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Mexico: one version

“What is done by the good guide? Chooses one in which trusts from a set of versions. Also builds around it an interesting story. And where truth, nobody knows...“ - our guide Armina on the way to the Maya pyramids honestly admits.



about an ancient civilization, it gets off on other subjects because:“ Believe me, Mexico is infinite! In it so much that I am afraid not to manage to tell you and half“. And we obediently plunge into the atmosphere of this country, without noticing as we change. The brain instead of habitual vanity is busy with solutions of hieroglyphs, eyes are not surprised to lizards on the earth and to pelicans over the sea. And skin becomes covered by suntan of that special color which turns out only here.

Remember everything that you know about Mexico: sombrero, chili pepper, corn flat cakes, tequila. From novels about Indians Aztecs, conquistadors and the Caribbean pirates emerge. Further - thanks to Hollywood - Frida Khalo and Salma Hayek. Ah yes, still story about “Wild Roza“ and actress Veronica Castro.

If you, as well as I, any more could remember nothing, then you, as well as me, after arrival to this country expects many opening. Would you like to have a rest at the sea, to plunge into history, to see the nature of the jungle whether you are fond of speleology, diving - here you will find all dreamed of, and it is even more.

Turquoise with cream

One of the best resort places in Mexico - the city of Cancun standing on the easternmost tip of the peninsula Yucatan. The embargo entered 30 years ago by the USA against Cuba helped to turn from the village to the magnificent resort to it. The American tourists who got used to have a rest on the Cuban Varadero lost the chosen “dacha“. And Mexico used a situation - though beaches of Cancun it is not worse Cuban. Soon along the road going parallel to the sea buildings of hotels - one more magnificently than another grew. Where there were jungle, lakes with mangrove thickets and the crocodiles living in them earlier, on “restaurants, shops, discos - 22 km of tourist pleasures were. Many hotels stand on a narrow strip of the earth between the sea and a lagoon so it is possible to bathe all day, following the sun.

What local beach rest differs in

from Egyptian, French or even Maldivian? In - the first, here absolutely other sea. Near the coast it such gentle color as if added some cream to turquoise. Then turquoise becomes brighter also nasyshchenny and eventually passes into a bright blue. As almost in all numbers of hotels the wall turned to the sea is made glass, all these colors fill in space round the clock. The sea very warm - about 27 ° With - and some especially gentle, as if silk.

In - the second, sand on the beach it is dazzling white and cool even during the heat. And all because it is not that sand to which we got used, and the crushed shell rock.

Where to stop:
  • of Hotel Le Blanc - refined Spa - hotel, only for adults: www. leblancsparesort. com
  • of Hotel Fairmont Mayakoba - the two-storeyed bungalows standing on water: www. fairmont. com
  • of Hotel Maroma - small hotel with exclusive service for lonely rest, the favourite vacation spot of Hollywood stars: www. maromahotel. com
  • is traditional
  • of Hotel The Ritz Carlton magnificent, as well as all hotels of a network. Here it is possible to visit a culinary class and to learn to prepare the Mexican dishes: www. ritzcarlton. com
  • of Hotel Paradisus Riviera Cancun - hotel for family rest. All inclusive system, huge territory, children`s club.

Rest in Cancun means very high level of service. For example, in five-stars hotels the service “Personal Majordomo“ is popular here. It means that the employee who will satisfy your requests is assigned to your room: to pour a bathtub, to cover a dinner in number, to unpack a suitcase, to light an aromalampa and so on.

In comparison with the European hotels, the number of services in the All inclusive package it is much bigger. In numbers of refined hotel Le Blanc there are jacuzzis, sitting in which it is possible to admire the sea, and pass - the bar includes whisky, gin, tequila - all this in unlimited number. Even beach towels often should not be taken: accurately curtailed, they lie directly on plank beds.

Why the snake shines?

But if you in Mexico, then beach rest cannot become the only purpose of travel in any way. Because only here it is possible to touch in literal sense one of the most captivating secrets of history - the Maya civilization.

Counting of existence of a civilization is conducted by

since 2500 BC and till 1521. But the Spaniards who landed on the continent in the 16th century met not the Maya, and blood-thirsty tribes of Aztecs at all. Why? Yes because only in 200 years before Aztecs founded the settlement on the place of present Mexico City. And soon won almost all primordial territories of the Maya. For this reason cruel Aztecs appear in the literature devoted to wars of conquistadors.

A the Maya civilization by the time of appearance of Spaniards oddly almost disappeared - and all those grandiose pyramids and the cities which blow the mind today were “eaten“ by the jungle. As though evaporated both knowledge of time and space, of celestial bodies, of a structure of a human body, all culture, including writing sank Into oblivion. Inexplicably carriers of knowledge disappeared - as if we told today - the intellectuals of the Maya.


people who did not know writing and were able to work at the earth only. Their descendants live here still. They speak the language, but write down words Latin, live in primitive houses without conveniences, prepare on fire, sleep in hammocks.

