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On light Sunday is a lot more interesting

. Morning. More precisely, 7. 00th mornings. The alarm clock worked, but it also is not necessary to me because 15 more minutes before I was woken by my small charm. And when your alarm clock will work a little later, at least at the weekend?

the Daughter, as usual, came quietly early in the morning and took the place between me and the husband. It occurs irrespective of day of week. 10 minutes lay, exactly quietly snuffling to me in an ear, then legs and hands refused to behave quietly, and morning awakening began.

At first awakened mother, then the father. The father managed to hide under a blanket, having turned away to a wall, and a siege stopped. It is so simple to mother not to leave from gentle kisses, digging in a nose and ears, massage of sides tiny heels. “Well, well, I get up! Let`s go to awake the sister and to do exercises!“

I here in a few minutes, already three together, under a rhythmical voice of “Aunt Sova“ we do morning exercises., It seems, cheered up, became cheerful. I hope, weather forecasters did not deceive, and today weather will be really warm and cloudless. Plans a heap, mood still good - it is advisable to be supported and gain strength!

“Who that will have breakfast?“ - “Pancakes and cocoa!“ Well, of course, Sunday menu on duty. It is rather on kitchen.“ Do not awake the father until pancakes prepare! And that will grumble on a hungry stomach“.

Sofia gets eggs from the refrigerator, Dashka climbs in flour. Already argue who will interfere dough with a nimbus. What charm that I have two daughters! I hope, their enthusiasm will not be gone over time, and we will be pleased with breakfasts (and not only) own preparation.

There now, pancakes baked, cocoa poured on cups. The father himself woke up on a smell of a tasty breakfast. So far everything goes according to the plan. After a breakfast it is necessary to run with Sofia on training: who has a day off, and we have a figure skating. “Let`s meet in 11. 45 at an entrance to theater!“ Kisses to the father and Dasha and forward! Today at us everything has to turn out - both a heron, and a string, and we will arrive the first. And if not the first, then it is not necessary to be upset, we will be trained still, and everything will turn out! Here with such fighting spirit successfully skated training, were never upset. And it is valid - everything turned out!“ Well, you are just a fine fellow, the daughter! We have even the whole hour before representation so we can arrange a feast in cafe!“ Well, what child does not like to sit in a cafe? Moreover and with chocolate cake and strawberry cocktail! My child likes to sit in cafe and to eat vareniki or pelmeni, and then already cake and cocktail. Appetite after ice that still! There now, apparently, gorged on, it is time to go to meet the father and the little sister to theater.

What they were engaged in

all this time? The father reported that everything according to the list is bought, the daughter as it is necessary, in park reduced, in leaves allowed to roll about, took for a drive on an engine. It is a pity only, the daughter refused to eat soup, but ate banana, apple and 2 cucumbers. Well, send already to a performance.

Dashka, younger ours, to it is 2,5 years old, conduct on serious representation the first time. It very active and restless child so we worry for its reaction. Representation was chosen interesting - the operetta “Snow White and 7 Gnomes“. And here began - light went out, music began, heroes appeared. At first our she-robber was fidgety a little (an unclear show), but in a few minutes already demanded that sang and danced. Children kept the eyes glued on a scene, the father kept the eyes glued on children, rejoicing such reaction, and mother rejoiced doubly, considering the father and daughters. Art all - a great miracle! After representation of the little girl, still excited by what was seen, shared impressions. But a little they rocked to sleep in a minibus so to the house carried dozing theater-goers on hands.

Well, and what plans for evening? Promised to bake pie, to ride a bike and to sing a karaoke. Well, we coped with pie amicably - mother did pie, children molded hares and snails. Then everything, soiled by flour, lapped in a bathroom - washed away labor traces. Driving by bicycle had to be postponed since the small rain (weather forecasters as usual went...) and after a bathroom not really there is a wish to bring children to a cool breeze. But gorged on hares, snails and pie. And then arranged a karaoke - show. Here not only there was a singing, but also a carnival with dances. Dasha with Sofia dressed up princesses, the father represented the robber, and mother - the queen.


Yes, it seems, worked well day! Before going to bed, as usual, filled a calendar with Sofia. On paper of the A3 format lined a grid according to days of month, and every day we fill the next cage. Today Sofia was lost in the choice that most of all was pleasant to it this day, hardly managed to draw in a section both the Snow White, and hares and the father in a hat with the microphone. Fell asleep instantly that is very not peculiar to our Dasha. Sleep crumbs! Gain strength! On light for you still there is so much interesting and novel!