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Days off all family of

our small family - mother, the father and the daughter Elena - always with big impatience waits for the days off. The whole 5 days all family members are far apart: the father works, mother works at home, and Elena goes to kindergarten. We meet only in the evenings at a big table and we discuss news of last day. And, of course, we make plans for a weekend.

It is good that the father has the car. Means, it is more than opportunities to have a rest perfectly! So, on Thursday evening we once again specify all our plans, on Friday we collect all necessary - food, clothes etc. Usually in good weather we arrange picnics. We take with ourselves toys, the camera and we enjoy communication with each other!

I Will notice

that we live on the island of Sardinia which by the nature reminds a mosaic of all continents. Here both sea, and mountains, and deserts, and steppes, and woods. The choice of rest is very different!

If we choose by

the sea, then we will spend time on “perfectly“! As it is exciting to enjoy the warm sea, a genial sunshine, picturesque landscapes, and the daughter Elena most of all likes to build sand castles and to run barefoot... Here it, freedom!

If in our plans of the mountain, then us is waited by an unforgettable adventure! Transparent air, a bright sun, ate with fluffy paws - everything disposes to rest from vanity of the big city and numerous problems.

the Father and the daughter very much like to examine bizzare shapes of rocks with grottoes and to dream to what animal they are similar. And before coming back home, we surely gather clear mountain water and we drink it already at home, remembering days off in mountains.

If during week-end we go to the wood, so we prepare baskets - we will gather mushrooms and cones! And mother and the father all road will tell the daughter forest fairy tales...

sometimes we choose by

A cultural rest. Let`s organize a family trip around the medieval cities, we walk on narrow small streets, we eat tasty ice cream. If there is opportunity, are at folklore festivals, exhibitions in the open air... And we go to restaurant in the evening once again to enjoy the Mediterranean kitchen.

Well and when there is a bad weather, we go to visit grandmothers and grandfathers, we bake tasty pies... And we visit friends. And in the evenings we read fairy tales and we collect puzzles. And on Monday we think of next weekends!