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The father in the rodzal. We get ready for partner childbirth of

Childbirth with the husband - the most widespread and natural option of partner childbirth, appearance of the general child - the major event in life of both parents. What advantages of joint childbirth and how it is correct to be prepared for them?

of the Practician of “family“ childbirth it is widespread in Europe and America, but in our country it is still perceived as the innovation though very popular. The opinion that the husband on childbirth is not necessary in general, still exists also among married couples, and among medical personnel in Russia. To draw an unambiguous conclusion on whether the child`s father in maternity chamber is necessary, it is not possible; eventually, only spouses can resolve this issue. But, putting it before itself, it is useful to specify why joint childbirth is necessary and that it is necessary to make that presence of the father on childbirth was really useful.

we Make the decision

of the Reason on which women want that future father was present at childbirth, different. One need moral support from the loved one, others do not want to leave the husband “behind a board“ an important family event, the third proceed from reasons of practical character (the husband can give physical help, in time call personnel, to give something or to bring). Really, the woman in labor in the presence of the husband feels more comfortably as she feels his sympathy and participation. And its positive spirit promotes the safe course of childbirth. One more reason for the sake of which families give birth together, - control over actions of physicians. Usually it is important for those parents who want to give rise in as much as possible “natural“ way, without optional medical interventions.

we Prepare together

Doctors insist on that at the time of delivery there were only those husbands who can really help wives and who will not be surprised by medical subtleties of the forthcoming process. Only in this case the husband will not feel superfluous. And participation can consist as in a simple continence by a hand, a sweat wipe from a forehead, words of love and encouragement, and in the anesthetizing massage, support at fights and attempts.

As necessary knowledge will not appear by itself, it is necessary to get ready for joint childbirth. Learn as much as possible about a current and stages of childbirth that nothing was for you surprise. For this purpose today there is a mass of opportunities: magazines and books about pregnancy and childbirth, information from the Internet, video movies about childbirth and pre-natal development of the child.

it is the best of all for p to have special training for family childbirth at some special center for married couples where will tell about everything in details, will show the movie about joint childbirth, and will show to the husband how to do the anesthetizing massage at fights.

It is also desirable for p to have a talk previously with the doctor who will deliver. It is very important to remember that you with doctors - one team, and to behave respectively.

Possible options

Partner childbirth happens different therefore the woman should discuss with the husband and the doctor possible options of presence of the spouse on childbirth in advance. Most often couples pass all way of childbirth together from beginning to end. There is an option when future father is present during the first period of childbirth (at fights): does to the woman in labor massage, notes time between fights, monitors her breath, but is not in the rodzal during attempts when there passes the second period of childbirth (the period of the direct birth of the child). Discuss also whether the husband will be present at vaginal surveys.

Should notice

that childbirth - such fascinating process that many fathers who originally wanted to be limited to presence at the first period of childbirth do not leave also during the second. As for medical actions in the third period of childbirth (when the afterbirth is born) and the early postnatal period (when postnatal medical examination is made), more often at this time the father is not in the rodzal, and near the newborn baby in a nursery. Anyway, even if the certain room for the newborn is not provided, the father is entirely absorbed at this time by procedures which the midwife makes with the kid.


Quite often at future parents forms a certain notion of the forthcoming childbirth. Some even make the plan of how it has to occur. All this is important because is an integral part of already mentioned positive spirit. Nevertheless, in labor any deviations from the planned sequence of events are possible. The birth of the kid can occupy more or less time, than you assumed. Situations when at the planned completely natural childbirth suddenly there is a need for medicamentous support (for example are possible if the woman was very tired). Or the father was going to do massage, and in labor any touch was unpleasant to the woman. There are also cases when rescue of life of mother or the baby requires the emergency Cesarean section. Therefore readiness of couple to accept any course of events, irrespective of the expectations is very important.

