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Austrian travel. Part 1

On a trip to Austria us was moved by bonuses of airline. Having a little thought, we decided to go to Austria without children as at us just was 15 - summer anniversary of acquaintance. Well and, respectively, after torments decided to go without children - the romantic so of the romantic.

the husband was engaged in

in All preparation of a trip - it was his small gift. As always, hotel booking was carried out through booking. com, tickets, respectively, Aeroflot, booking of the car - Economycarrentals (the car was received in Sixt).

Pleasant relaxation began

on the plane - we yet never flew in regular flight to business - a class and were pleasantly surprised with service. On the plane drinks - dishes were offered according to the menu and were very much even tasty. By the way, morning regular flight of Aeroflot to Vienna is very convenient on time.

Day the first. September 26. Arrived to Vienna according to the schedule, went for car in Sixt. We were given “Toyota“ “Rav - 4“ with the diesel, we were very happy as we were going to go much on mountain roads. When went to the parking, found department store of Bill in which we bought water and a few products and wine. Running forward, I will tell that the prices there same, as well as in the city, and on lakes. And in general in not tourist places. The difference can be in couple of eurocents, no more. Therefore it is possible to leave all purchases for later, especially sweet souvenirs. By the way, to a trip we were told what the best Mozart candies - those which in gold, but not in a red wrapper (candies) - it is valid and appeared.

Vienna we decided to leave

finally our trip. Therefore at first from the airport we went to lakes, to Carinthia.

As to Milshtatterzy where we assumed to remain, on the road we planned to stop by in Graz, to climb the mountain on foot in the lock Schlossberg and to have dinner. So we also made, having spent, generally, about three hours in this wonderful city. Had dinner in the birgartena in the fortress Schlossberg with a magnificent view on the city. The car was left on the street parking near the foot of the mountain especially as at this time the parking already was free.

In the settlement usually restriction of the speed of 50 km/h, then about the city 80, on routes 100 - 120 km/h. The most expensive gasoline - on the route. The cheapest - in towns. The difference reaches 20%. Roads are good, only paid tourist roads (we went on such through the mountain Glossglokner), a piece of the highway Salzburg - Carinthia with long tunnels. Roads (in any case on which we went) generally are not lit. We arrived to hotel at the lake late, have supper the fact that we bought in Bill.


Us for three days reserved board on the bank of the lake Milshtatterzy. Took place in hotel - the Pesentheinerhof board located in a small village Pesenkhayn near the central city of this district - Milshtadt.

We decided to reserve this board as it was very inexpensive, but we were pleasantly surprised when we got to this lovely place! In board the wonderful hostess by the name of Gerda who in every possible way helped us councils and in general was very benevolent and sympathetic, from her there was no wish to leave. There is a website of hotel, but on booking the description is much better and more clear. A breakfast - usual for boards: coffee / tea / juice, the freshest hot bread, eggs, yogurts, apples, several types of cuttings (sausage / cheese), standard jams and oil. The parking is free.

Day of the second. the First day on the lake was a little gloomy. We as two hours of a difference with Moscow were in our advantage got up early, have breakfast and went to look round. Near with hotel there was a small mountain rivulet packed into the stone course flowing into the lake. Over the lake the haze rose. Water was not cold, is warmer than air. Water was silvered. Above over hotel the pedestrian track on the mountain across which we also decided to pass to the next city - Milshtadt began. Of course, would be to go on the sidewalk along the highway quicker, but it was not so interesting. At the beginning of a track, directly behind hotel, there was a source of drinking water. Water the most tasty, directly live, we while lived on the lake, did not buy drinking water any more, filled up the stocks in this spring.


the Track on the mountains pedestrian, along it placed shops, happens, carefully made of the tumbled-down trees. There are indexes with route duration. From the mountain magnificent views of the lake opened, we enjoyed dawn much.

went So far, met the walking locals (and maybe German - the Austrian tourists). All of them smiled to us and greeted.

Climbing a track, we met the small river which approached the lake at our hotel.

Having risen is even higher, we saw a small forest lake about which the small power plant on solar energy was located.

the Lake very pure, is written that the mayor of Milshtadt with all the twisted in the spring, prior to navigation, comes by the boat to the middle of the lake, the glass of water scoops and drinks.

We approached

the city of Milshtadt. In Moscow the husband looked at the schedule of a ship on the Internet, and we hurried on a big route on the lake. A small town, we without effort found pier. The ticket is bought directly by a ship. At a ship it is several routes on the lake, we were interested in the longest. By a ship there is a cafe, we took beer, wine, apple storm wine, coffee, hot chocolate, a house strudel - everything was very tasty. There was also more serious food.

