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Calcium, ladies!

the Main condition of maintenance of our health, working capacity and active longevity are regular supply of an organism - along with proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins - various mineral substances. Each of micro and the macrocells making mineral structure of an organism plays the irreplaceable role. In particular, on a share of calcium performance of several vital functions laid down at once.

Calcium and our health

the Content of calcium in a human body makes about 1 kg from gross weight. The bulk of calcium is in bones and teeth, its other part is a part of blood and other fabrics. The biological role of calcium in our organism is very considerable. It is “construction material“ for formation of bones and teeth; regulates processes of growth and activity of cages of all types of fabrics; influences a metabolism; normalizes activity of muscular and nervous systems; provides normal coagulability of blood; has anti-inflammatory effect; strengthens resistance of an organism to external adverse factors: to sharp change of weather and infections.

also our daily need for calcium Is known to
. On average the adult has to consume daily about 1 g of calcium though continuous renewal of structure of fabrics requires only 0,5 g

It is connected with the fact that ions of calcium are acquired only for 50%. For the growing organism, pregnant women and the feeding women it is necessary for about 1,4 - 2 of calcium a day. Vitamin D promotes digestion of calcium and its delay in an organism.

Processes of updating of calcium in an organism at children happen through one - two years, at adults - in 10 - 12 years, at elderly people updating of calcium proceeds even more slowly.

calcium Sources

the Leading positions on the content of calcium are taken by milk, dairy products, cheeses. Besides, dairy products help digestion of calcium from other food. Good sources of calcium are the egg yolk, cabbage, soy, a vobla, sprats, parsley greens. The more calcium comes to an organism with vegetable food, grain, the condition of a bone tissue is better.

Should mean

that in the course of cooking and frying the organic calcium which is contained in products passes in inorganic, and its more than 60% are not acquired by an organism. Products with sour reaction lead to violation of a calcic exchange.

Excess of calcium B each drink of water drunk by us is calcium (in the form of salts), only its contents differs. In our country areas where water contains calcium much generally prevail (is rigid). In districts where natural water contains the increased quantity of ions of calcium and magnesium, in each house within a year so much scum collects that it is possible to fill with it a garbage can.

Excess intake of calcium in cells of connecting fabric partially dehydrates them therefore cages wither, their physiological activity decreases. The nervous system becomes more excitable. The urolithic illness develops.

the Water containing a small amount of calcium (soft) is easily soaked up by fabrics and well washes out an organism from excess of calcium. In this plan the distilled water is ideal. It is perfectly acquired and represents good solvent for many waste products and all mineral substances including for calcium. It brings excess of calcium out of an organism, but it is necessary to use it no more than two months as also necessary substances can be removed.

can Reduce hardness of water in house conditions its boiling or a transmission via household water-purifying appliances.


to Decrease in digestion of calcium are helped by salts of oxalic acid, phytin and ballast substances.

At excess reception of salts of calcium inside, its increased absorption from intestines or the lowered removal through kidneys concentration of calcium can increase in plasma of blood. The giperkaltsiyemiya which in especially hard cases brings to an otlozheniiya of salts in various fabrics and bodies develops. Giperkaltsiyemiya can be also result of the raised vitamin D consumption. Its manifestations - the appetite loss, vomiting, locks and other frustration connected with sharp increase in absorption of calcium from intestines.

the Lack of calcium

Insufficient concentration of calcium in an organism leads

to decrease of excitability of nervous system, emergence of spasms is a consequence of what. The exchange of calcium is characterized by what at its insufficient receipt with food it all the same continues to be allocated from an organism in former quantities at the expense of its stocks. At violation fosforno - calcic balance the organism takes calcium from “spare fund“ - teeth, bones, large joints - or builds bones of strontium that leads to changes in bones: outgrowths are formed.

If the negative balance of calcium remains long, then there can be phenomena of calcic insufficiency, such as disease osteoporosis (the thinning of a bone tissue threatening with changes). In this case the backbone, a neck of a hip and a wrist are most vulnerable and subject to injuries. The calcium delay in an organism is promoted by vegetable food. With the medical purpose appoint preparations (salts) of calcium: gluconate, lactate, iodide, carbonate, chloride. They are not recommended to wash down with milk. It is also necessary to exclude from a diet the products containing oxalic and acetic acids.

Osteoporosis against women

Is a disease takes the fourth place on Earth, conceding only to diseases is warm - vascular system, oncological and endocrine. It results from slow and imperceptible loss of calcium at which there is a reduction of volume and durability of bones.

This artful illness develops gradually, she can declare herself pains, strong fatigue, an excess dental plaque, periodontosis, fragility and a softening of nails, a premature posedeniye, night spasms of legs.

More to osteoporosis women with light skin, the smoking ladies, lovers of alcohol and coffee are subject to

. Osteoporosis threatens women who had more than three pregnancy and childbirth, and also that who long nursed children, and that who neglected physical exercises.

have more than
of Chances “to get“ osteoporosis at thin women, than at full as fatty cells of the last turn the hormone produced by adrenal glands into female sex hormones - estrogen. And the more in an organism of estrogen, the less it is threatened by osteoporosis.

That bones remained firm, between them and blood there has to be a balanced exchange of calcium promoting continuous self-updating of a bone tissue. This continuous process of self-restoration of bones is also supported by estrogen and other hormones. They as if force calcium to remain in bones, without allowing it to go back to blood. As the level of estrogen in a female organism decreases with age, bones lose ability to hold calcium. They become thinner and easier to such an extent that are made similar to a sponge. whether

are Known by you...

Concentration of calcium is in blood under control of hormone of parathyroid glands. Fall of the contents of calcium in blood leads to strengthening of secretion of parathyroid glands that promotes allocation in calcium blood from bones. Removal or damage of parathyroid glands conducts to spasms of muscles and spasms. It is explained by decrease in concentration of calcium in blood.

Blood with the lowered content of calcium does not turn on air. The slightest scratch would lead of an organism to death from - for blood losses if blood did not contain calcium ions.

If the food of future mother is saturated with calcium and magnesium, then in posterity the female prevails, and excess of potassium leads to the fact that it gives rise mainly male posterity. It was necessary only to find out as far as such influence of these elements on the person as the described supervision concern to cows extends.

before periods calcium level in blood falls. The lack of calcium painfully affects an organism of women in the form of a post-menstrual syndrome. Doubling of reception of calcium leads to elimination of emotional and physical symptoms of this violation.


Foreign scientists revealed one more very important role of calcium in an organism. Usually at a hypertension the patient is recommended to reduce reception of the sodium salt which is one of risk factors of increase of arterial pressure. It turned out that more effective is not decrease in consumption of sodium, but increase twice in calcium reception. Research confirmed ability of calcium to normalize pressure. In one and a half months at 85% of hypertensive persons the blood pressure was normalized only by doubling of the accepted calcium.

the Test for the content of calcium in an organism

Answer with

the offered questions either “yes“, or “no“.

If you answered
the majority of questions “no“, then your organism is sufficiently provided with calcium. whether
  1. you Suffer from fragility of bones? whether
  2. by
  3. observes at you an allergy at long stay to the sun? whether
  4. Often you have spasms? whether
  5. you daily Drink less than one glass of milk? whether
  6. are Used by you few such dairy products how yogurt or cheese? whether
  7. you daily Drink drinks like “Coca“? whether
  8. you Eat with
  9. few green vegetables? whether
  10. it is A lot of meat and sausage in your diet?