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How to choose a crib of

As a rule, the bed to the newborn is got shortly before his birth. At the same time many young parents pay attention mainly to its appearance. But, having seduced with bright paints, many pay the fabulous sums, even without having taken an interest what this miracle which subdued them is made of.


Choosing a crib, it is impossible to be guided by one “beauty“. It is necessary to take many important points into account.

the Nursery without furniture - all the same that the house without roof. A bed, a dresser, a locker, a pelenalny little table - here the main objects which have to be in the room of the newborn. In process of growth and a growing of the kid also his furniture wealth will grow. For now the crib is its nearly only haven. It is desirable that it satisfied to all needs of the child and fitted into a nursery interior.

the Bed has to “breathe“

Come to children`s shop - eyes run up: so much that sometimes you forget why came. It is a lot of also kinds of cribs: here and cradles for babies, and beds - “lodges“ - with a canopy in the form of a roof, and a bed in European standard style - painted in white color, and even applying for Gothic style, are also production simpler. Do not buy anything under the influence of the first emotions.

As soon as the first nervousness settled, estimate the financial opportunities and start careful survey. Sellers quite often especially praise highly goods more expensively. But the price - not an indicator of quality. First of all pay attention to material of which the bed is made. The natural tree was considered as the best at all times.

the Tree - material environmentally friendly, it also “breathes“, and another allows “to breathe“. It is easy to wash it thanks to what it is possible to keep a bed clean.

do not think that you will manage to define at first sight what this or that bed is made of. You can quite take shock-resistant polystyrene or plastic for a tree. There is nothing terrible that some details will be not wooden, it is important that them was very little and it did not prevent a little body of the kid “to breathe“. Therefore, having chosen a cradle, surely demand from the seller the hygienic certificate - in it it has to be specified of what material the goods, and also as far as it is harmless are made.

Some think that they only abroad make now beds of natural materials. It`s not true - the domestic industry lets out many wooden cribs.

Not all that cradle that

the Convenient and spacious bed - ideal option shakes

. Besides, it has to have two levels. Height of a bed has no special value for the newborn. So far it is better that the bed was not really deep, then it is much easier to put the baby, without having woken her. When the child grows up and begins to get up, depth of a bed is already important that the little man, learning the world, could not fall out of it. The distance from the top level of a handrail to a mattress in its lowermost situation has to be at least 66 cm. At some beds the top level on the one hand is removed, the bed thus becomes 10 centimeters lower.

It is very convenient to

for mother who rocks to sleep the child on hands. The kid it is easier to put, without having caused him any inconveniences. But then the level should be returned into place that the child captured by curiosity did not fall.

the Bed can be also on castors that is very convenient for its moving to other rooms. Some models are made as rocking chairs. Such bed, for certain will be pleasant to your kid, he can lie and enjoy some time this process, and then quicker fall asleep.

beds which are moved apart in width and length Are. Well if two or more rods at a bed are taken out. Then the grown-up child will be able easily to get out of it and back to get, without getting at the top and without being afraid to fall. Also such option when the bed is combined with a pelenalny little table meets.

such models where the lower bedding boxes, clothes or toys are provided Are. It slightly increases bed cost, but does it more convenient, that as relieves you of need to buy an excess case or a dresser. All necessary - near at hand.


to Some parents likes a basket - a cradle. It, however, suits children only about one year and is convenient that it has handles for transfer, the removable, giving-in to a machine wash coverings. The big open space at first can frighten kids and guard them. And in a cradle they feel comfortable though through three - four months the child will grow up from it and you should buy a new bed. Excellent replacement to such bed is the carriage with a removable basket.

Two-story models and transformers

In modern understanding a bed the construction in which the berth is located on the top tier can be called

, and its lower part represents the desktop connected to a small case. In fashion also bunk beds, and sometimes buy them not only those families in which two children, but also couples with one child. The free tier of a bed becomes the new place for childish sports where children like to jump, climb, somersault. The main objective of the parents who bought the child such bed - to ensure its full safety, even when he is in the room one. For this purpose the top tier of a bed has to have high sides or limiters, and at a short flight of stairs on “the second floor“ hand-rail are obligatory.

the transformed furniture is Rather functional

. The sofa - “transformer“ can turn into a bunk bed, and a bed for kids of 120õ60 cm - in teenage 190õ90 cm in size. Often in a nursery buy sofa beds (folding sofas). These are too some kind of transformers as in process of growth of the child the berth can be extended. The most convenient mechanism of transformation - vykatny a sofa (couch) and its versions (“sofa“, “cascade“ and other).

the Principle of its action consists in promotion of a plane sofa, back which in the spread-out state puts pillows (the more growth of the child, the it is more than pillows). Such sofa bed solves a problem of a dream of the child for many years, on it both the preschool child, and the teenager nestles. Some children`s sofas are displayed not “sideways“, and “forward“ (kinds of folding beds with the mechanism hidden under sitting), and also can be not folding.

