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Yoga: experiment on itself

If me was asked about two years ago “What is yoga?“ I could not answer nothing sensible, except “as far as I know, it - something useful“.

Half a year ago I got into accident. Hands - legs are whole, but to the head there were unpleasant things. There were weeks - months, and very severe dizzinesses continued to disturb me. When there was a need, for example, parking the car, to turn the head and to look that it is created behind - in eyes began to appear doubled.

As I am a doctor. Neurologist. Having some knowledge of anatomy and human physiology, it was obvious to me that in a deplorable state my neck. Couple of sessions at the manual therapist (at own risk) yielded only temporary result what I was warned, by the way, by my colleague about - vertebrolog (the specialist in backbone diseases). The regular physical activities directed to strengthening of the muscular corset supporting a backbone in my case, especially - cervical department were necessary for fixing of effect. Here - that I also remembered about yoga.

I went For the first occupation with the girlfriend who long ago learned elements of yoga and happy with quality of teaching in the concrete center. So I turned out in one of the Moscow recreation centers as I later I learned - in Ashtanga - Yoga of the Center branch. I will begin with the fact that all practice yoga barefoot. Therefore it is necessary to be ready to the fact that if in the hall there is not enough place that the heel of the neighbor, perhaps, will settle down near your nose.

those who think that yoga - it is easy are Deeply mistaken. Despite quite good physical training to cope with the offered loadings it was very difficult.

Now I already know that there are many styles of yoga. What I began with, there was a hatkha - yoga. In it static loadings, “balances“ (when it is necessary to keep balance in different, quite difficult poses), exercises on an extension prevail. These loadings are not similar to one sport though yogina say that that who did gymnastics is given any of the directions of yoga easier. In the conditions of the megalopolis of Hatkh - the yoga is the most demanded style because during such “contemplate“ practice you have an opportunity to stabilize the internal state. It is considered that the better you cope with “balances“, the your composure broken in the subway at work and at home is restored better.

differs in

from a hatkh A little - yogas of an ashtang - a vinyas of the yogi. Vinyasa is a sequence of asanas (poses) which can be carried out at different speed, but, certainly, time for “contemplation“ much less. It is more “power“ style directed, in my opinion, to formation more of a strong body, than strong spirit.

Much later I for myself opened style - kundalin - yoga. There is very amusing opposition between “hatkhist“ and “kundalinshchik“ as they call themselves. The matter is that kundalin - the yoga is based absolutely on other principles. For all occupation you can manage to do only 5 - 6 exercises, but the number of repetitions - is infinite. On each occupation the kriya directed to improvement of some certain part of a body is carried out. So on occupation which was called “the man and the woman“ we carried out exercises on strengthening of hips, a press, buttocks. For example, raised serially direct legs within four minutes (it is group of almost initial level of preparation; in more prepared groups duration of performance of exercise or the number of repetitions increase in a geometrical progression). In the third minute at me began to stuff up ears, there was slight dizziness, there was a wish that all this ended rather... Here also the most interesting begins. It is considered that all yoga is directed to overcoming of. And it is unimportant what you gave preference to - hatkha, kundalin or to other style, something is necessary to you anyway in itself to overcome. Either a bad extension or the “clamped“ backbone - in a hatkha, or lack of endurance and physical weakness - in kundalin and in an ashtang - a vinyasa. Here the main thing - not to go too far. That without injuries.

To whatever occupations you came, practice most often comes to an end with one of my favourite poses - “shavasany“, a pose of the dead person. Muffle light, turn on the quiet music, you lay down and relax. In initial groups the teacher accents what parts of a body should be weakened. You are as if between a dream and wakefulness. Here you find out that one of the most difficult tasks is the task not to think of anything. After a good shavasana there is a strong wish to sleep so if you have sleep disorders, then and the yoga will help to cope with it.