Having driven about two hours and having examined all our lake, having admired vicinities, we left at a stop in 100 m from our hotel.

To two o`clock in the afternoon the sun was rolled out by

in all beauty. We took our car from hotel, went to a local supermarket - wanted to buy in addition food, then to hire bicycles. But as there was a Sunday, neither the supermarket, nor a bicycle rental worked. Decided to go on the neighboring lakes (in 10 minutes of a driving there are 2 more lakes - Feldzy and Afrittserzy), admired, decided that our lake the most beautiful, returned, parked the car at our board and went on foot to Milshtadt, now along the road as it much quicker. We took a walk in Milshtadt, came into church. Surprised that in church there is nobody, there are only candles and a box where it is possible to throw a coin of necessary face value and to put a candle.

the town very lovely. It is a lot of small monuments as they are correctly called, small architectural forms, at the same time not the “dead heads“, and darlings with sense of sculptures and installations.

went on the city in the afternoon in search of cycle hire So far, noticed the unusual place where we also planned to have supper, Cape 4613 cafe. Very pleasant as write in the local guide, “cult“, but very democratic place, probably, the best to meet a decline. It is a small flooring on water, sufficient to put several tables, sofas, padded stools to fill chips on a floor, to spread out white plaids and to place bar. In the bar the limited choice of snack - sandwiches, but all tasty. Wine, beer, tea and coffee without restrictions. When the sun sets, light fires in huge bowls. Very beautifully. Running forward, I will tell that at this time the institution is closed soon after darkness - when next day we came back in 20. 30, it was already dark, thought to stop and have a bite - to drink in this town, but it was already closed.

Day the third. the next morning we deliberated how to spend day - to take bicycles, to pass neighboring lakes or to go to look at the mountain Grossglokner. Shared since morning the doubts with the hostess Gerda, she looked on the Internet and told us that on the webcam, the mountain has no clouds that happens not every day. We quickly gathered, came around, bought to have a bite in Bill and went to conquer Grossglokner Hokhalpenshtrasse - the tourist mountain road.

It is not my story, but it very much helped us when planning our travel. Everything is very similar, only during our trip was much less snow.

the Road to Glossglokner is worth it only to look at her. Green valleys, corpulent cows, picturesque small villages, air bridges - all this surrounds on the way. Very much interested me as leave cows on a meadow, enclosed only with a thin string. I at a stop touched a string, I was “pleased“ by the category of electricity - on “string“, it appears, current was passed. Not strong, but the finger ached a bit an hour more. Here and so protect cows from unauthorized walks.

Having overcome about 80 kilometers of picturesque roads, arrived to the town Hayligenblyut. In Hayligenblyuta there is very picturesque church - one of the honored holy sites in Europe.

the Mountain landscape and green valleys give to

feeling of tranquility around. Only hand bells of cows in the deafening silence tinkle.

In this place we for the first time met a mention of groundhogs.“ Murmurmikakh“ as I about myself called them. Despite practically cult of groundhogs, as souvenirs surkovy fat at every turn is on sale. It seemed to me a little blasphemous to buy fat of such lovely animal, practically a symbol of these mountains. I bought on souvenirs a set for cultivation of edelweisses - we will look what will turn out. About church there is an elevator on an observation deck (the mountain Szarek) overlooking Grossglokner, but since September 20 it is closed.


- the road of paid, 28 euros from the car. If you turn back in two hours, then 4 euros a discount, but from - in two hours it is not necessary and to start. The road passes at the height of 1900 - 2500 meters. Here can be degrees 10 - 15 colder, than in the valley. The road in perfect tune, but very difficult, impresses work of human. On it at that time that we were, with ease also the sports car, not only our dzhipchik passed. Frankly speaking, it is not a pity for any spent cent as in perfect tune not only it is expensive, but also observation decks and vacation spots. On the road there are a lot of specific places from which it is possible to make magnificent photos, to take a walk along falls, to admire mountain flowers. The earth seems naked and when you look narrowly - here, there look through gentle flowers.

Glossglokner - the highest mountain in Austria, height is 3798 meters.

to see it is closer than

, and also to look on Pastertsa - the large glacier at its bottom located in a crevice about 7 km long we came around on an observation deck on the mountain Franz - Dzhosef - Hokhe.

At an observation deck located the multilevel parking, free. It is possible just to take a walk on an observation deck, to take a look at groundhogs, to be photographed, buy souvenirs, by the way, the prices of a grief same as below in the town near Heyligenblyut, it is possible to descend in the museums of crystals and a glacier, to eat at small restaurant overlooking a glacier or just to drink coffee or tea. At small restaurant self-service, but very tasty feed.

