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“The sky breathed in the fall...“

For most of our fellow citizens are not fall a favourite season. The bright last sun, spider lines in air, diversity of leaves is a September when the first cool morning performances even please, and return to working everyday life is perceived as change of a situation. This time of the beginning of new academic year, and - agree - there is no such child who at least did not want to go on September 1 to school. But the holiday very quickly turns on weekdays, oppressing monotony, monotony, an early rising, educational difficulties.

The the school student is younger than

, the more difficult and longer there takes place it adaptation, that is switching from the rest mode on an operating mode. At least on it the two first weeks of September, the best leave the physiological point of view: the children`s organism is saturated with positive emotions, fruit, the sun, the movement therefore forces quite are enough for study. Since October the quantity of sunny days, light and heat is sharply reduced, forces and optimism leave. Rains, slush, early twilight, cold, drowsiness, irritability, fatigue - signs of late fall, the most difficult period of this season. For this time autumn vacation also drops out. Week of a respite. How to carry out it that both to have a rest, and not to lose all that was won for September and October, and to receive new impressions? Ahead, as a matter of fact, as early as whole academic year!

this vacation is Especially important

for children of younger school age. The twenty-four-hour dream will not return cheerfulness and activity. As well as in any other season, water procedures and walks in the fresh air are actual. Daily visit of the pool, unfortunately, is real only for those who live from it in close proximity or have it in private use. But even 2 - 3 sessions a week will give fine effect. Water possesses wonderful property: it both weakens, and tones up. And it just what is required. If and it is impossible for any reason (to go too far, you are afraid of cold, the child is frightened by water), then water procedures can be organized also in house conditions. The morning contrast shower is also useful. Slightly extend procedure in comparison with the usual days falling on school days. It is good to increase a little contrast of temperatures - it will be pleasant, simple, it is useful and is effective.

For children hyperactive, getting tired it is possible to organize massage sessions on vacation. Massage of a vorotnikovy zone which improves blood supply of a brain, and its trouble-free operation - guarantee of educational progress of the child is especially important. In house conditions and even quite independently you can conduct massage by a foot which sensitivity and mobility is extremely important for little school students. Instead of usual charging arrange to the child “cheerful running“: place on all length of a corridor any capacities (boxes, basins) with various fillers (the crumpled sheets of paper, haricot, cones, sand, pebble, warm and cold water, buttons of the different size, woolen threads). At first, holding the child by a hand, spend him accurately on all these “obstacles“ so that it at first to one, and was trampled then by other leg in each box. Then allow it to one to run about on boxes. And finally tie with a scarf to it eyes and, bringing to any box, ask to get up in it two legs and to guess what in it lies. The child will perceive such “running“ as amusing game (it is possible and prizes to give if the kid accurately runs or it is correct to guess), and the physiological and neuropsychological effect of such exercise will positively affect his mood, behavior and study.

It is known that “the nature has no bad weather“ therefore early twilight, wind and high humidity not the reason for refusal of walks even during the rainy period of autumn vacation. The child dressed according to weather spending in the fresh air reasonable amount of time will be well tempered, so, and protected from inevitable winter colds. What to be engaged during such walks in? Everything that you will meet on the way, can give material for games, for exercises on development of these or those abilities of the child and will bring benefit at their correct organization.

we Will put

, your first grader not really well knows some letters, confuses on the letter of “B“ and “D“, “And“ and “At“, writes letters “E“, “Z“, “E“, “Ya“ to “other party“, that is “zerkalit“. In - the first, difficult letters it is possible “to look for“ around, but not only on boards and signs, but also in a texture of naked branches, and in patterns of a park lattice... This search can be turned too into game in the course of which the child will work an image of a letter better, than suffering for hours over copy-books under own groans and lamentations of adults. Besides, such occupation learns to concentrate attention, to concentrate, peer, to visually allocate from whole details. Most often parents complain of a carelessness and restlessness of the child. Here to you and the training which is not demanding neither special exercise machines, nor excess time, nor additional resources.

