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The Person can infinitely watch candles of handwork

at surrounding elements, especially at fire. The easiest and safe way to ensure this unforgettable show in own house or the apartment (but also to create the romantic warm atmosphere) are candles. Well, and the atmosphere at ignition of the candles made with own hands will become especially house.

of the Candle are an ingenious practical souvenir or a small gift: production of candles will manage cheap, time will occupy a little; it is not obligatory for person to store the presented candle under a dust layer on the shelf, and it is possible just to light and enjoy short contemplation. Besides it is useful to have near at hand candles in case of shutdown of light.

you know

what tools and materials will be required to you for creation of candles of handwork?

As well as in many other types of needlework, for the first experience what will be at you near at hand can quite be enough


Materials for candles:

Tools for production of candles:

Production of candles of handwork.

First of all we will be engaged in

in production of a match for a candle the hands. It can be made of any purely cotton threads (without synthetic impurity). I for the candles used a mouline thread of different flowers.

the Ideal match for each candle the. Thickness and the invoice of a match depends on the candle thickness (or from thickness of the candle assumed to burning, many candles decorated by combustible materials specially do that at them only the core burned through), from material of which the candle is made (if you use wax, take thick threads and bind them not too hardly; for other candles use thin threads and a hard interlacing that the candle did not smoke), from whether you will paint a candle (when coloring by wax crayons not dissolved small pieces of shavings gradually can hammer a match) etc.

As you understand, for a candle of each type and the size the ideal match is selected gradually a trial and error method. If the match is too thin, then it will constantly die away and if too thick, then the candle melts and smoke too.

the Match can just be twisted, braided a braid or even to connect by a hook. It is desirable to impregnate it with wax even prior to work on a candle flood, but it is possible and to combine.

needs to take care of a form for a candle Now.

For casting of candles can use the various metal forms which are available in economy (for production of cookies, cans, boxes from candies), various plastic boxes (from - under sour-milk production, from - under cosmetics will approach too), the cups or glasses maintaining temperature to 100 ° C. Even tetra pak from - under milk it is possible at desire to turn into a candle!

decided to take

Ya as a form for a candle a glass from yogurt. Many consider that it is better to remove a paper label from packing because it can ignite spontaneously. I am not sure of such opportunity at all, and cleaned a label in order that the candle which is filled in in a glass is better, more evenly and quicker cooled down. In day of a glass (exactly in the middle) I did a thick needle a hole and passed a match there, having tied outside a small knot. Where there is a small knot, there will be a candle top, and we will fill in it “head over heels“. The small knot is urged to reduce a wax leak (paraffin, stearin) through an opening in day of a glass.

on the other hand we tie a match on the stick (I have a toothpick, is possible to put a brush, a pencil, anything) lying across a glass.

the Match has to go in a candle strictly vertically and pass through its middle, it will provide the best, its more uniform burning.

Meanwhile fragments of candles (select candles of identical quality or at least, similar color) I put

in a can which I splusnut previously, having formed a nose that it was more convenient to pour out the heated wax then.

If to you only has to open a can which you want to use then, you can leave a cover to keep then to use it as the handle.

can be Used instead of a can also a pan or a bucket which you do not grudge and which will enter other pan (for formation of a water bath), the enameled mug (its advantage in the handle, however it will hardly be possible to splusnut a nose) etc. Avoid only glasswares.

to paint handwork candles, the simply and the means recognized as all is the usual children`s wax crayon. The main hitch in coloring of candles consists that the majority of dyes which are available to us are water-soluble (for example, a water color, gouache, etc.) and only fat-soluble will approach here. A wax crayon - one of them.

Water-soluble dyes do not mix up with a candle, float in it in flakes, do muddy, accumulate on a bottom.

Some handymen use

for coloring of candles lipstick or shadows. It is possible, of course, if it is not a pity and if you so like aroma of the used lipstick that you with ease extend it to all room.


Ya nacreous wax crayons. At the choice of pieces of chalk it is worth stopping on softer. Mine were quite firm therefore melted hardly though I also planed them quite small.

