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Euphoria of

From not so long ago last event in soul still a condition of euphoria.

I Will begin

with the fact that to us went already 42 - aya week, and the kid did not want to please everything with the birth in any way. Doctors in ZhK already began to frighten by stimulation and other terrible things, I continued to believe that we will cope with the kid, but the easy alarm began to visit. Initially planned that with any doctors I will not agree that I will give rise, but easy panic nevertheless won, and on Sunday, having taken number of the doctor at which the girlfriend gave birth, we agreed about a meeting. And on Sunday (it just had a watch) we went to it.

Having studied my obmenka, having looked at me, she smilingly told that everything is normal that to them, doctors, there is a wish that everything was ideal also in terms which were calculated by them, but the nature thinks sometimes in own way. Means, not time to the kid, something still is missing, and he wishes to prevail. Told that in the next few days I will give rise that everything goes well, patrimonial ways are almost ready to the great purpose.

Ya calmed down a little and began to wait when all - “it“ begins. Many times with the husband stirred how it will begin as will be. The first time everything is. In the same day, in the evening, began it seems how to pull a stomach bottom, and I madly wanted to sleep: I even fell asleep with 18 to 20. The husband joked that the organism feels that there will be a sleepless night and prepares. Cheerfully laughed, day approached by the night, and we went to bed.

On hours 3:15. I wake up from what somehow mysteriously pulls a stomach bottom... And it seems back... And as this I waited madly almost last weeks for one and a half, even without having thought of anything, decided that I want in a toilet as usual. Also trudged. Laid down in a bed, but it is not slept. Hm... Again sips a back, and pain from a back creeps on a stomach bottom. I lie, it is not slept, not painfully, but I feel something... I try to understand what is it. I decide to go to kitchen, to drink to tea. I begin to suspect that this pandiculation alternates with mysterious intervals, and I took a leaflet, the handle, mobile and duration began to note time also: through everyone 12 - 15 - 18 minutes, for 25 - 35 seconds. Really?!


With pleasure, smiling, not believing that “it“ (and also not “it“ can). From where to me nobility as “it“, if “it“ for the first time! I go to a bed, laid down, tried to fall asleep, and that there is a wish to sleep - it is unreal, but I doze for 15 minutes and I wake up on each “pandiculation“. Began to guess more surely that “it“!

On hours 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, the husband woke up, I speak: “It seems, began.“ He surprisingly asks again: “It seems?“ And I am not sure, the interval is not reduced, fights do not become longer, it is necessary to wait for smaller intervals and bigger duration. So we shirked the whole day.

to Hours by 13:00 I became on each fight will bend and to lean on hands, not painfully... But so easier. Decided to watch TV with the husband, he periodically asks again: “Perhaps we will go to maternity hospital? Let`s better return if it not it“. I refuse, we watch TV, and to me and TV it seems is not watched any more, but intervals and duration the same, I lie to the husband the person, I admire the lassie as he with enthusiasm watches TV and here “glug!“. Such sound as though the balloon burst, and between legs became warmer. Judging by the husband`s eyes, he heard it too. And the round frightened eyes began to look at me. And I began to smile and I speak: “Now went! My waters departed. I in a shower. We gather!“

Took a shower, took out packages in a corridor, called a taxi and went. And me already so nicely rolls, I keep not to frighten the driver. Arrived, placed us in prenatal, called my doctor. And I already go, I low, I am hung up on the husband and I tell how I love him that absolutely a little bit, and us there will be three that we will become a full-fledged family. When we were brought into chamber, on hours there was 15:25.

there Arrived the doctor. Looked at me and speaks: “To disclosure in 2 fingers, fights good, we will give rise to a watch by 18:30“. Also left.

K 18:30? “Oho“, - I think. And me is “cheerful“.“ To hold on as if till this time,“ - I thought about myself and looked at the watch. 16:10.

Together with the husband tried to pass away time, he tried even to make laugh me, but here what - what, and from laughter it became easier for me not. It became really sick, I ask the husband to mass a back, leaning on a bed, standing in a pose of “the washing mother“. The husband patiently pounds a back, and I through low only instructed: “From above down! Easier!. From a waist to hips!. Hips!. Enough!.“ In minutes of 10 - 15 such procedures the husband already himself, seeing on what rolls on me, began to pound to me a back and ceased when released me. Also I will tell honestly - helped! Running beforehand, I will tell that gave rise without any anesthesia.

my low began to develop smoothly into growl, and I understood what me grieves. The husband called the doctor. Having looked at me, she allowed to make an effort when there is a wish, i.e. to behave as the organism wants, and called the midwife, still someone... To me already was all the same who else was there, remember only that expelled the husband. There was no wish that he saw me in such rigid miss. I will not tell what was bad, but also what was good, I cannot tell. I know only that I lost control over growl. And then I precisely understood what is attempts that I give birth. Such feeling that fights turned into one continuous fight. Me pearl so... Even I do not know what to compare to. I know only that constantly in the head the thought turned that to the Little one there too it is not sweet, and I should work that everything was good especially as on ultrasonography put a large fruit.

Tried to behave, did not shout, but this roar on an attempt was well very loud. Made an effort very much, there was such feeling that now myself on a wrong side I will turn out, but continued “to turn out“ because it seemed to me that time of my attempts too drags on. And here the midwife as that began to shout to me in half-voices joyfully: “Give - give, the head appeared, give, native, it is necessary!.“ And I as the madwoman made an effort, but it seemed that nothing is impossible though the midwife repeated all the time:“ So, the good fellow, give - give“. And here I feel such delightful feeling of simplification, I look down and I see how this one-time - a blue lump is got from me, and he flounders... And as will cry!!

was Put to me on a stomach at once, neonatolog made necessary manipulations, dressed. And this miracle looks at me the blue eyes lying at a breast, and I cry with happiness and I do not believe that all this with me. There was an afterbirth, the doctor examined, I was not cut, and I did not tear, only two internal cracks which the doctor it seems also did not want to touch at once, and then suggested “to take for appearance“, but it everything is already not so important.


the husband, he uneasy, but with a happy look looks on small, on me crying, but smiling also smiles, and tears roll down cheeks. We are left three together, practically silence, I smiling, I look at the husband, at the son, I hold with one hand our small and warm miracle, another strong I squeeze a hand of the husband and I do not trust the happiness... As though not with me all this. The husband bends over us, kisses and speaks: “Thanks!“

of the Tear - a stream, to happiness does not have a limit. Here it! Here it, happiness, stream of sweet and madly pleasant feelings, pleasure of life, euphoria! Words not to describe it, it needs to be passed only most! Both there is no pain, and there is no fear, there are huge happiness and pleasure!

Then three days in maternity hospital, the first days of studying of each other, accustoming and adaptation. First days of the house. But it is already absolutely modern history, new life!

Here so in the world one more new real and strong family appeared!