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Write about your children...

I Want to tell the story, and also to ask for the help.

We with the husband dreamed to have the second child. All planned in advance, in advance made all tests, went to sanatorium, received medical treatment. Generally, planned ideal pregnancy. But everything somehow was not taken at once. All first trimester I had a threat of an abortion, an otsloyka of fetal egg. Lay in a hospital. And, it seems, everything was adjusted.

Ya vigorously ran off for work till 30 weeks. Left in the decree and enjoyed the state. Went 33 - I am week, I lay on a sofa and watched TV, I had bloody allocations... In an hour I appeared in maternity hospital, thought that it the mucous stopper departed, and now I will give birth. Surprisingly I was quiet, though understood that childbirth will be premature. But what happened further...

Ya it was p in the operating room, and to me under the general anesthesia made the emergency Cesarean section since I had an otsloyka of a placenta. So on the 33rd week I gave birth to my daughter weighing 2160 and 44 cm in height

my child began to breathe at once independently. Three days it lay in reanimation, then it was transferred to office 2 - go a nursing stage. I will not describe the state since everyone who passed through it, will understand me. The first time to me allowed to see my child next day after the delivery. And I at last saw the favourite lump which lay in the couveuse, shrouded in provodochka, some tubule stuck out of a nose (as it appeared, it a probe). But everything was not so bad.

fight for milk is farther than

. Infinite decantations. And here, at last, “hurrah!“ - on 10 - e days of life at my girl the sosatelny reflex was restored. And we began to eat from a small bottle, and in couple of days transferred us from the couveuse to a bed, and I could take it on hands and feed from a small bottle. What it was happiness! For 21 days of life we were written out, at last, weighing 2400 gr. We were at home, and I continued each three hours to be decanted and feed from a small bottle, but before it offered it a breast. A month later she began to suck fully a breast, and we cleaned a small bottle absolutely.

Now to us 8 months. And we still suck a breast though we already eat a feeding up. Naturally, the hypoxia for us was not in vain - the child had a hemorrhage in LZh of 1 - 2 degree, half a year drank tablets, at last everything was normalized.

But disturbs here that. And first of all I want to obratsya to those girls who had a premature otsloyka of a placenta or the premature child. To us 8 months, but we still do not creep and we do not sit down independently, standing though from 5 months we turn over and very much we like to lie on a stomach. It very strongly disturbs me. Who had a similar situation? Write, please, when your children spread, began to sit and go? Very much I wait.