We chose by

other pastime. Saw a tourist tunnel, and even without having understood where it conducts, safely moved on it. Tunnels there were six, different lengths, from about 100 to 350 meters, tunnels interactive, in some sounds, music, water organchik, illustrations to a legend of emergence of tunnels. Earlier here, judging by a legend, extracted gold. Under legs it is wet, in some tunnels streamlets proceed.

Tunnels conducted

to the tourist track laid on the mountain along a glacier to Pastertsa. When tunnels come to an end, still approximately the same way on length go on a convenient wide tourist track. It is necessary to time - the general road took us 1,5 hours in one party as looked and photographed, stopped to have a rest. And 45 minutes back. When left one of tunnels, found snow. Among vegetation of hills it is possible to find lovely mountain flowers. We thought that it is an edelweiss, but found information board in which the flowers growing in this district were given. There were drawings, but we did not identify an edelweiss in this flower (on all extent of a track boards with various useful and interesting information relating to a track and mountains, and that is very actual - small benches are established from time to time).

Around the landscape stopped being

is similar to terrestrial... Especially if to look at glacier “language“. Silence around such as if closed cotton wool ears. Weather in mountains quickly changes: once the cloudlet closes the sun - becomes very cold. If the sun warms, then considerably grows warm. The air which is simply exciting.

at the end of a track an observation deck where is the closest to a glacier. In the same place the plate about the termination of a track with the indication of altitude, it turned out that the track is called Gamsgrubenweg. Except the glacier from an observation deck it is perfectly possible to consider falls which are formed from - for ice thawing. Near an observation deck there is up absolutely small pedestrian track at which the index is put that on this track it is possible to rise by one of the next tops and this road will take about three hours. As we did not plan such campaign, we began a way back as on walk we had no six hours.

On the way back us were stopped by Germans who showed the groundhogs jumping on the mountain. By the way, in our tourist experience Austria is the first place where to us several times suggested to photograph us together on our camera just like that, even without asking to photograph in exchange, the local tourists passing by.

We returned through tunnels back to a parking and went to small restaurant as were starving during walk. We not really counted on refined food as it was the self-service restaurant, but upon were very pleasantly surprised. I took Tyrolean big quenelle soup which was made of potatoes, bacon and ham. Still we took several types of sausages, wine, beer. Everything was very tasty, with berries business did not reach appetizing strudels. This small restaurant is conveniently located, overlooking a glacier. It is possible to sit on the open area, but we already froze on, and there was unpleasant wind therefore we sat inside. When left, there was a quarter of the fourth, the souvenir little shop was already closed.

Returned on Hokhalpenshtrasse and went further on this road through the pass Hokhtor where the State of Carinthia borders on the earth Salzburg. If from Carinthia we were generally pleased by the sun, then after the pass the sun hid for mountains. Despite severity, the nature is worth it to admire. Observation decks are issued very interestingly: for example, breeds of stones which meet in these mountains are laid out or the periods of formation of mountains are specified.

On the mountain the memorable place of the dead at construction of the road is. In general, the road was constructed in 30 - 40 years for decrease in unemployment. It seems to me, this road became fine investment into development of tourist branch of Carinthia. The state in which the road is supported deserves all admiration. On it run of vintage cars are carried out, we saw several times sports cars with very low road gleam which very surely went on this road.

on the way we came around on Edelvaysshpittsa - the place of gathering of bikers. The road already took away abruptly up, became already. Above there is a good observation deck and that is surprising, an otelchik and small restaurant. Height of an observation deck - 2571 m. To move down it is difficult, it is expensive narrow, two cars hardly part. Brakes began to smell slightly by the end of congress. Photographing magnificent views on the road, we moved down after the journey finally to come around to take a look at the lake Tsellerzy, and to go to the house.

We wanted to look at

on neighboring lakes as the view of lakes very much was pleasant to us. Also it would be desirable as - nibud to spend slow time on the lake. The lake Tsellerzy was pleasant to us, but this much more resort place, than Milshtatterzy. To Milshtatterzy it is possible to reach only by the motor transport, and to Tsellerzy, as well as to many other lakes, it is laid iron dorohectare who passes across one region of the lake, almost closely to water. Besides the town of Tsell - am - Zeya is chosen long ago by mountain skiers. Lake fine and picturesque, but slightly less romantic, than our charming silent Milshtatterzy.

We returned to the hotel as I wrote above, it was not succeeded to have supper in “Cape 4613“ as it was already closed. In 21 - 30 we comfortably settled with wine on a balcony of our number and admired the flickering night lake, murmur of the small river and as in autumn shrill stars.