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The birth of the long-awaited athlete

my first pregnancy brought me to a state of shock. I did not plan to give birth to the child in 21 years absolutely. And my husband future at that time rejoiced, saying that me have no place to disappear now - only in marriage for him to go. And for some reason at once told that wants the daughter. And I if wanted whom - so it the son. I do not know from where to me such desire cast. Generally, “under the influence of the public“ I agreed and to marry, and to keep the child.

All my pregnancy proceeded at institute. About toxicosis I only in the book read, no food addictions were found. The behavior began to change only when I understood that I cannot move with former dexterity any more. And the road did not run across any more, and passed also only in the put place.

in the Spring in time the daughter was born

. That we will have a girl I was told by doctors on the next ultrasonic inspection, and by the time of childbirth I already got used to this fact. The daughter completely turned my life. My classmates dreamed of the good place of work, and I dreamed of getting some useful thing for the baby.

the Unrealized desire to have the son has an effect

in several years. The daughter already grew up, and I wanted to nurse still with somebody. And, come what may, decided. But, having started creation of the new person, suddenly faced that pregnancy does not come. Why does that happen, doctors plainly could not tell. It became suddenly so offensive for me for itself: when you do not wish children, God gives them and when very much you want - no. Now understood - well that at least one child in a family is.

After a while we with the husband stopped thinking

constantly about the new child, having plunged into daily affairs. Worked, were engaged with the daughter, planned the holiday. In passing I decided to be engaged also in own health. Went on doctors, made various tests, did x-ray pictures. And here after the next such X-ray the doctor declares to me that she is not pleasant to her at all, what she sees. My shock came after the test for pregnancy showed two strips.

As long I waited for it. And why at such inconvenient moment in my life there was a miracle? Tears smothered me all night long. Then at the gynecologist, having honestly told, waiting for “sentence“ I sobbed again. Again analyses, inspections and expectation. What infinite can be an expectation of the last word of doctors: to leave the kid or to leave him from - for developments of possible uglinesses. X-ray radiation is not jokes. On that consultation I went as on a scaffold, was going to hear absolutely sad words. The husband nervously smoked at this time on a porch of policlinic.


Ya at the doctor as on god in a white dressing gown. From everything that he told me, I that day understood only one - that the baby develops normally, pregnancy it is kept. Disturbing days of expectation came to an end, and happiness filled me with a warm wave to the top. The one who sat in me relaxed too, having realized that nothing bad happens any more. At once there was a wish to shout with the feeling overflowing me and to share it with all. To me was already all the same who we will have - the main thing that this someone was healthy.

What is toxicosis, I did not learn. Washing pregnancy proceeded in a happy dream, literally this word. Practically all the time before childbirth I slept. I slept in waiting list for blood donation, in the car, at work, sometimes frightening by the condition of people around. To a maternity leave my waist significantly increased. That it was not boring for the brother or the sister in a mother`s tummy, my daughter enclosed me under a stomach soft toys. Even when I went to maternity hospital, she imperceptibly put to me in a bag a little bear. At the end of December my husband had anniversary, and that day we learned that we will have a son. Such gift on birthday drops out seldom. The husband was proud of himself and future son, and that day he thought up a name for our child.


Before childbirth about a month. But what - January. This month could not but frighten by the drunk holidays and possible holidays of doctors. During this period I went outside seldom, being afraid to slip and fall.

On the fortieth week I providently and voluntarily laid down in maternity hospital at midpoint not to be nervous in city traffic jams. Agreed with the doctor in advance, all details discussed. It was necessary only to wait. In one of nights very accurately understood: I cannot sleep. Some discomfort disturbed. It Povorochatsya a little more - in any way. Addressed medical staff. They examined and suddenly began to fuss. There is at me already a disclosure of a neck almost full, and I feel nothing. I Vyzvanivat the doctor. She consulted with the doctor on duty and told me that she will not manage to arrive just. I do not manage to test shock as I follow accurate instructions of doctors. Opened a bubble and left in the patrimonial hall for some time. There was no wish to lie at all, and I began to reel up circles around a chair.

Gradually fights began to amplify. It became heavier to go. The midwife only checked my health and the child and ran away further. Time hung very heavy.

I had to give rise to

according to the estimates of doctors for a long time, and somehow it was impossible to me. There passed some more hours. From constant pain I could not move any more and only quietly howled on a couch. Morning, and together with it - a shift change of doctors came. The midwife sitting with me permanently last an hour and a half called the doctor, having suspected something wrong. The doctor examined me and suddenly alarmed all - all. Suddenly all ran, ran... About me then spoke as about the stranger. Little strange feeling. It turned out that my baby krupnovat for me also does not wish to be born.

of the Word which doctors at midpoint of our life exchanged were engraved in my memory strong. If to lower details, then everything passed well. Did without operations. My sonny with sizes of the three-months baby safely informed the world on the emergence by a bass.

to me did not put it on a stomach, did not allow to put to a breast. Only showed. While we met the son eyes, it seemed to me that wise eyes of the old man look at me. Pain instantly left. In soul the pacification and feeling of quiet maternal long-awaited happiness appeared.

the verdict of doctors was short

A: after the birth of such kid of the following you will give rise and you will not notice.