specify in clinic the list of the analyses necessary for presence of the husband on childbirth In advance. At least, it is the women given in the prenatal record that to future father the fluorography is made. But in some clinics also other analyses which need to be handed over at the place of residence or in polyclinic office of maternity hospital in advance can be required. If childbirth takes place within obligatory insurance (free of charge), then at the beginning of patrimonial activity the woman in labor husband with the application signed by the chief physician addresses in a reception. It is clear, that it is better to sign such application in advance; it is possible to make it only in that maternity hospital where presence of the father on childbirth is allowed by rules of medical institution. If you conclude the contract for childbirth, then in it presence of the husband can be stipulated. In a reception the husband changes clothes in the medical suit given it, pure replaceable footwear then he is led to delivery room where it is together with the wife until the end of childbirth. As a rule, childbirth - quite long process. Since the beginning of the first fights to the birth of a placenta there can pass 12 - 24 hours.

to Future father needs to be taken

with itself replaceable footwear, a small bottle with water and to steam of sandwiches to sustain patrimonial “marathon“, and also the camera or a video camera to make several pictures of the first minutes of life of the child.

the Practical help

It is known that childbirth is divided into three stages: opening of a neck of a uterus, appearance of the kid and birth of an afterbirth. Let`s tell about each of them in more detail.

First period of childbirth. This period most often begins at home. There are two main signs of childbirth:

Usually the first fights future mother transfers

quite easily: they last for 15 - 20 seconds and each 15 - 20 minutes repeat. At this time the woman still can speak with the husband about something abstract, joke and dream of the future. It has time to take a shower, to put on fresh linen, to cut nails and to wash away from them a varnish. If in clinic which you chose demand shaving of a crotch, then it is possible to execute this procedure of the house independently.

Right after childbirth the father is near the newborn baby.

Gradually fights will accrue. Not the power of painful feelings, but their rhythm is important. When you count 3 - 4 fights in 30 minutes, be going to maternity hospital.

For maternity hospital at you the bag with things has to be already ready

, it is possible to attach the list to it and later began to verify childbirth contents with the list.

At this stage the husband helps the woman to determine by

a regularity of fights and to be going to maternity hospital.

After receipt in delivery room future father can take care of that to the wife it was comfortable, for example, if perhaps to make light soft, to turn on the quiet music; it is important that you were not disturbed by phone calls. The husband has to give to the wife moral support: to inspire in it confidence in the forces and that its organism knows as well as that should be done.

It is good if during fight the husband helps the wife to connect imagination. Let it will present that fight is a wave which should be overcome. It is also necessary to breathe together with the wife, especially if she loses a rhythm. That on to build the woman in labor on the correct breath, for a start it is necessary to copy her breath, and then gradually to change the frequency of the breath, and then the woman unconsciously will begin to breathe correctly.

to Breathe it is necessary to study in advance that this process did not cause tension. During fights it is necessary to breathe slowly, deeply and rhythmically (to inhale air through a nose and to exhale through a mouth). Deep breath helps to oxygenate organisms of mother and the born kid, calms, reduces tension and pain. The partner in labor needs to watch that at the woman in labor lips were not clamped and the person was relaxed (lips are tied by nerves with a uterus and a vagina and therefore, relaxing a face and lips, we help to relax to a uterus and a vagina that promotes their good disclosure). When fights become very strong, frequent superficial breath at which the breath is also made through a nose will help, and exhaled - through a mouth. In the period of strong contractions the husband has to remind the woman in labor of receptions which kill pain, and it is better if he tries to relieve the spouse of unpleasant feelings by means of massage. Touches stimulate skin receptors which, in turn, send a set of impulses to a cerebral cortex. These impulses, extending more quickly, with success compete with painful signals and thus reduce pain.

the simplest methods of massage applied during fights:

It is desirable for li to persuade the woman in labor to walk round the room, having suggested to lean on the husband`s hand: walking accelerates process of childbirth. It is especially important at the initial stage of childbirth. It is even necessary to move in case it seems to the woman that she cannot do it. If conditions of hospital allow, help the wife to use a bathroom or a shower: water - a fine anesthetic; it has to be warm, but is not hotter.

