

understand good-quality increase in quantity of cells of any fabric As a giperplaziya. Cages at a giperplaziya, unlike cages at a malignant new growth, continue to carry out regularly the functions, they are not capable to sprout in surrounding fabrics or to metastazirovat in lymph nodes and the remote bodies. In certain cases the giperplaziya does not belong to pathology, and represents quite natural physiological phenomenon.

For example, at damage of fabrics regeneration processes, i.e. reproduction of cages for restoration of the injured area come into force. And regeneration, in fact, too is a kind of a giperplaziya. And still most often the giperplaziya is a term which is more used at the characteristic of any pathological changes in bodies. The endometriya at women or a prostate gland giperplaziya at men is enough to remember a giperplaziya. Moreover, many patients are covered by panic horror at the diagnosis “giperplaziya“, especially, if it is about growth of epitelialny cells of a mucous membrane of a uterus. For some reason the main part of them is sure that the giperplaziya is a precancer state, a certain transitional form which surely comes to an end with transformation into a malignant tumor. Fortunately, it not so. About that, this or that process of a giperplaziya is how dangerous, only the doctor after careful inspection can tell. Though it is impossible to leave a disease on drift, certainly, at all.

Why normal cages suddenly are exposed to a giperplaziya, and without the reasons seen on that. The answer to this question will be various depending on what body is subject to a giperplaziya. However the most recognized version of growth of cages is the hormonal theory of a giperplaziya. Especially it concerns a giperplaziya of cages an endometriya. So, a certain hormonal reorganization or endocrine dysfunctions in a female organism lead to the fact that the mucous membrane of a uterus begins to expand violently. It can be shown or a thickening of all an endometriya, or selective growth of separate sites of an inside layer of a uterus. In the latter case physicians speak about polyps an endometriya. In favor of the hormonal nature of a cellular giperplaziya the fact that most often it occurs at the persons who already have any hormonedependent pathology testifies at least (for example, diabetes).


of a mucous uterus can have the hidden current without characteristic clinical symptomatology, however there are plentiful bloody allocations from female genitals much more often. These bleedings can differ both on duration, and on frequency. But anyway considerable blood loss is very negatively displayed on health of the woman. At the patient pallor of integuments, fast fatigue, weakness, decrease in working capacity, frequent pulse, the lowered pressure, anemia is noted. Besides, existence of uterine bleedings demands obligatory differential diagnostics with a malignant tumor. It is possible to investigate the patient by means of the ultrasonic device which will allow to scan nearby fabrics regarding presence of neighbors a metastasis. However more informative results can be received at direct research of cages an endometriya. At the same time the doctor has an opportunity to define degree of expressiveness of morphological changes of the studied fabric, that is to estimate, the risk of a malignization of giperplazirovanny cages is how big (the malignization in language of health workers means an ozlokachestvleniye). It is possible to receive material necessary for this purpose by a scraping or a biopsy of an internal surface of a uterus.

Should remember

that the giperplaziya left without treatment the endometriya can end with cancer, infertility, accession of various infectious diseases of a female genital. Treatment can be conservative, directed to restoration of a hormonal background, and surgical at which the immediate cause of bleedings is removed (for example, at inflammations). Quite often both methods are used at the same time: at first make removal of pathological fabric, and then use hormonal preparations. It allows to consolidate medical effect.