Any occupation does not manage without respiratory the practician - pranayam. Some of them cannot be carried out if you eat meat. In general, yogas very strictly treat purity - spiritual and physical therefore very great value is attached to the fact what you eat that you say how you think... Besides certain requirements to quality of food, there are some restrictions and on its quantity: it is necessary to sustain a three-hour break between the last meal (something easy is desirable) and the beginning of occupation, otherwise you will not be able just to be engaged! So, will - bondage, and the quantity of the consumed food decreases. If to treat these recommendations it is serious, then the result will not keep itself waiting long.

I smoked

By the time of the beginning of the way in yoga about a pack of cigarettes in day and ate everything that will come to hand, including myself with an unrecoverable myasoyedka. And still: I already mentioned the profession. Grateful patients often indulge us, doctors, candies - chocolates. Here also it turns out, there is no time for a lunch, and near at hand always something sweet... Practicing yoga, there was a strong wish for achievement of new and new results, and it is impossible without “victories“ over itself. Occupations by yoga helped me finally (I hope) to leave nicotine addiction. Already year as I do not smoke. Gradually I came also to strict vegetarianism (in the summer it in general is very easy): meat, a bird, fish, seafood, eggs, generally, all live are excluded. And last time I ate a chocolate... I do not remember when! And gradually I lose weight...

I will Separately stop on meditations. There are different technicians of meditation, and important part is reading mantras (prayers). In most of the yogi - the centers in initial groups this part of occupation is practically absent (only any occupation of Kundalini yoga cannot do without the main mantras - initiating, protective and final) as teachers yogis are interested in attraction to the culture of representatives of different religions. Besides, the uninitiated person has a collective, chorus reading mantras, can cause negative emotions, is frequent - fear (there are associations with sects). Over time, in process of immersion in yoga, you will be able to feel that meditation is not the cause of conflict with your religion, and I met many people to whom reading mantras does not prevent to consider itself prinadlezhny to their faith.

is Told, “to yoga at everyone - the way“. I was brought to it, first of all, by search of comfort physical, health of a body. My friend sought to find a source of harmony sincere. Over time it became clear that, at desire, occupations by yoga can give both that, and another. Leaving from the first occupation, I did not go - soared. And what to dizzinesses? Quickly enough I forgot about them. By the way, in some yoga - the centers (for example, in Federation of Yoga) there take place special occupations which and are called “Yogaterapiya“ and “Correct work with a backbone“ - for people with problems with a backbone and joints, and also for those who do not want these problems in the future. Also there are occupations for children, for pregnant women, separate occupations for women.

If the lines written above inspired somebody on occupations by yoga, take into consideration several rules.

  1. At the choice of the place of occupations give preference to the large centers specializing in yoga (Federation of yoga, Ashtanga of the Yogi - the center, “Prana“, the Center of universal yoga). Here the competent certified skilled teachers teach. Here you will be able, having attended different classes, to choose that style of yoga which will be for you the most comfortable.
  2. the Impression of practice very strongly depends on the teacher, his mood, professionalism level, yours with it “coincidence“. I after the first practice of Kundalini had a strange feeling, and precisely - any delight. Having attended one more class at other teacher, it seems to me, I experienced a charm of this style. So if you leave unsatisfied the hall, do not draw final conclusions, can just it is worth replacing the mentor.
  3. you do not pursue result. It is easy to injure an unprepared body. Teachers yogis say that on occupations ambitious people most often are traumatized and... men. Yes! The man comes to occupation the first time, joins group where there are a lot of women - not beginners who quietly do, for example, a notorious rack on the head. He thinks:“ Time it in power to the woman, I - that will precisely cope“, and, naturally, tries to make the same. However before doing this (and many others) an asana it is necessary to strengthen muscles of a neck, a back, otherwise it is possible to receive an incomplete dislocation of cervical vertebras or other less serious, but too unpleasant injuries.
  4. Never despair! Each organism has strong also weaknesses. I know one teacher of yoga who cannot still sit down in a lotus pose! But not this main thing! The main thing - to understand: what you wait from yoga for.