In - the second to write in copy-books, of course, dullishly, but to write with a stick to dirt - much more interestingly. Here also write! A stick is thicker, dirt is more dense, and about gloves do not forget! This very intellectual occupation. In - the third, you should not rest a look against the earth constantly. Raise the head! The autumn sky is entirely covered with the running clouds. Observe them. Choose the safe place in the transport relation where - nibud on the square, on the waste ground. You watch a cloud until it thaws, will lose the initial outline. There was a dog with the opened mouth, and then her head separated and departured, and the body turned into a whale, and then the head returned, connected to a whale and the horse who is peacefully chewing a grass turned out, but here legs of a horse departured, and it became steamship... You think, empty pastime? Oh not! First of all, again training of attention, its concentration that in itself is very important for the school student. Such occupation besides awakes and develops the imagination. And it is very necessary for the child! And at school it is useful! The school student with the rich imagination writes compositions and statements, solves problems much more successfully those who look at the world only realistically. And process of reading goes quicker when the little reader can easily imagine what happens to heroes of the book.


By the way, in crude and dank days of autumn vacation it is especially well read to the one who sits on a cozy sofa near beloved mother. If when reading your child confuses letters or rearranges them, guesses words, replaces written to the, then, of course, it is necessary to work on improvement of technology of reading. In - the first, for this purpose choose the bright book with pictures. In - the second, keep in mind that the book has to be small on the volume that its thickness did not frighten off. In - the third, such work which is unknown to the child is better to take. At first interest him in illustrations, and then begin to read, surely aloud. React emotionally to the described events, laugh, surprised, be indignant - infect the child. If it is difficult for child to read absolutely, then read with him in turn: on a line, according to the offer, on a page. Also you remember: any shouts, threats, condemnations, only praise and help. You do not hurry, to learn to read absolutely not so easily as it seems to adults. The patience and belief in success will help to overcome also this difficulty.

with What else can fill

week, free from lessons that it did not pass dullly within four walls when behind a window infinite cold sleet, the abstruse penetrating wind promising cold, dirt and slush under legs? If you do not want that from melancholy and inaction the child literally “climbed on a wall“, remember that the main thing - as much as possible to diversify its pastime. Performance of the elementary household chores has to alternate both with physical, and with intellectual loadings, but also also entertainments are necessary.


Daily, regular motive exercises, a horizontal bar or the Swedish wall are necessary for both the small child, and the teenager, and the boy, and the girl for increase of a vitality, cheerfulness, good mood. Reading, the solution of interesting problems and puzzles - excellent charging for mind. Viewing of children`s movies and transfers, listening of audiobooks and performances, good music - fine and useful entertainment. Besides, the computer games loved by modern children, of course reasonably limited in time, can not only become entertainment, but also to bring benefit.

A still board games are. Will not be superfluous to remind that game has paramount value for development of mentality and the identity of the child. Psychologists note that in recent years game deficiency as a result of which besides the general underdevelopment (sensorno - motor and cognitive), the child will also not learn to live “on a pr - to a pitchfork“, mastered in the course of games considerably grew. V. P. Zinchenko spoke: “Game dystrophy remains for the rest of life“. It is possible to overcome “game dystrophy“, having only organized full game activity for the child including in house conditions.“ The erudite “, “ skill of thinking“, “Bukvoyezhka“, “Flight on the Moon“, “Dominoes“, “The Russian lotto“, “Monopoly“, chess and checkers, “corners“ - exists a set of useful and fascinating games for all family. Such games pull together, develop, give rise to positive emotions, form strong-willed qualities, learn to win and accept defeat.

Are games house which played when about computers and did not know, and the TV was not in each family. The set of the games not only interesting and hazardous, but also allowing to develop the speech, thinking, memory, imagination is known. Remember games of your childhood!