What happened to a great civilization why she died? The exact answer is known by nobody, and versions begin here: can be, people third-party were carriers of knowledge initially? Then from where they came - from other planet? The version of an alien landing is considered by some scientists quite seriously. The found skillful hand-made articles which could not be made in any way tools which then existed, and even what is today are given as arguments, for example.

the Wide strip of a surf - the favourite place for pelicans who catch fish here. They are not afraid of people and fly up absolutely close.
it is a lot of

of Riddles: why Maya who had no wheel paved between the cities in the jungle absolutely direct roads? How they could keep their straightness throughout 200 - 300 km? How Maya made star charts - so detailed and exact what some of stars open only today? And by means of what tools they did it? Why from all writing we were reached by only three documents? How Maya could make the most exact calendar in the world? By means of what Maya did the thinnest surgeries including on a brain? (In some of the found skulls trepanation traces were found.) And, at last, who was the tall white-skinned person with a white beard who, on the legend extended here, came by the boat without oars, taught many sciences, and then departured away?

Excursion to one of the best-known cities of the Maya Chichen - Itsu - an opportunity to see certificates of these miracles with own eyes. The best-known building here, of course, temple of Castillo de Kukulkan. It still sometimes is called the stiffened calendar - each of elements corresponds to calendar figures. For example, the quantity of all steps is equal the number of days in a year, number of squares on the planes - to number of months etc. Two times a year, on March 20 and on September 22, here come thousands of people - to look how the beam of the sun comes into a window on pyramid top, and then lights a strip of a ladder and falls on the huge head of a dragon of the bottom. And for 20 minutes the shining figure of a dragon which as if comes downstairs from the top of a pyramid to the earth is visible. This dragon Kukulkan - a deity which image can be met absolutely everywhere. it is difficult for p to believe

that many millions years ago the huge meteorite which became a cause of death of dinosaurs crashed into these places.

Near Chichen - Itsa is stood by one more ancient city - Tulum. Enclosed with a stone wall, it as if hangs over the seashore, and the biggest temple is built on the rock. It appears, the place for construction was chosen not casually: exactly opposite to the temple there is the only place where it is possible to pass through a coral reef, so, the ships can approach the coast. Thus, this temple was at the same time and a beacon. And an extension to it not something, and maternity hospital! Both the child`s birth, and death were perceived by the Maya as parts of whole. Maya in general believe in reincarnation therefore one of the most cheerful holidays in Mexico - Day of dead persons, and one of favourite characters - the skeleton which is dressed up in thoughtless dresses and hats known as Catharina.

Travel in the earth

Easy insanity expects

on the peninsula Yucatan of the one who is fond of geology and history of Earth. Because here this history becomes absolutely tangible.

About 62 million years ago to the place of present Yucatan which then was a seabed huge, about 170 km the meteorite fell in diameter. Force of blow was equal to explosion of hundreds of atomic bombs - there were hurricanes, in air over all Earth clouds rose. The sun was not visible so long that the majority of plants died, and after them dinosaurs died out.

As terrestrial tverd literally failed down, now here under a thin layer of a terra rossa the layer of limy breed which goes on many hundreds of meters deep into begins. And below, under all roads, the cities, the jungle, the rivers with fresh water flow. Filtering through porous limestone, rain water joins this huge system of the rivers and lakes. And all trees in the jungle, such small above, have very long roots which punch breed to reach treasured water. It is possible to see all this in the senates - places of a collapse of limestone which are everywhere on the peninsula. It looks is almost unreal:“ hole“ in the earth, below - the lake, and to it as feelers, roots last.

Even more geological opening wait for

in karst caves which here too are enough. Mostly caves these “wild“, in them it is easy to get lost, the majority of them are connected with each other to the help of the underground rivers.

Every year tens of divers go to travel on these rivers, reaching the sea, - very dangerous route. However for those who do not want to eat with options. For example, quite recently for tourists karst caves of Rio - Sekreto where on all way accompanies the skilled conductor - the instructor opened.

In a cave huge stalactites and stalagmites cut space, and on them small pastes water droplets shine. The stalactite grows very slowly - 1 cm in 100 years so, looking at three - five-meter columns, it is possible to consider how many thousands and even millions of years the nature worked here. In natural huge halls and small grottoes it is possible to see the corals which stiffened in a stone, a sandy seabed and roots of the failed trees.

Everywhere life

Krom of ancient monuments, the sea and mysterious caves in Cancun and on all Riviera Maya (it is 100 - a kilometer coastal strip of the sea from Cancun to Tulum) is a set of entertainments. For example, the most known disco of CocoBongo with its bright show. Performances of doubles Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury are replaced the bartender - show, under a ceiling acrobats appear... And if to sit down on a ship and to come on the island of Women, it is possible to swim for a while with dolphins: here it is authorized to iron them, to embrace and ride, holding fins. In one of evenings it is necessary to reach to the charming town Playa - del - Carmen that between Cancun and Tulum. On the street under the name Fifth Avenue - hundreds of little shops, cafe and small hotels. Here buy blouses from the most delicate cotton with an embroidery, color covers, silver jewelry or hammocks, the most popular furniture in this part of the world.

the Love virus

is present

of No flu epidemic in this part of Mexico and was not. Neither in Cancun, nor on islands it was not recorded any diseased. However panic made the business, and long two months the resorts of Yucatan were empty. Now, having convinced that there is no danger, the American tourists returned here, the speech of British, French, Germans etc.

is heard

But you will bring one illness from here absolutely precisely. Having visited here, you will remember Mexico, to sigh about it, to dream - and once will arrive again.

However, I begin to understand our guide: it is necessary to tell very much, and I was in time nothing. Neither about sacred baths temaskal, nor how to choose tequila, that do of cactuses not only drinks, but also ropes, about candies with pepper. So, you learned only one of a set of versions.