the Trust to the doctor does not relieve future father of a duty, without interfering with process of childbirth, adequately to estimate from action of medical staff. If some manipulations (anesthesia, stimulation, introduction of any preparations) raise doubts, it is always possible to ask the doctor a matter of substance and to ask explanations.

at the same time tone has to be benevolent: ask whether it is possible to do without any procedure what options of succession of events if procedure is executed and if is not. Learn whether there is no alternative method. At the end of the first stage of fight each 1 - 2 minutes repeat, last for 60 - 90 seconds and become much more painful. By this moment of the woman are tired and begin to worry. Means, to the husband, on the contrary, it is necessary to be collected, sustained and quiet. It is necessary to praise the wife, to remind her of the child whom she so will see soon. You say what it the good fellow as everything well does, repeats it again and again. If something disturbs the spouse, try to eliminate it. For example, it is possible to replace the wetted-through shirt or a sheet, to correct a pillow, to darken the room.

Help the wife to find

a comfortable position and to change it from time to time (to rise, go, rise on all fours, to fall on hunkers, by knees). During fight you breathe with it together. Do not allow future mother to make an effort, the midwife as it can do much harm also to her, and the kid will not resolve yet.

Continue to do to

massage, rub to the wife shoulders, hands, legs. Usually in hospital to women in labor do not allow to drink, but it is possible to wipe with wet towel wipes a face, to moisten lips with water, to allow to suck ice pieces. Do not hesitate to take an interest at personnel once again, than you can help the wife still.

Second period of childbirth. At this stage the child begins to move ahead on patrimonial ways, and the woman - to make an effort. At this moment the woman in labor is transferred to other room (delivery room) or shift to a special chair in the same room. At this time fathers who decided to be present only at fights leave. If couple made the decision that the husband will remain with the spouse until the end of childbirth, then he becomes in a headboard and supports to the wife the head so that it was most inclined to a breast. It is necessary to listen very attentively to the midwife, accurately and in time to execute all her commands.

Usually during an attempt future mother has to be extinguished by

three times. The main thing - is correct to do it: at first to gather a full breast of air and to direct efforts to a lower body so that the straightened lungs pressed on a diaphragm, and that, in turn, - to a uterus. The husband can watch that the woman in labor had no tension in muscles of legs, hips, shoulders, persons. An intense face - a sign of the wrong attempt. In this case it is necessary to speak smoothly: “You - y - die!“ - and to do an evident noisy exhalation. Discuss with the doctor in advance that you will help the woman in labor to breathe. Often women perceive words of the husband better, than teams of medical staff. In this case the husband has to listen attentively to the doctor and the midwife and to precisely transfer everything told the wife. If the woman does something incorrectly, then it is necessary to speak accurately to her about it, time has not enough.

When everything will safely come to the end with

, the husband can ask that it was given the chance to participate in cutting of an umbilical cord.

Third period of childbirth. After the birth of the child put to mother on a breast - so there is the first meeting and the first acquaintance of parents and the kid. Then the newborn is carried away on the first medical examination and water procedures. At the same time it is better that the man was near the wife - he still will manage to get acquainted with the child. Usually at this moment the woman around herself notices nothing: the kid was born, and it seems to it that childbirth already behind. However after a while (10 - 40 minutes) after two - three fights there has to be an afterbirth (a placenta, an umbilical cord, fetal covers). If the wife too relaxes, remind her that childbirth did not end yet. And when it will have again a desire to make an effort, help it, supporting the head.

After the afterbirth birth doctors will examine the woman in childbirth and to restore possible gaps or cuts. At this time the father will be able to communicate to the kid. When all manipulations are complete, the woman with the kid will remain in delivery room for two hours, and then all perevenut in postnatal chamber. Now in many maternity hospitals there are family chambers where at desire there can constantly be also the child`s father. In this case it will be able to help with care of the kid, to undertake all “organizational issues“, especially in the first days when it is difficult for just given rise woman to rise.

Once again we will remind

that the decision on joint childbirth has to be weighed, desire - mutual and both spouses have to be prepared for this event.