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Three mornings, three shouts of

Ya not the writer and not poet, and story my of life experience. Morning on November 29. It seems usual morning, bedroom, alarm clock, bathroom... And... Oh, miracle! Two strips!! It is so much happiness! And at once morning becomes unusual! Happiness is not located at me inside, it is necessary to tell all that I have a little man inside! I am afraid to fall, I am afraid to hit that there, I am afraid to sneeze! In me - our kid! When darling is happy together with you - it is happiness passing into other happiness! On these happy notes there took place all pregnancy.

But there came also other morning. The N less happy, but fear overcame me more and more. Morning when I came to maternity hospital. Yes, came as I live two steps away from maternity hospital. First labor - there is so much unknown and unclear. There comes evening. Belly-aches. And feeling at all not butterflies in a stomach, and a little mole who and hollows to drill the hole.

there Comes night. There is no kid everything, here any more not only pain, but fear: why I still do not give birth? I look at the watch - and time does not go, I creep along corridors - and the knee is not felt by pains, emptiness; it seems, about me forgot, only the excruciating pain accompanies in way here and there along narrow corridors. Again I look at the watch. Progress, time - that moved exactly for 10 minutes, and it seems, there passed the eternity.

I here in the girlfriend of pain shout jams. Shout on all maternity hospital. People - as if animals. Any tender word, where word, words! Absolute indifference. Awful night - you remember mother, you remember the husband. As everything was good once. And in the head accurate thought - I will nevermore go to give birth!

there Comes long-awaited morning. Forces is absent. At last, speak to me: “My dear, on a chair!“ Here they are words for which I so long waited!

the second wind Opens. I literally skipping run to give birth! Now - now, I will see the baby. On hours 7:40 in the morning. Pain left, shout was gone. In exchange midwife. At 8:00 shift change. It is necessary to manage to give rise, otherwise... And that will be other shout. Already from lips of the midwife. On hours 7:55 and to reach shout! This shout! Shout of my baby! Such happiness, and a tear on a cheek! I so long waited for you!

it would Seem to

, everything goes to lives usually. And never you turn attention to details. Morning as morning. And actually - a strip black, a strip white. What shades are born by shout. And what miscellaneous can be a morning around one event!