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Pregnancy. When to think of development of the child?

Come the woman to the wise man and asks council how to it to bring up the child? The wise man asks: “When he was born?“ “Yesterday!“ - the woman speaks.

“You were late for nine months“, - the wise man answers.

are Allocated by three trimesters of pregnancy:

I a trimester - from the moment of fertilization of an ovum and formation of a zygote to 12 - ti weeks of pregnancy.

II the trimester - from 13 - ti to 27 - mi weeks, is characterized by growth of a fruit and formation of the main systems.

III the trimester - from 28 - mi to 40 - weeks, is characterized by the final pre-natal growth and maturing of bodies and systems of a fruit.

From the medical point of view, not the simplest, is the I trimester - the period of hypersensibility of a germ, embryo and fruit to influence of the damaging factors.

from the psychological point of view I and III trimesters are considered as

as the Difficult periods. At the very beginning of pregnancy the woman can feel fear and concern: there is a pregnancy or not as it will be apprehended by relatives whether they will be glad, whether its real state and future motherhood will be accepted, whether it will get necessary support and approval, whether it is ready to it etc. And also there is a process of important transition to quality, new to the woman, which is followed by personal changes. At the end of pregnancy the woman often worries about how there will take place childbirth as the child what she will be a mother will be born as will cope with all efforts. Often the woman is afraid whether the child will be normal? What will be a meeting with the little helpless and dependent man? Whether it is ready to accept responsibility for new life and to adapt to requirements of motherhood? Also, in process of approach of childbirth, usually the woman tests the increasing fatigue. During all pregnancy, the woman feels frequent changes of mood and physical discomfort. She should adapt to own changing inner world and a new social role anew. You should not forget that during all pregnancy the woman needs emotional and physical support and care of significant close people (the husband, mother, etc.) .

Thus, pregnancy is a dynamic state, not only incubation and the birth of the kid, origin of new life, but also an important point of the birth of mother from the daughter of the parents, and also the birth of new parental couple (relationship in a family undergoes changes too).

It is undoubted, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood is crisis periods in the woman`s life on the way to a maturity, possible personal growth, increase of a self-assessment, it is transition of the woman to new quality which deserves separate conversation. However today let`s consider such important and mysterious aspect of pregnancy as prenatal development of future kid. What does he feel vnutriutrobno and as it can affect his further life and development? whether

Much to us knows to

of it?


since ancient times in different traditions to pregnant women and couples expecting the birth of the kid recommended special situation. To feelings and feelings of the pregnant woman listened and attached them important spiritual significance. The importance of this period fitted into a context of future adulthood of the person. For providing the best conditions of pre-natal life of not born child the different people created various rituals and rules of conduct of the pregnant woman. In ancient India, for example, it was offered to pregnant woman to be engaged in spirituality and to please itself with beautiful views of the nature, for favorable formation of an inner world of future baby. And in China, the father passed a ceremony of acquaintance to the future child, talking to it and telling it about itself.

K 12 - ti to weeks of pregnancy already almost put all internals and the child`s tissues which will grow, develop subsequently and to be improved.

By the end of the third month the child already feels touches. In 14 - t weeks - well hears sounds of a maternal organism, the speech and music from the outside. He learns voices of parents, and the tender speech turned to the kid, calms him. After the birth, he surely learns mother`s voice which will affect it soothingly. It is good when in the course of pregnancy mother sings to future kid gentle songs. Quiet classical music lulls the child, and also similar sound vibrations can positively influence intelligence of future child.

It is important that the pregnant woman avoided sharp shouts, quarrels and scandals, and also negative experiences. The emotional condition of mother is transmitted her to the kid through blood system. At it as well as at mother, breath and heartbeat becomes frequent if mother worries, worries or is afraid.

From modern researches knows that the kid possesses sense of taste and loves sweet. Reacts to physical injuries of mother, looking for rescue. Can remember words and the whole phrases which often hears. Reacts to contact through a belly wall - loves strokings and tender touches. With 20 - ti weeks can already show the character, turning away if something is not pleasant to it.

Thus, being guided by modern researches, we can think what, since fourth month of pregnancy, future kid already in own way understands that occurs around.

Besides some established data, we has various assumptions of rather pre-natal development of the child which allow us to think that development of future kid begins long before his birth.

Now some directions of psychology (for example, transpersonal psychology) consider prenatal experiences and processes as the main mentalities of the person in formation. In recent years it is investigated that the adverse condition of mother already during pregnancy influences formation of development of the personality and adaptable mechanisms of the child.

the Reception girl was adopted by

from the house of the baby at eight-months age. Now she is 3,5 years old. The child practically does not talk, the poor lexicon corresponds to the one-year-old kid, the phrase speech is absent. The girl shows aggression to people around.

From the anamnesis knows to us that pathology in labor was not, the child was born full-term and physically healthy. Biological mother incidentally became pregnant and literally from first months of pregnancy knew that this child is not necessary to her. In the course of pregnancy, biological mother thought of the child only as about a burden and a hindrance of own life, waited for “disposal“. Refused the child at once, neither having looked, nor having taken on hands.

New parents create the warm and loving atmosphere and are engaged with the daughter.

most Quicker by means of love, care and patience, and also occupations with experts, this child will overcome many difficulties to school age, but experience of dislike of own biological mother, perhaps, will always have the echoes.

Many authors tell

about this negative influence. Human development (according to Krents I. and X.), begins with the conception moment, therefore, violations of the emotional relations with mother can influence development of the personality already vnutriutrobno, and thus make the contribution to predisposition to later pathology. They allocate a lack of prenatal attachment (a prenatal travmatization) as possible risk factor (a prenatal stress, the woman thinking of uselessness of pregnancy and the child, just emotionally inaccessible, prenatal depression, etc.) .

the Psychological state of mother, probably, is a component of prenatal environment of the child. Especially during certain sensitive phases, this environment can exert such impact on the prenatal child which, perhaps will remain with it for the rest of life.

exist Now and various technicians of “return“ to the perinatal period, childbirth and infancy with the psychotherapeutic purpose are applied. Experience of application of these techniques, allows to argue that it feels not been born child or the baby (felt).


Me it is known, from similar practice, an example of all-consuming feeling of loneliness, pain, fear, vulnerability and powerlessness of the child which mother did not love and, probably, did not want.

we cannot know

I for certain so far that is felt by the child in a womb of the woman doubting his necessity or permanent rejection of future kid etc. but such examples, set us thinking on it seriously.

the Child interacts with parents till birth. During this period he is already capable to feel feeling of emotional comfort. And if this feeling did not become dominating in the prenatal period, then the feeling of psychological discomfort will pursue it and further. Especially brightly it is felt in age crises. The child is capable to perceive the attitude of parents towards him, the relation of parents to each other. He feels comfort or discomfort, imprints feeling of own zhelannost, needs communication and support. The person with negative prenatal experience has the hidden psychological difficulties in interaction with world around.

Thus, we see that prenatal experiences become part of our unconscious experience which further, can influence formation of the personality and define our course of life.

A some scientists consider that at present we can already say that the social situation of development of the child, begins not only till the child`s birth, but even before his conception.