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Mastopathy - a mirror of female health

Mastopathy became the companion of the modern woman. Today the rare woman has no initial symptoms of mastopathy. The complicated course of mastopathy even more often comes to an end today with a puncture of cysts or even removal of the struck sector of a mammary gland. Therefore each woman has to know symptoms of mastopathy and a possibility of its treatment and prevention.

What is mastopathy?

is Commented by Galina Petrovna Korzhenkova, the mammologist, to. m of N, consultant of the charitable program “Together against Breast Cancer“.

Mastopathy is the disease of a breast connected with a hormonal imbalance of an organism. At mastopathy tissue of a mammary gland is unevenly condensed. It is diffusion mastopathy. The main sign to which women immediately react it morbidity of mammary glands in 1 - 2 weeks prior to periods (mastalgiya). Morbidity increases from a cycle to a cycle, often preventing to work and have a rest. Mastopathy can be shown in different forms - not proliferative and proliferative. The form of mastopathy can be defined only after specialized inspection. Proliferative mastopathy increases risk of transition to a breast cancer by 3 - 5 times.

Mastopathy is the mirror reflecting the general state of health. Tissues of a mammary gland sensitively react to a so-called “hormonal swing“ which is started in the woman`s organism from the beginning of puberty and stop after a menopause after a while. This swing in turn comes under considerable influence from a set of external and internal risk factors which there is a set. The reasons of its emergence various - diseases of ovaries, adrenal glands, a thyroid gland, a pancreas, a hypophysis.

One of the first factors which can provoke development of mastopathy can call

of the Reason of mastopathy abortions. But it and is clear. As soon as the woman became pregnant, all organism begins preparation for childbirth. All hormonal background is completely reconstructed. Mammary glands begin to prepare for a lactation. And suddenly all this roughly is interrupted by abortion. The organism such jokes does not forgive.

Sometimes having even rummaged

in sex life can provoke development of mastopathy. In Italy conducted research in convents. It turned out that hermits are subject to a breast cancer more often than the coevals leading full-fledged life. So as prevention of a disease it is possible to recommend to adjust private life, and it is even better - pregnancy and a lactation.

Paramount value has a hereditary factor, first of all is a presence of benign and malignant diseases at relatives on the maternal line. To bigger risk to ache the woman is exposed at a stress, neurosis, a depression. The long mental stress is one of the leading causal factors of developing of mastopathy.

I, at last, with serious consequences are threatened by injuries of a mammary gland. Even microinjuries when they in the subway, in the bus pressed are dangerous, squeezed, incidentally struck in a breast with an elbow or a bag - it is necessary to develop in itself a habit to protect a breast. Besides, an important role is played by linen. It is impossible to carry at all linen which pulls together, presses, rubs or it is pricked. Skin of a breast is almost twice thinner, than on a face therefore demands to himself a reverent attitude. The bra has to correspond accurately to the size - the linen should not be a little at all. The close bra can be broken blood circulation that quite often provokes development of diseases of mammary glands. The dragging-away effect the linen from elastic fabric has, but it has to be strict by the size, it is not less in any way! Refuse dense forests - ap with metal stones. The hard linen on metal stones, though very seductive, pulls together a breast and leads to microinjuries. So if stones, then only plastic or from baleen - they do not break microblood circulation.

Prevention of mastopathy

to All women needs to conduct obligatory preventive examination of mammary glands - practice shows that in most cases women can find in themselves consolidations. Methods - a set. The simply and available of them - self-inspection.


Having chosen time within the first week after the termination of periods, attentively examine yourself in a mirror, paying attention to all signs symmetry violation, change of skin color of a breast or okolososkovy area, strengthening of venous drawing. Inspection is performed at first lying, having enclosed a pillow under a shoulder, and then standing, having raised a hand and having put it for the head. Small pillows of fingers survey a breast. Begin survey with axillary area, further moving on a spiral towards a nipple. Continue survey, moving on verticals from top to down, since breast inside to an axillary hollow.

Urgently see a doctor if you found:

  1. any appeared change in a mammary gland.
  2. retraction of skin or nipple.
  3. puffiness of skin in the form of “a lemon crust“.
  4. consolidation in axillary area.
  5. specific allocations from a nipple (transparent, bloody).
But you remember

that self-inspection only the way allowing to watch a condition of mammary glands between visits of the doctor.


At any displays of mastopathy it is necessary for

urgently will address the expert who after the corresponding inspection will be able to appoint necessary treatment. First of all, the mammologist will appoint ultrasonography or mammography (depending on age: till 40 years of ultrasonography, after 40 years surely mammography). It will allow to find all new growths in mammary glands at the earliest stages.

A not to provoke development of mastopathy, it is necessary to care for the health. Galina Petrovna Korzhenkova, the mammologist, to. m of N, consultant of the charitable program “Together against Breast Cancer“:“ Women who have problems with a breast are not recommended to visit all physioprocedures meaning thermal influence including all types of baths, saunas, wrappings, and also massage of a breast since all these procedures increase a blood-groove in tissues of a mammary gland that can provoke development of an illness (at first to consult with the doctor before visit of this or that procedure). And all physioprocedures (except massage of a breast) are not contraindicated to women who have no problems with a breast if they moderately (that is temperature of 140 degrees in a bath will bring nobody benefit). Well and of course, it is necessary to be careful with the sun - suntan topless in a sunbed and on the beach it is categorically prohibited to all women (provokes an opportunity a disease of a breast cancer). Negatively on a condition of a mammary gland both various creams and tablets for increase in a breast can affect.

the Main council which can be given to women:“ be not nervous, avoid stressful situations“. But in the modern world it, unfortunately, in most cases is impossible. Learn to have a rest, rest is simply necessary for your organism. Alternate intellectual loadings to physical.

you are not lazy, at least give several minutes a day to physical exercises. Remedial gymnastics - fine prevention of many diseases, not only mastopathies.

It is no secret that improper feeding leads to many diseases. Mastopathy not an exception. Eat fresh greens, fruit, vegetables, berries more, drink natural juice. whether

Should saying

that smoking, abuse of alcohol, have an adverse effect on female health.

the last council - be not engaged in

I in self-prevention, especially in connection with abundance of so-called dietary supplements (Dietary supplements)! The majority of additives has no the directed action and helps not in 100% of cases, and it is rather in 50% - helps someone, and to someone is not present. Nevertheless, it is necessary to include them in the diet only after consultation with the expert: any vitamin and a microcell is necessary to an organism only in a certain dose and certain time! And causeless and unreasonable reception of such additives can provoke not only mastopathy, but more serious diseases (and not only a mammary gland).

Treatment of mastopathy

Treatment at mastopathy is appointed only by the doctor, as a rule, this conservative treatment whereas a sectoral resection, that is surgical intervention is required when there are suspicions on a malignancy. Very often women to whom offer operation on removal of any educations in a mammary gland come to consultation. At more careful inspection it became clear that it is mastopathy which it is possible and it is necessary to treat conservatively. So women before deciding on extreme measures, it is necessary to be examined very carefully!