But the most widespread berth for children was and remains a usual bed - a half of an adult double bed. The bed can settle down as separately from other furniture along a wall or a window, and “in“ it.

Exists such option at which the bed is part of children`s “wall“, and the child sleeps in an environment of cases and shelves. Well or not - to solve it to you.

the Dowry for a bed

Of course, the main component in a bed of your kid are a mattress. In order that it is correct to choose it, it is necessary to consider:

Size. The standard size is considered 120õ60 cm. There are also beds of 110õ60, 115õ55, 112õ55, 140õ70 in size. Therefore before going to buy a mattress, measure the internal size of a bed.

Environmental friendliness. The mattress has to be from natural material which “breathes“, i.e. passes air, and also without harmful evaporations, with preservation of the properties for all term of use.

of Ortopedichnost. Most often orthopedic call mattresses which basis - the block with independent springs. They are useful to health, but their remarkable properties will be felt only by the adult. For a children`s mattress independent springs are not basic. The main thing that the block was two-frame, i.e. from one and other party there was a frame on perimeter (there are blocks 5 - 6 cm high, but they are not used in production of children`s mattresses).

Orthopedic are also called by all those mattresses which allow springs to cave in softly under body bends where it is necessary. The backbone at the same time does not cave in therefore even if there is no spring block inside - the mattress can be qualitative. The structure of a mattress, an expiration date are also important.

For a crib not superfluous. Often to prolong “service life“, from above put an oilcloth on it and then a diaper. And still. You should not buy the mattresses which were in the use!


Besides a bed and a mattress to you needs some more things for creation of the special “children`s“ atmosphere.

Bed linen. Blanket covers and sheets are included in the package of necessary bed linen. It is necessary to put on the washed, ironed easy blanket cover a children`s blanket. Two blanket covers and two lower sheets more and three - four top bed-sheets will be necessary less. Bed-sheets can be cotton, flannel, terry. Fabric surely has to be soft. You should not starch children`s bed linen.

Pillow. Doctors do not recommend to children about one year, to be exact speaking, forbid to sleep on a pillow. It is harmful to not issued backbone of the kid. Babies need a plain surface. If to you it is so restless that your kid sleeps without pillow, then put to him under life the diaper which is laid down several times or a napkin, only it surely there has to be very soft fabric.

of the Blanket. One easy quilt and thin woolen blanket. In general, if in the apartment warmly, you do not use warm blankets, there is quite enough warm diaper or easy blanket. The overheat is also harmful to babies, as well as overcooling.

of the Toy for a bed. They should not be too much. It can be toys - clothespegs (on bed sides). It is possible to hang up a musical toy. Music allows the kid to calm down, and the moving toys will distract his attention if mother for a minute left. The main thing that these toys were safe and not too small that the child could not swallow them.

the Case for linen. For children`s linen there has to be a separate pure locker or the certain shelf in a parental case. Arrange things in such order that if necessary everything was near at hand.

What is a safe nursery?

the Furniture has to be:

of the Requirement to fabrics:

Before use all textile products needs to be washed, fire safety: textile products (as well as carpets) should not sustain combustion, the band has to be not longer than 25 cm, otherwise the kid can get confused in it.

the place for a crib is Very important to choose

correctly. It is undoubted that in the first one or two years it will be in a parental bedroom. You should not leave the kid for night of one and to mother every time to run to other room to feed and calm the kid, not really - that is convenient. The place for a bed has to be light, warm, well ventilated. It is impossible to put a children`s bed near the battery, at a window. An optimal variant when it costs near a bed of mother and father. Then parents at any time will be able to reach the baby. It is good if the kid lies the head on the North or on the East. Over a bed of the child nothing should not hang (regiments, pictures, lockers).