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Its first shout filled the Universe and my heart...

U us everything is so simple. And at the same time - as in the fairy tale, but, probably, only for us!

With my Kolya we knew each other from the first course - together studied five years, practically sat next on occupations. But somehow business did not reach appointments. And on the fifth year somehow so by itself it turned out - began to meet, in half a year - to live together and in half a year got married!

I wanted

of the Child always, and always wanted the boy. And therefore right after a wedding began to plan the child, or rather, did not do anything that could prevent the natural course of life! But on an extent of year somehow nothing changed, I will tell that I began to sound alarm, but somehow it became feel ill at ease: and suddenly something not so!? Also decided to descend to the doctor - so, for prevention, and me, of course, appointed a lot of analyses. After receiving results for some reason decided to make the test: and suddenly to me will appoint some drugs, and they are already impossible for me though itself did not trust in it.

Ya was at home one and two packings of tests with me... I made one, another... Two strips! In the head the thought convulsively rushes about: “My God! Is that so! It not with me! And what now to do?!“ Began to dial Colin number: “Kohl, positive test! Yes, two strips!“ On other end joyful silence, then admiration, surplus of feelings... Then hung up. And what now to do? Well, it is good though there are nine months that to realize everything and to be prepared!

months of expectation, love, pleasure began

I... And beginning of new life, life already not only together! As usual, was registered in policlinic and every month, and then and every week honestly visited all appointed receptions and procedures. Of course, the first months my organism in every possible way revolted and sincerely did not understand what happens to it, and it was expressed in nausea in the mornings and to evenings. And I worked then with clients, and to me happened very hardly when it was necessary to suppress in itself “these return desires“, explaining to the client any conditions. And then nothing - the organism reconciled and decided to devote completely itself to the new life arising in me!

the Tummy it became visible to

already somewhere at the end of the second month. I very much was proud of it, it seemed to me that it at me the most beautiful (well, probably, all future mummies so consider)!

here to us made to

I the first appointment in 12 weeks... So far only via the device ultrasonography, but we will be able already to see it! We were let together with the husband, he was practically dragged (it very much hesitated to come). Showed us on the screen of this little man, it already had everything - both handles, and legs, and even fingers! Only very small! It was only 7 cm, we called it “pelmeshka“! But not all was so joyful at our first meeting: delivered me a uterus hyper tone, and even showed how it on it presses, i.e. I press from - for experiences! I felt so sorry for this baby, but it was impossible to cry, and I got it together. It is necessary to protect himself for the sake of it! The sick-list I spent at home.

Somewhere on the 14th week I for the first time felt

how these tiny legs are pushed, is so shy and is not sure, but is persistent and every day is stronger and stronger!

At the second meeting in 23 weeks, we were told that “it seems the boy“. But we were sure that precisely the boy! And again make me the same diagnosis. And I am put on preservation in hospital. As I lay there - it is a subject for the following history, I will tell only that much everything I saw there and heard. At first me put in postoperative chamber where bring after abortions, then to chamber where also on preservation, and girls after “cleanings“ on medical indications lie. One cry, and others hold “tummies“ and worry. There is such preservation! But, thank God, the doctor got good - for each of us found proper words and approach. There were also joyful moments in my “lying in hospital“ - I for the first time heard as the heart of my little man via the device fights! I could not constrain tears! I asked every day that listened to me this “a wonderful feature“!

Well, on the third research we precisely saw that there will be a boy! As the doctor told us: “Such shots seldom happen. It is necessary to photograph!“ But, as ill luck would have it, we did not take the camera... Even it was visible to whom it is similar! On the father!

At last I in the decree! It is possible to stay at home, sleep quietly, “to twist a nest for the kid“ and reverentially to wait! But in a month of such quiet expectation I understood - to me to give birth soon! And I do not know how! We, of course, already found the doctor, she very much was pleasant to me, and I more - calmed down less! Read clever books and asked already given rise acquaintances and girlfriends, but all volume of information obtained by me did not calm me, and, on the contrary, only led up a blind alley - as I will have it?!

I here night with 22 for April 23. We sleep. I got up, as usual, in a toilet. Laid down, a push in a stomach (again, I think, night dancings begin), and here water plopped - a little, but is noticeable. I did not believe that already... I awake the husband: “You sleep? It seems to me, began!“ He woke up very quickly. Began to ring “ambulance“, then to my doctor. Like all warned. We sit, we wait, the husband with bags, I - “in a pool“. Already practically all waters departed. Carried...

I Lie in the patrimonial hall, underwent all necessary procedures, my doctor did not arrive yet. I lie on one side and I look at the neighboring houses. Three o`clock in the morning, think: “All sleep, and I give birth one odineshenka here!“ Fights became even more often stronger, breath helped: a breath through a nose - an exhalation through a mouth. There arrived the doctor though some familiar person! “Only, please, do not leave me one!“ - I asked it. And we began to go together on chamber, periodically it examined me. Then began to squat, drank waters, once again sat down - she speaks: “Went to give birth“. At me attempts already began. When laid down on a maternity table, the thought was one: “There is no place to recede, it is necessary to go all the way! To suffer for the sake of my son!“ And I suffered, it seems to me, and did not shout even, only panted. The obstetrician - the man came, and it is quiet, even coolly helped my son to be born! Showed me this wet lump and asked: “Your boy?“ And weepingly pleasures: “Yes, mine!“

I here I heard this shrill shout filling all hall, the floor, the building, the Universe... And all my heart! I began a hysterics for pleasure, I choked from got down, shivered both from cold, and from the endured miracle! Already was all the same that there with me is done, I wanted only that I was left with my kid alone. Two more hours we lay in the patrimonial hall, I - on a table under a bed-sheet, and he peacefully snuffled under a lamp. Then to me allowed to kiss him. Never I will forget it! This small svertochek was brought to me, and we touched noses. He moved a nose, so smooth skin, is slightly more dense than air! It just miracle!

Now to our Olezhke 1 year and 6 months, and every day I understand more and more what this happiness to be mother! As this little man meets me after work and runs towards with joyful shout. And first steps... I drove tears when my little son himself came to me legs to kitchen!

my history, probably, does not differ in

from one thousand such stories, but I so wanted to share the happiness with others... Perhaps my story will inspire future mummies, and they will not be afraid so of childbirth and the pregnancy. Or just someone, having read my history, will remember the, and will have a little cry for pleasure and happiness. Give birth! And I still want to give birth!