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How to choose a carriage for the kid?

many ways to choose a carriage for the kid Are. It is possible to buy such carriage, as from the girlfriend or as in the magazine. It is possible to read responses on the Internet and to buy, being guided by them. And it is possible just to come into shop and to choose the most expensive and effective option. However any of the listed methods does not guarantee that the carriage will be convenient for you and your kid. The only way not to be mistaken with purchase - to have a clear idea of what is necessary for you.

Why the carriage is necessary?

Strange question. Of course, to carry the kid. On walks, in policlinic, on a visit... For a start make idea of where and under what circumstances you will use a carriage. Because just for walks with infrequent trips on affairs one carriage, and for active movement on the city - absolutely another is necessary. Where you will walk with the kid - on a clean court yard or on thoroughly started park? On what season your first walks will fall? Until you answer all these questions, your chances to choose an ideal carriage are small.

What carriages happen?

all carriages are divided

At a visible variety into only three categories: cradles, walking and combined.


of the Carriage a transformer - BEBETON

the Last category is presented to

by td in two options. These are transformers and carriages with replaceable elements. Transformers - rather heavy carriages, however are also the facilitated models, for example, “sports“ carriages of “Graco“. “3 in 1“ the Italian CHICCO brand has excellent carriages. Are included in such package the basis - the chassis, a removable cradle, the walking block and a car seat of group 0+ (from the birth to 13 kg). Such carriages it is easier than transformers, but it is heavier than classical cradles. But, buying the 3 in 1 model, you resolve an issue with a car seat at once.

for the smallest

Classical cradles are already good

of the Carriage the fact that they are much cheaper than transformers and the combined carriages. The berth for the kid in such models ideally equal is also located quite highly over the earth (this big convenience to parents). Basket, as a rule, deep: to the kid it will be comfortable at all seasons of the year and in any weather.

of of

of the Carriage - a cradle - BEBETON

Besides, a cradle - not the heaviest option. One of the easiest models - classical cradles of the English brand “Happy Baby“ with a framework from light aluminum. Unfortunately, such carriage will serve not for long - closer by 6 - 8 months to the kid in it will be close. One more shortcoming - - a cradle it is impossible to call a carriage compact option: even in unassembled form they take a lot of place. But if you do not plan frequent travel, it is not so terrible.

of the Carriage for walks and trips

When the kid will learn to sit down, you need a stroller. This easy and compact chair - a seat which if necessary is displayed in a horizontal berth. The handle, as a rule, cross over - the kid can be carried face forward or to turn to mother. Advantages of such model are obvious: mobility and convenience to mother. A shortcoming - in a stroller it is not really convenient to kid to sleep.

All and at once

the Combined models are already good

the fact that one such purchase for a long time resolves a transport issue. Trasformera and the 2 in 1 model can serve to the kid till 3 years. When the child grows up, the cradle can give other form or just to replace with the walking block. The combined models are rather compact and perfectly develop therefore are very convenient for storage and transportation. However, these models quite heavy. Besides, in transformers the cradle is located too low (quite inconveniently for high parents), and in the models “2 in 1“ the walking block is lifted very highly (not the safest option). In most cases transformers cost much, however there are also quite available brands. For example, “BEBETON“ - own trademark of a network “Toy Store“ or Canadian “CAROLINA“.


Important details

choose the easiest From all suitable options. Why? Add the weight of the kid and all trifles, necessary on walk, to carriage weight, and the result will be very impressive. Carriages which to the woman are difficult even for tearing off from the earth - lifting such on on a ladder on the fifth floor meet, it is even terrible to think.

the Size and quantity of wheels influence passability, maneuverability and stability of a carriage. Three-wheeled cope better, but are less steady. Carriages on big wheels are suitable for walks on deep snow or on uneven dirt roads better. Inflatable wheels provide softer course, but they can be punctured.

are more maneuverable

of the Carriage on springs or belts, than models on springs. A spring it is more reliable than belts, but is more expensive. But belts can be replaced easily, they allow to shake a carriage in different directions if kid it is necessary to rock to sleep.

the Handle which is adjusted on height - the doubtful benefit. At relative convenience, the mechanism quite short-lived. At the same time, cross over handle rather practical decision: in order that the kid appeared facing mother, it is not necessary to rearrange a cradle.

the Size of a carriage matters

Keep in mind that the most tremendous carriage can elementary not suit you by the size. Therefore, going behind purchase, surely make necessary measurements. First of all it concerns width of a room door and shutters of doors of the elevator. If the carriage is wider, it is necessary to leave it in a corridor and to lift on the necessary floor on hands. Cabin depth is also important: some three-wheeled models are too long for ordinary passenger elevators. And still the carriage in folded form has to be located in a luggage carrier of your car.

Alexey Voskoboynik, the head of department a product - management, a retail network “Toy Store“

On what season will fall your walks? It is very important at the choice of a carriage. For late fall and winter you need the warmed carriage, whenever possible - with a figurative cradle. In - the first, in a carriage with a cradle is warmer, in - the second, you should not awake the kid if he fell asleep, and you already should come back home and rise to the apartment. Figurative cradles are included in the package of both classical models, and some transformers. Excellent carriages for winter - deep, with the warmed boards - are at DM of “ZEKIWA“. For summer the set of accessories is provided. The Canadian carriages “CAROLINA are completed with a raincoat, a mosquito grid, an apron for legs, a special summer matrasik. There is in the market and model in a complete set “A winter - summer“. For example, the removable cradle, the warmed cover on legs, a raincoat and a mosquito grid - a necessary accessory for summer are included in the package of a transformer of the BEBETON brand.

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