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Peresol of

the Most widespread spice - salt. And it is correct to salt ready and furthermore the difficult dish consisting of products of various origin (animal, vegetable), is the whole art.

what is normal for one to another can seem to

excessive or insufficiently salted. The amount of salt in kitchens of the different people is caused by both climatic conditions, and historical. For example, in cuisines of the Middle East and Transcaucasia the increased content of salt is accepted. In Germany and Baltic there was very fresh kitchen. When I treat the friends from Riga to dishes of Uzbek cuisine, I am proud of the culinary achievements connected with use of various spices, and, first of all, salts.

are Salted by the majority of dishes at the end of preparation because dish volume will not change any more, excess liquid will not boil away, the consistence of meat, fish or vegetables will be such is that they will absorb salt evenly.

at the beginning of cooking is salted only in two cases:

the Stuffing for pies , pies and forcemeat for the stuffed vegetables is salted more abruptly twice. It is considered that the part of salt will go to fresh dough, vegetables or it will be dissolved in water in which the dish cooks or extinguished.

Bean (beans, haricot, lentil, mash, peas) in general is salted after preparation. If to salt them at the beginning, then bean will cook unceasingly long.

Meat in itself contains high percent of different salts therefore not always needs an additional podsalivaniye. Especially the dishes prepared on naked flame. Most often, the spices added to meat it is, enough, to emphasize its taste.

Fish any (boiled, fried, smoked) has to possess pronounced salty taste therefore it is salted plentifully.

Vegetables salt

more abruptly, than meat, but is weaker, than fish. It is almost impossible to correct peresol some vegetables. But which - as here can be made.

Besides, it is necessary to remember that salt, though the main, but not the only seasoning bringing a dish to taste.


But nevertheless it happens and peresol. Even the wisest of us can make a mistake. Which - that it is possible to rescue from ejection.

Peresol of meat
rather easily is eliminated with

at addition of fresh farinaceous food or oil sauce which instantly delays salt on itself(himself). So fast effect is connected with the fact that meat owing to the density takes salt only the periphery of a piece, especially if it is large. In fish salt gets into all thickness of a fish body or fillet. It is connected, as a rule, with its more friable structure, more gentle consistence of fish meat. Therefore it is much more difficult to correct peresol fishes. Ways of correction of a peresol of fish are similar to meat: fresh flour sauce, unsalted mashed potatoes, sour cream with a large number of spicy herbs (fennel, parsley, onions). They are slightly extinguished together with the put too much salt fish.

Vegetables. can Correct the put too much salt vegetables (root crops) the only way: to knead them in mashed potatoes and to add the same amount of mashed potatoes from not so salty vegetables. Easy peresol it is possible to correct additives in mashed potatoes of flour, fats, sour creams, the beaten egg white.

Mushrooms. the Put too much salt mushrooms can be corrected, having added flour, rice, mashed potatoes, sour cream, onions - depending on degree of a peresol. In the absence of sour cream, it is possible to add to the put too much salt mushrooms it is a little water acidified by a lemon. Sometimes add a new portion of mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms, of course, do not delay excess salt, but, having evenly mixed up with salty, create illusion of a light-salted dish.

the Put too much salt soup. First of all - several rules which observance has to prevent peresol:

  • to Cool the soup taken for test and in wooden, but not in a metal spoon which heats up and remains hot even when soup in it cooled down.
  • Never to taste the soup taken with the top fatty layer, and always to scoop liquid for test from the middle of a pan. The fat floating on a surface at hit on a mucous membrane at once stiffens and protects organs of taste from hit of salt on them.

Chicken or meat soup can be corrected if to add to it:

  • home-made noodles (but not the vermicelli salted in the course of production), rice, potatoes.
  • Can be filled up with
  • in soup flour. However, soup should be clarified by means of the beaten egg white or mincemeat (and it demands special knowledge and skills) and to filter.