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Geography in a pan of


Tell honestly whether the geography your favourite subject was at school? It is unlikely the majority of you will answer that yes. Among darlings most often call mathematics or literature, physics or biology, a foreign language or physical culture. And the geography is so, something by passing. But when ask: “And what most of all you like to do?“, here the majority will surely answer: “To travel!“. So means, “the geography on light of all is more important?“


A now whether much you know from this area? A two-three of the capitals, heels of continents and what in the north - is cold, and in the south - on the contrary? Whether so not the time to go in for geography “seriously and for a long time“ moreover and in the good company - with the child?

the Geography operates with one of the most important categories - category of space. When your kid learns to go, he begins to learn space. The two-year-old child already for certain well is guided in own apartment and can imagine objects which does not see: the TV in the neighboring room, the refrigerator in kitchen, a case in a hall. Now it is time to begin to learn the world!


As arranged the world geographically, it is the simplest to explain to the child, playing in a nested doll . Mother, the father and the child (family) live in the house, the house is on the street, the street - in the city, the city - in the country, the country - on the continent (continent), the continent - on a hemisphere, and hemispheres develop to the planet - Earth. Respectively, the biggest nested doll - mother Earth, and the smallest - the house.

Geography in kitchen . Fine visual aids on geography always at you near at hand. A pan with soup - the World Ocean, father`s, mother`s and children`s plates - parts of the World Ocean, that is the sea. The cup with tea - the deep lake, and the some tea given in a saucer is already small lake with a flat bottom. The water flowing from the crane - falls, almost Niagara.

Geography on the street . Four weather seasons too perfectly will be suitable for studying of geography. Changeable fall - of the best grant for studying of climate, and not only in your region - think on a substantial scale! If today a heat - declare that today you live in Africa. Try to put on according to your ideas of clothes of Africans (only do not go too far). Prepare something from the “African“ food or just buy banana. Descend in a zoo and show to the child of a giraffe, elephant or hippopotamus! Cold, the first snow went - imagine that you on the North Pole, put on a fur coat and eat crude fish as polar bears (joke).

the Relief - “cambers and concavities“ a terrestrial surface - we study in the winter, riding hills. In the spring, watching streams and the thawing snow, we deepen knowledge of a hydrology - pools perfectly will help with it, it is possible even to simulate an iceberg. In the summer at the dacha it is possible to play travelers, drawing cards and going to “risky“ travel behind treasures, for example, behind apples in others garden. And the neighbour`s dog will clear the concept “border“.

If you do not love distant travel - an exit is too. For a start together attentively consider the hometown. For certain there is a river, the lake and if it was lucky - also the sea or maybe even the ocean. Or mountains, hills and ravines. Parks, gardens and squares. Means, it is possible to be engaged in studying of a landscape, flora and fauna! And if still then together with the child you represent everything on paper - the card will turn out . Plans and maps it is possible to make infinitely much, having represented, for example, the road to the nearest shop, having counted steps and having executed everything in scale. And then to go according to the drawn plan behind milk, for example. Concept of scale it is the simplest to p to enter

, having explained to the child the fact that people, at home, it is more the car of subjects, than closer to them you are. If to rise by the top floor of the house, people will seem below tiny, and having departed from the house on very long distance, it is possible not to see this house in general.

A can come for walk with a compass as the real travelers. Explain to the child that the blue arrow of a compass always indicates the North, and the North is a place where very cold and live... What further - to you will be prompted by your imagination. Tell about the South, the East and the West, find out what is in the North and the South of your apartment.

Bothered to play the drawn maps? You pass to the presents - geographical. For a start find the city and the settlement where lives, well, for example, the favourite fairy tale character of your child - the same Carlson or the uncle Fedor from Prostokvashino. Send the child “to travel“, let will find the shortest way to the house of the friend.

In passing tell

about the countries and the cities which were found to you on the way. Let your knowledge be small, but for the kid and it is a lot of - to hear new name, to learn how the state capital who rules the country, cold there or hot what animals live is called and what people live.

If does not grudge for

the card, cut it on “countries“. Then you have an opportunity to play a set of various games. You will be able to select the countries for a contour as puzzles, to guess the country on outlines, to sort the countries by continents, the sizes, names (initial letters).

Among numerous games of Montessori geographical games - the inserts executed in the form of a rectangular board with the represented hemispheres and continents - inserts are. These cards can be used for studying of an arrangement of continents and countries. It is natural that it is necessary to pass from simple to difficult, from larger images - to small.


Of course, it is better if the child at first receives data on the country, the continent, but in parallel it is possible to tell also about other countries. Thumbing through together the magazine, examining together the cards devoted to some country - surely show this country on the map, tell about people and climate. Points, lines, borders - it is uninteresting, what stands behind it is interesting. And well illustrated bright, colourful grants will help you.

If you and your child feel in yourself forces and desire, try to compose verses on the countries. For example, to remember the capitals of the countries.


It is good if you have not one child, but two or three. Or whole kindergarten. Spirit of healthy rivalry - the excellent assistant. Ask to call to start children all countries known for it, the cities, the rivers or the seas. Let they will tell that they saw, traveling with parents. Also it is not important at all whether there was it a trip to Paris or to the grandmother to the village. Important, how many the necessary and important opening are made on the way!