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Sardinia with taste of

of Ax as the name of this island tasty sounds! However, it is a little deceptive, sardines - not the main course in the local menu. Having reached coast - magnificent Sardinia, prepare for various and informative gastronomic travel.

At once two forms of a local cuisine the traveler should study

. Both are peculiar and connected among themselves by tradition. The first is a rich, bright and refined cuisine of the coast. High kitchen of experts which can be tried at restaurants and the big tourist centers. Morning begins with quite European breakfast there, but with amazing local cheeses, ham, svezhevypechenny bread, fruit. The lunch “a - la carde“ already includes typical dishes of Sardinian cuisine - with spiny lobsters, oysters, lobsters, a tuna, but in modern arrangement. And the dinner will be long and plentiful: on coals in a patio of restaurant or hotel fresh fish and meat pine, on a buffet the closed pies with the thinnest test and a spinach, fish, cheese stuffing, all local delicacies and wine are waiting in the wings.

Useful links
  • Airport of Forli: www. forliairport. com
  • Wind Jet Airline: www. volawindjet. it
  • Department of tourism of Sardinia: www. sardegnaturismo. it
  • of Sa Festa (Restoran): www. safesta. it
  • Wine-making plant Cantine Argiolas, Cagliari: www. argiolas. it

the Second form of Sardinian cuisine is the traditional, primordial, ancient gastronomy which remained since those times (however, not so old) when the island was not still a tourist pearl of the Mediterranean and one of the best-known resorts of Italy. Sardinia was always the earth of farmers, fishermen and cattle breeders. Here tens of names of magnificent cheeses, the best-known of which - pekorino (pecorino sardo) - is known far outside the island, are made. As well as many island people, sarda earlier, and now are preferred to be used in the kitchen at least of the products brought from the outside and yours faithfully treat own. House sausages, meat of pigs, mutton, a yagnyatina or a goat`s meat excellently prepare In small trattoriya and on farms, components the tourist direction so actual now agrotourism. The owner of small economy or small restaurant here - both the cook, and the waiter, and the guide for those who appeared in these parts for the first time. By the way, paste guests will be given house - local production, but not produced in the industrial method. Believe, you will notice a difference at once: in it it is more soul and taste!

the Dish with history

Such on Sardinia is a lot of

. Let`s take, for example, bread to carasau turnip - thin dry flat cakes which are called still “musical paper“. Bread prepares without yeast and can be stored for months. Thanks to a unique compounding, shepherds could take it with themselves, leaving on distant pastures. If necessary bread could be crumbled in soup, to moisten with milk or to use as an edible plate, flavoring with fragrant tomato sauce.

One more dish with history is called carne rubata - in translation from Italian “stolen meat“. They say that this recipe was open when peasants conceived to steal a sheep from the owner. To prepare it secretly, they dug a hole in the earth, laid out it a stone, hid inside the meat of a lamb wrapped in branches of a myrtaceous tree, and from above made fire. Meat was slowly baked, becoming impregnated with aroma of a myrtle, and the dish turned out excellent.


, spicy herbs and fragrant wood for smoking it is used in Sardinia very often. The best-known and, probably, the most tasty dish on the island - porceddu - the pig fried on a spit on naked flame to which fragrant wood of a juniper, branch of a myrtle and rosemary is added. Within many hours the pig slowly pines over coals and by the time of giving on a table becomes covered by the fragrant crisp hiding inside the most delicate meat.

the Real Sardinian dinner

to visit it, it is worth going to the capital - the city of Cagliari, to the institution Sa Festa di Casa Atzeri created by professor Vincenzo Atzeri, the collector and the expert on national folklore. It surprisingly the place will present you the real holiday of a song, dance, music and a traditional cuisine of Sardinia. In a cozy and spacious courtyard of the old house, under crowns, the restaurant was located. But, before sitting down at the laid tables, under sounds of national tools guests as if are had from an urban environment to a corner of rural Sardinia. Evening begins with the master - classes of Sardinian cuisine and crafts: respectable signori in the most beautiful national suits directly in the face of guests prepare paste, ravioli and traditional cookies, create dolls and musical instruments.

Try to prepare

Sardinian “Amaretti“
to you it is required:
  • of 400 g of sugar
  • 4 proteins
  • a lemon dried peel
  • Almonds crush
    • of 500 g of almonds and mix with sugar, a lemon dried peel, protein, knead stiff dough. Wrap dough in a film and leave in the cool place for 4 - 5 hours. Again knead dough before obtaining elastic weight. You stick together small balls, lay out on a baking sheet and bake to zolotisto - chestnut color.

      What should be tried on Sardinia?
      • Myrtaceous liqueur
      • Sardinian honey
      • of Argiolas Wine from grades of local grapes of Bovale Sardo, Kannonau, Karinyano
      • of Paste malloreddus, culungiones, ricotta ravioli
      • of Sweet: nougat, nuts, marzipan
    Vincenzo Atzeri`s

    - the real master of ceremonies. When meal time comes, owners play a big folklore performance under sounds of a pipe, a guitar, accordion. By the end of evening guests with pleasure sing along with actors and are ready to dance together with them.