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“Without sparing the stomach...“ We restore muscles of an abdominal tension

Most of women after the delivery face very unpleasant problem: they are concerned considerably by the speaker forward a tummy. What with it to do how to return former forms, to get rid of extra kilos?

Why remains a stomach?

So, at first we will understand the problem reasons. Main reasons following:

  1. of Increase in a uterus during pregnancy. the Uterus is a muscular body which during incubation of the child increases many times over together with his growth. Right after childbirth reduction of a uterus, and its full return to the usual sizes which were before pregnancy begins happens in 1,5 months after the delivery.
  2. Increase in a fatty layer in a stomach. Hypodermically - fatty cellulose considerably increases during pregnancy. It is connected with hormonal reorganization of an organism. Both the quantity of fatty cages, and fat reserve in them increases. Hypodermically - fatty cellulose in a stomach along with other changes protects a fruit from external influences.
  3. skin Stretching. If the condition of skin during pregnancy did not worsen, extensions were not formed, then reduction of skin happens quickly enough, within a week after the delivery. However in case of extensions - ruptures of the fibers making a skin framework - skin takes a flabby form, rather often it is reduced poorly, and the surplus of skin which is hanging down in the form of more or less expressed “apron“ is formed.
  4. Weakness of muscles of an abdominal tension. the Abdominal tension is not one muscle, but the whole muscular group. On a structure these muscles are cross-striped, their reductions give in to control of the person, that is these muscles it is possible to operate, give them loading, therefore, their tone depends only on physical activity. If not to load these muscles, their tone weakens, and the stomach is as if stuck out forward. The abdominal tension is formed by the following muscles:
    • the direct belly muscle consists of two parts - right and left. It begins from the lower edges and a breast and is attached to a pubic bone, among themselves the right and left parts connect on the average line of a stomach which is called the white line of a stomach. Muscular bunches of a direct muscle of a stomach cross are interrupted by 3 - 4 tendinous crossing points. Two crossing points settle down above a navel, the third - at the level of a navel, and the fourth (can sometimes be absent) - lower than the level of a navel. These tendinous crossing points of a direct muscle of a stomach give effect of squares at physically trained people. At the description of exercises for training of a direct muscle allocate exercises for the top and lower area as uniform distribution of load of all this muscle from - for its sizes is impossible for a press;
    • external and internal oblique muscles of a stomach make lateral areas of an abdominal tension, they get into gear at inclinations in the parties, turns of a body and roundabouts. These muscles when they are trained, do a waist thin;
    • the cross belly muscle settles down most deeply, closely to internals. It begins at sidewalls of an abdominal cavity and passes by median part of an abdominal cavity. This muscle at retraction of the lower part of a stomach strains. All exercises for the lower area of an abdominal tension train, except the lower department of a direct muscle of a stomach, a cross muscle of a stomach.
With what to begin


Many women want to begin to get into condition at once after the delivery. However in everything there has to be a measure. In the first days after natural childbirth it is possible to begin to carry a postnatal bandage - a belt. It is expedient to use it throughout all postnatal period - within 6 - 8 weeks. The bandage helps reduction of muscles of a uterus and a forward belly wall, and also skin and thus helps to restore a figure. It also helps at waist pains which often disturb after the delivery. For carrying a postnatal bandage there are contraindications (some types of seams after Cesarean section, a disease of kidneys and zheludochno - an intestinal path) therefore before its use it is necessary to consult with the obstetrician - the gynecologist of maternity hospital. In the first days some physical exercises strengthening muscles of an abdominal tension are after the delivery allowed. The gymnastics during the early postnatal period will help to be restored quicker. There is a set of exercises which it is possible to carry out already next day after the delivery and throughout all recovery period (the first 6 - 8 weeks after the delivery) on 2 - 3 times a day.

  1. Starting position: lying on a back. To inhale slowly, on a breath to pull in a stomach, then to exhale also slowly, on an exhalation to inflate a stomach. To repeat 10 times.
  2. Starting position: lying on a back, to bend legs in knees, feet stand on a floor at shoulder length, hands on the lower part of a stomach. To inhale slowly a nose and then to exhale also slowly a mouth, at the same time it is necessary to say sounds:“ haaaaa“, trying as it is possible to pull in a stomach stronger. During an exhalation slightly “to help“ it hands, conducting palms in the direction from a pubic bone to a navel. At the same time it is necessary not to press palms, and just to stroke hands a stomach bottom. To repeat exercise of 10 times.
  3. Starting position: lying on one side, slightly to bend knees. To carry out breaths - exhalations as it is described in the previous exercise, combining them with strokings by hands from a pubic bone to a navel. To repeat exercise of 10 times on each side.
  4. Starting position: lying on a stomach, hands in a support on elbows. Under the lower part of a stomach it is necessary to put a small dense small pillow. It is important that pressure upon a breast was minimum or in general was absent. At an exhalation to make the movement by a basin forward. On a breath to come back to a starting position. To repeat 10 times.
  5. Starting position: standing facing a wall, to place legs and to bend slightly in knees. To rest palms against a wall, forearms also to drive into the corner (elbows are directed down). To strain a press as though cramping the right elbow with the left knee, then the left elbow with the right knee, at the same time not to tear off a palm from a wall, and foot - from a floor. It is not necessary to make any actual movements - only muscles of a stomach and a muscle of a back work. On a breath to relax muscles.

