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Hide-and-seek of

made to the Boy the diagnosis: bilateral inguinal hernia. It was brought to hospital where examined and no traces of hernia were found. Pleased that operation is cancelled, the child rushed, waiting for an extract. “In hospital it is impossible to run!“ - it was intercepted by the doctor and tightened to the fidget the slipped trousers. And here - that in the lower part of a stomach the characteristic swelling was found.

Hernia quite often successfully “hides“, - Ayvar Fayzulin, the candidate of medical sciences, the surgeon - the urologist of the highest category tells. - And it happens very not easy to diagnose. For this reason there are incidents when parents complain: say, in our policlinic the bad doctor, he does not find hernia at the child, and here in the next clinic - the skilled doctor, made the right diagnosis at once.

Actually, any doctor, and his qualification can be mistaken sometimes at anything. Very important point - to trace that fatal moment when in a hernial bag the internal body dropped out. First of all relatives of the little patient can notice it.

At the slightest suspicion on pathology ask the child to get up directly and to bend down forward, at the same time strongly to pull in a stomach in itself. If there was swelling, perhaps, it also is that inguinal hernia. Protrusion reminds the cone which is directly under skin. In this case, without wasting in vain time, the child should be shown to the doctor in the nearest clinic that the doctor examined a swelling, attentively probed it until hernia hid again. Complaints to gradually increasing groin pain where the top part of a hip meets with the lower part of a stomach, - also possible symptom of inguinal hernia. At the same time the painful bag can fall to a scrotum at the boy or move to vulvar lips at the girl.

Trouble till the birth

Inguinal hernia for boys is diagnosed by 10 times more often than at girls. In 80% of cases it - right-hand. Sometimes it is found from two parties.

Pathology often arises because that the peritoneum - a cover which covered an abdominal cavity - develops not as has to while the baby still is in mother`s womb.

So, at boys the small egg is put in an abdominal cavity, and then on the third month of development of a germ falls to a scrotum on the special tunnel between a stomach and a hip - to the so-called inguinal channel. At girls in this way from an abdominal cavity directs to vulvar lips vulkiyev a shoot.

Just before the child`s birth the channel between an abdominal cavity and a small egg or vulvar lips stops existing - the ledge of a peritoneum sticks densely together and dissolved. If this process by the time of the birth is not complete - the bryushinny bag is not closed, - that arises inguinal hernia: protrusion of internal body or soft fabrics through an opening in a belly wall.

to Shout hernia In the people is told: if the child loudly cries - will shout to himself hernia. Really, at shout pressure upon an abdominal cavity increases that leads to early display of hernia. Actually, it per se already was - congenital. However the situation is aggravated at a strong tension of muscles as a result of intensive sports occupations, outdoor games, cough, sneezing, crying, and also owing to a dense lunch.

over time inguinal hernia only increases, to resolve independently - as, say, umbilical - it cannot. By the way, at 60% of children to the first class umbilical hernia really itself is closed. In such cases the miracle is attributed to themselves by grandmothers - healers: say, helped - started talking. However at inguinal hernia to address such healers not only it is useless, but also very risky.

Quite often inguinal hernia operate with

at children of younger school age. Doctors do not recommend to small children similar surgical intervention, except for the emergency indications about which we already spoke. And once again we will repeat. It when the child at infringement complains of constant groin pain. The swelling of the lower part of a stomach is followed by reddening, spasms, hypostases, vomiting, a chair delay can appear. The little patient becomes uneasy, whimsical. In that case you should not postpone operation at any age because business can end with infringement. And then hernia will turn into dangerous “trap“. At boys the epiploon or a gut as often as possible gets to it, at the girl the restrained bodies can become an ovary with a uterine tube. At infringement there is a violation of blood circulation of body which got to “trap“, die off fabrics and gangrene can develop. At suspicion on infringement it is not necessary to undertake any independent measures - enemas, hot-water bottles will only aggravate a situation. It is necessary to call “ambulance“ at once. For rescue of life of the child the surgeon has to start operation in the next few hours.

meanwhile the doctor distinguishes not reducible hernias at which there is no infringement of body, but there are solderings with internal walls of a hernial bag. In such cases the emergency operation is not necessary. As well as at usual hernia which can independently be set and become straight at easy stroking.

to Cut


Operation on removal of hernia is performed by

under the general anesthesia. Usually it is done in any children`s surgical office therefore parents should not look for the specialized doctor or special clinic.

However needs to be known that there are so-called sliding inguinal hernias. At them in a bag drops out - as one of walls - a blind gut, either a bladder, or an ovary with a pipe. Here such surgical intervention demands from the surgeon of a certain virtuosity and experience. Unfortunately, at some little patients recurrence of pathology is possible.

the child usually feels

After operation quite normally. Next day he gets up and after a while is able to afford outdoor games, exercises.