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9 months of happiness? I do not know

... Still I look at pregnant women with a shiver, and passed already half a year... Now I watch at the miracle with such love that tears on eyes appear... And year with superfluous my tortures which, fortunately, evaporated with the birth of my kid began...

Everything began

with awful health. At once bought the test, even said to herself that supposedly “early still, is necessary before pregnancy a lot what to manage (to grow thin, to adjust health, etc.) “. Well, and still heap of the crazy reasons. The test as I also asked, showed 1 strip... And suddenly, it is unexpected for itself, watching all my self-arrangements, I understood that I was upset. M - yes. Probably, I subconsciously wanted to become pregnant all-.

Decided to wait for a delay, told about my suspicions to the husband who rejoiced ahead of time. And who ran and bought me 2 tests... And... Here they, 2 strips! The feeling something pleasant came, and some swing in soul shakes, at the same time the health is worse and worse... Here all also began - 2 months I was tormented with such terrible allergy! Nobody could help me, I choked, it was allowed to drip nothing, to drink tablets too. To put it briefly, I could not even swallow - strong was such swelled, did not sleep at night, existed in the afternoon.

With arrival of cold weather the allergy began to recede. The uterus began to increase in sizes that negatively began to influence at once my kidney, which from the birth at me in a small basin... Whom kidneys hurt earlier, that will understand me, and it also below - terribly hurts. Imposed lips with herpes, doctors began to frighten. Afterwards I got sick with bronchitis for which I was treated only by milk and raspberry... “When all this will end!“ - I thought. All this was heavy to be sustained psychologically, you have in a stomach a kid, and you are ill all the time.

One fine morning (somewhere the 12th week of pregnancy) I wake up and I find a blood drop on a bed... I thought, all this! Was afraid me terribly, appear, that even on the place threw me... It appeared, an otsloyka of a placenta. And as a result - 3 weeks of preservation in hospital in absolute rest.


the tummy Gradually began to grow, stabler days came, the kidney ceased to hurt, the otsloyka grew together, psychoses were calmed down. Everything was quiet before the following ultrasonography on which told that I thickened a placenta (bad food) and that the child has something with structure of a brain and that it is necessary to address geneticists...

was sent Further by days of the next psychosis and the next preservation. Geneticists sent for inspections during which it became clear that the child is absolutely healthy that with a brain too everything is all right! But what to me it were necessary - not to express these 2 months in words! Further one more ultrasonography which showed that at me and with blood supply not everything is good.

To put it briefly, as a result very heavy pregnancy with 3 preservations and the hardest childbirth. But all - I made it, I gave birth to the boy - healthy and strong. He so wanted to live and struggled with all illnesses together with me!

looking back Now, I understand that for the sake of such kid and for the sake of those tears which came at the husband into eyes when he the first time saw the sonny I have to was all this pass!

Dear mothers, do not despair if something goes not so, God prepares for us tests only in order that in the future we became stronger!