Upon return

After an extract from maternity hospital can carry out the following simple exercises for strengthening of muscles of an abdominal tension from maternity hospital:

  1. Lying on a back, to serially lower the legs bent in knees in the right and left parties, to repeat 5 - 10 times for each party.
  2. Sitting on a floor, to slowly lift and lower legs with the ball clamped between them, to repeat 5 - 10 times.
  3. Lying on a stomach (under hips a pillow), to alternately bend and unbend legs, then to serially raise direct legs, to repeat 5 - 10 times.

Krom of exercises, perfectly will be suitable for restoration of physical shape daily walks with the kid in the fresh air.

we Continue by


In 2 - 3 months after the delivery can begin active occupations with exercises on a press. The complex surely has to include the following types of exercises:

When performing exercises needs to observe the following principles: trainings have to be regular (better daily) and intensive (to begin with one approach, gradually increasing the number of approaches to 4 - 5); not to use burdening as they do a stomach not flat, and promote emergence of relief of muscles of a stomach. Exercises need to be carried out accurately, avoiding excessive loadings, especially on a backbone. During exercises it is necessary to keep a press in constant suspense and to monitor breath, without detaining him.

That it diastases?
many women after pregnancy have a divergence of a direct muscle of a stomach. This divergence is called to diastases. To define whether is available diastases of direct muscles of a stomach, it is necessary to lay down on a back and to raise direct legs by 5 - 10 cm. In the presence the diastase on the average line of a stomach is formed the roller which can be seen or probed. Diastases arises during pregnancy, but can remain and within 2 months of the postnatal period, at the same time being gradually reduced. It practically always passes independently.

Carry out the following exercises:

  1. press Press. Lying on a back, to bend legs in knees, to put a foot on a floor. To link hands in “lock“ behind the head. To slowly tear off shoulders from a floor, it is enough to rise by 15 cm from a floor. Effort - an exhalation through a mouth, relaxation - a breath through a nose. To repeat not less than 10 times. It is impossible to strain neck muscles when performing this exercise.
  2. “Nutlet“. Lying on a back, to tighten knees to a breast. Hips, buttocks, shovels have to be pressed to a floor. Having been late in such situation, to strain stomach muscles, then to extend legs, having lowered them on a floor. To repeat 10 times.
  3. Lying on a floor, to slowly raise direct legs on 45 ° from a floor, at first serially, then both together. Knees have to remain straight lines. Socks on. Effort - an exhalation through a mouth, relaxation - a breath through a nose. To repeat 10 times.
  4. “Bicycle“. Lying on a back, to make roundabouts the legs bent in knees. To repeat 15 - 20 times.
  5. of Twisting. Lying on a back so that the waist was pressed to a floor to bend knees. To put brushes on shoulders. To press a chin to a breast and the smooth “twisting“ movement to tear off shoulders from a floor. Amplitude in twisting is very small, and the lower half of a backbone should not rise from a floor. To slowly lower an upper back on a floor. Effort - an exhalation through a mouth, relaxation - a breath through a nose. To repeat 10 times in each party.

For mother and the kid

A here a set of exercises forming a flat stomach which can be carried out together with the child. At the same time occupations will bring benefit to both mother, and the kid who will be near mother.

the Diet without physical exercises will lead
to loss of weight, however the stomach flat will not become.

the Following exercises - for women with good physical training and coordination:

Without mistakes

Typical mistakes which are made by women after the delivery are:

  1. Use of various diets for weight reduction and lack of physical activity. Strict diets with restriction of caloric content and nutrients are contraindicated to the feeding women as they have an adverse effect on a lactation and, therefore, on health of the kid. It is necessary to eat rationally: to avoid the use of sweet, greasy, fried food, to use more in food fruit and vegetables, fermented milk products, bread of a rough grinding. Besides, use of a diet without physical exercises will lead to loss of body weight, weight is normalized, however the stomach flat will not become. It is connected with the fact that fatty deposits are distributed unevenly (the fatty layer is most expressed on a stomach, hips, buttocks), and also with the lowered tone of muscles of a forward belly wall after pregnancy.
  2. Excessively early active exercises. It is necessary to know that active occupations by physical exercises on a press are allowed only 6 - 8 weeks later if childbirth was natural, and 10 weeks later after Cesarean section.
At loads of a stomach in earlier terms serious complications are possible

: a divergence of seams on a stomach (after Cesarean section) or crotches (after an ushivaniye of ruptures of a crotch), omission of walls of a vagina, uterus, increase in a divergence of a direct muscle of a stomach and, as a result, formation of hernia of a forward belly wall.

needs to be remembered that it is not enough to create a flat stomach - it is necessary to keep constantly its shape to keep and improve the achieved results.