Shaving we fill

in the melting candle ends of candles, we mix everything a stick. A stick we impregnate a small knot on a match and a match on both sides of a yogurt glass with wax. It will reduce amount of the wax which filtered through a hole in day. But all the same we place a form before filling in some vessel. My form perfectly was located in a can.

When material for candles all melted, shavings were dissolved too, it is possible to fill in a candle.

the Form can be greased with very thin layer of liquid for washing of ware or vegetable oil from within. I tested both ways, both proved to be well. I tried to get a candle without greasing at all. Too everything turned out successfully. Probably, my yogurt glass was a good form.

all bottom is better to cover

at first with wax, to allow it to stiffen, and already then to continue. If to fill in all form at once, wax through a hole will flow out very much. At an accurate flood layers of wax only several drops will flow out (and they can be sent for melting again).

So far my candle was hot, the painted wax very beautifully was poured by nacre. When the candle burns, the kindled wax too beautifully plays and is poured, the stiffened candle even almost does not shine.

the Filled-in candle needs to leave

to cool down at the room temperature. Now you should not hurry, everything is good in its season. It is not necessary to thrust a candle into the freezer (even if you very much want to see somewhat quicker result), at fast and uneven freezing it will ugly crack.

If you fill in with

a candle not “head over heels“, then leave a small amount of wax to fill in then the deepening formed when drying near fitilyom.

When the candle will absolutely be made even by

on temperature to environment, untie a small knot at the bottom and pull out it.

If despite all tricks, the candle does not wish to leave a form, it is possible to cut a form or to put it on half of minute in the freezer, and then to take several seconds under hot water. Well stiffened candle can be pulled out from a form and for a match (but be not zealous too, differently you can pull out only one match).

from above leave to

From a match a piece approximately in 1 cm, cut off other part.

If from a form remained

ugly seams, then they can be removed with hot water (there will be even waters from enough - under the crane, it is not obligatory to boil a teapot). Only consider that the candle from it will become muddy, will lose gloss therefore it is better to select more carefully a form, without seams.

the shavings of a piece of chalk which accumulated on a bottom (candle top) are visible to

On my ready candle. The candle burns, however it is unknown whether will hammer these shavings a match, and how long the candle will burn.

For this reason candles it is better for p to paint candles the special pigments which are available for this purpose on sale, they look as tablets, happen various flowers, they can be mixed with each other and, thinly varying the added amount of dye, to try to obtain from gentle shades to bright paints.

At production of candles can use also knowledge of an aromatherapy, adding essentsialny oils. It is necessary to drip them in wax just before pouring in forms. From oils do not recommend to use only pink because it when burning a candle changes a smell on very unpleasant, suffocating.

my violet candle with aroma of a lavender!

Using the same materials for candles, I made one more candle, green, with essential oil of laurels this time. Girlfriends with essential oils of cinnamon and lemon were added to them.

Of course, the candles of handwork made by me are far from perfect.

For respect for fire safety use a special varnish for candles. If you use simple forms of candles, play materials and a decor. Spread out at the edges of your form before filling of a candle pieces of the dried fruit, cinnamon, cockleshells, sukhotsveta, seeds, paste over a ready candle with a bamboo or cinnamon.

do to

When using a fire-dangerous decor a match thinner that the candle melted only in the middle, without reaching the decorated edges.

Use interesting forms for filling of candles.

Use similarity of forms for production of candles and do, for example, candles - desserts.

the list special contours on candles Very beautifully looks. Special contours, markers it is possible to draw directly on a candle surface, they it is not combustible, well lay down on wax and paraffin, thaw (as required) together with them.

Krom of everything that I already described above, work to you use of special materials for candles can facilitate

(instead of candle candle ends). I mean paraffin balls for production of candles or candle gel. In the nature there is even a special wax for floating candles.

Simplifies work and use of ready matches, especially with metal holders. Of course, their length needs to be selected depending on the form used by you.

All this knowledge known to me. I needed only to wish you success in your candle production!