  1. of the word“. two Play. Equipment: sheet of paper, pencil. The first writes down on a leaf any word so that it was not seen by the second. To guess the written-down word, the second participant has the right to ask 10 such questions which the first could answer only “yes“ or “no“.
  2. “Synonyms“. the unlimited number of participants Plays. The special equipment is not required. The first calls the word, the second calls the word, close, and so until synonyms do not end. The one who will call the word the last wins.
  3. “Antonyms“. Conditions of game are similar to conditions of the game “Synonyms“, words with opposite value are only called.
  4. of “Association“. the Number of players is not limited. The special equipment is not required. Players in turn call the words connected with any association. For example: honey - a bee - a sting - pain - the doctor - a dressing gown - the Uzbek... The one who calls the word the last wins.
  5. “Nonsense“. not less than two participants Play. Equipment: narrow strips of paper on number of players, handles. Players should write down ridiculous stories. At first players define who will be heroes of these stories: animals, insects, heroes of literary works familiar etc. After definition of heroes each player receives a strip of paper and writes down on it a name of the first hero so that records did not see others, wraps record and passes round a piece of paper, receiving a piece of paper with record of other player unknown to it. Further, transferring every time wrapped up records each other, players answer the following questions: a name of the second hero, the place of their meeting, time of their meeting, than they were engaged who prevented them that told the first that the second answered, than everything ended what morals. Then pieces of paper are developed and stories are read.
  6. “Geography“. Number of players - not less than two. Equipment: specially ruled sheets of paper, handles. Game goes on time. Specially lined sheet of paper is divided into several columns which number can be various and include the following: city, country, reservoir, animal, bird, subject, clothes, dish, name of the book, name of the movie, surname of the famous person, name of the literary character, female name, man`s name, points. Then players choose some letter of the alphabet, except on what in our language words do not begin. For example, the letter “B“ is chosen. On command players begin to fill in columns of a leaf. When one of players filled everything, he speaks: “Stop!“. All others stop record. Further he reads the words, for example: the city - Biysk, the country - Bulgaria, a reservoir - Baikal, an animal - a bull, a bird - a cormorant, a subject - a bottle, clothes - a blouse, a dish - beshbarmak, the name of the book - “Barankin! Be a person!“ the name of the movie - “Be my husband“, a surname of the famous person - Beethoven, a name of the literary character - Buratino, a female name - Barbara, a man`s name - Boris. In process of reading there is a calculation of points: if one player has the same word still, then they receive 5 points if they is not present - 10 points if the word is not thought up or thought up incorrectly - 0 points. The one who will gain more points wins.
  7. “Mad stories“. the Number of players is not limited. It is possible to play orally and in writing. The sheet of paper and the handle will be necessary for written option. Any letter of the alphabet, except “Kommersant“, “Y“ is chosen. Serially players speak or write down according to one offer so that all words in it began on the chosen letter. Ridiculous history has to turn out. That whose offer will be the last wins.

in life miracles Happen, and in gray rainy series of days one suddenly is given rather warm, almost solar. Why in such day not to go to the wood or at least to the nearest park? There is no sense once again to repeat banalities about advantage of walks in the fresh air for physical health and good mood. However it is possible to derive from such small campaign also neuropsychological benefit, that is to try to develop some departments of a brain of the child which are responsible for activity of the highest mental functions, for example memory and attention. The simplest of such exercises - the game “The Longest Ears“. The sense of game consists in listening to wind noise, rustle of leaves, a scratch of branches and other “natural“ sounds. Stop on some open clearing, look round around, close eyes and... just listen within 2 - 3 minutes, and then exchange impressions concerning the one who that managed to catch. Naturally, the one who heard more will win.

If your walk takes place

among coniferous trees, then it is possible to spend time for collecting fir or pine cones. At the same time it is possible to compete who will find the biggest, the most beautiful, the most ridiculous. And what then? Cones can be useful too, especially if your child is hyperactive and usually more than five minutes quietly does not sit. From - for it preparation of homeworks drags on until late at night and comes to the end with either a headache, or scandal. And so, put assembled cones in an old pillowcase, and it is possible to sew for them and special, beautiful, from dense fabric. The pillow filled by cones will turn out. On it do not sleep, and sit. The pillow is put on a chair, the child sits down on a chair and quietly prepares lessons. Firmly, unevenly, inconveniently - just what is required to hyperactive children “to feed“ itself energetically and to be valid for mental work. The pillow from cones has the same effect, as magnetic insoles or a contrast shower. Try! It is not execution, but the exercise machine therefore surely explain to the child sense of its application; if the child complains of inconvenience, periodically let`s it “have a rest“. Experience of use of such pillow in our center showed that even those children who groaned in the beginning and resisted already on the third - the fourth occupation were enough a pillow and enclosed on the chair. And one nine-year-old zinger told: “I on it think better!“

“School overloads. How to help the child“