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I do not remember Her face, and I do not remember a voice. Time depersonalizes, erases unnecessary paints, allocating the basic. The basic - kindness, one of love components. And if there is a many-sided definition of the word “kindness“, then a meeting with It one of those sides - godsends.

U It. But it was called as Aleksandra according to the passport. And for acquaintances was just Shurochky. I called the woman Shura her aloud, and about myself the Friend and the Rescuer. The woman Shura no more, no less rescued me from kindergarten which I did not like to visit because of a regime daily routine. From - for dislike often was ill. Sick-lists were not encouraged with the strict mother`s administration. And nothing remained to mother how to employ the nurse.

So in my life the woman Shura appeared. Little, modest, devout woman of seventy five years. And I began to spend the whole days in its one-room apartment.

In a clear weather the sun the whole day a star in nyanino window. Starting hares, it made advances to a muddy mirror over a dresser. Allocated with snowflakes the turned dust columns. Also placed necessary accents between light and shade. From what the room took a fantastic form.

At first sight, in its dwelling. Poor domestic furniture. The polished case on which with ease fingerprints were left. The displayed rigid sofa storing in the subsoil the remains of rolls of wall-paper of inexpressive yellow color in small rosettes. The same faded rosettes on walls. And brighter - on the lacy self-made napkins decorating a dresser. Porcelain figurines on a dresser: the great ballerina who forever stood in a fouette on one leg, a bear with a bayan, a white swan with gilding on wings and a miracle - the Snow Maiden in a kokoshnik reminding of the best winter holiday. From a case the plastic Christmas tree decorated by glass spheres joyfully looked at visitors of the room. It stood there all the year round, creating almost inaudible feeling of magic. And under a fir-tree, as usual, Father Frost with a fake bag of gifts behind the back.

the Real gifts - the candied small pillows of caramels - hid in the depth of a dresser box under paper lots of Shuriny unfulfilled hopes and memoirs. It is black - white photos and the drawn pre-war cards with the pink-checked smiling young ladies smelled of naphthalene. The triangles of letters which are used up by uneven handwriting with fancy ink flourishes disturbed imagination. In boxes of a dresser it was possible to find also other invaluable treasures of the nyaniny world: brilliant buttons and rags of fabric, silver spoons, the scattered beads and the dried buds of roses.

Actually flowers were also the main decoration of the nyaniny room. Fresh flowers were everywhere. On window sills and stools, on a floor and walls. The large scarlet, smelling of sweet spirits gloxinias. Shy snow-white brides - begonias. The tradescantias which are hanging down in emerald vodoroslevy garlands from a cache-pot and an asparagus. The nurse loved flowers. And they reciprocated to it. And I liked to spend time at the woman Shura more, than at home where my Toy Store was inconsiderately forced out by stuff of adult things.

Besides me the woman Shura nursed the husband - the disabled person - the uncle Fedya. The spouse slowly and hard died on an iron bed with the mesh bottom which failed under weight of his body. The bed was established near a kitchen table. Food, perhaps, the only thing that continued to interest the disabled person.

the Husband of the nurse lived a stormy life what numerous headdresses, covering his senile hands testified to. Especially the picture representing church with domes and an inscription impressed:“ Not to see a century of will“.

on will Fedya went

Out of prison 10 years later after adjudgement. Went in full confidence of redemption beyond the committed murder and with firm intention to establish a family with the honest, decent girl with which got acquainted on correspondence. That girl was called Shurochka. And she was an unusual Soviet girl, despite ordinary-looking - anything special - appearance. Shurochkin`s singularity consisted in ability not to judge and forgive because the Lord in whom she believed so ordered. Shurochka knew that each person has the cross. And he needs to be carried with advantage, without grumbling on destiny. And reconciling to difficulties, turning the left cheek if beat right. Or on the contrary.

Shurochka was born

at the beginning of the 20th century. We, his later children, liked to speak: “the 20th century - there are no fools!“ Such here rhyme and at the same time philosophy of my generation to which, it was necessary to step in a century 21. And to fill the first cones.

Simple Shurochkina the philosophy was acquired by

since pre-revolutionary times from illiterate, but wise mother. Mother taught her to observe posts, to pray and to visit each revival the Temple. In Shurochke`s church it became surprisingly good and quiet. Being kneeling a cold stone floor, it could beg for hours for forgiveness of the nonexistent sins, ask for help for close people.

did not remember

of the Father Shurochk, he died in the war. And she lost mother at the age of 12 years. Having early been deserted, decided to go by all means by 17 years to the monastery. To the same term went to a service to the mistress. Was engaged in work on economy. Cleaned the yard and the house. Once in the winter when rinsed linen in an ice-hole, fragile ice burst, and Shurochka fell in cold water. The man passing by, having heard call about the help, pulled out the shivering, scared girl from an ice-hole, and carried it on the strong hands to the mistress to the house. With the God`s help, Shurochka escaped. But, as it became clear further, remained fruitless. Though all life dreamed of own children.

was Not fated to come true also to one more Shurochkiny dream. After revolution in the country improbable events began to take place. The mistress was sent into a Siberian exile. God`s temples plundered and profaned, arranging in them clubs and warehouses. From 18 churches of a small country town With - only in one temple services were held. About leaving to the monastery there could not be also a speech. The name of God could not be said aloud. But, how to delete love to It from heart? Shurochka could not change the belief, every weekend she still visited church. And violently prayed. On weekdays worked at plant, in the evenings studied at school of labor youth. Generally, ordinary Soviet girl. And still not such as it is represented on the poster, with powerful equal columns of strong legs, with strong hands and a short hairstyle. No, Shurochka all life did not differ growth, is powerful, a command voice. Braided hair in hard braids. Covered the head with a scarf. Wore skirts to a floor.

of Return to the past was not. The past can be forbidden, to burn, shoot, but it is impossible to erase it from memory. Shurochka remembered mother there is from no who left grave also a trace. The old monastic cemetery in the downtown on which relatives were buried Shurochkina was razed to the ground. And on its place built the house for the new Soviet power. The house on bones.

Shurochka remembered the close-knit large family of the mistress trading on a market in ice cream and honey, is more sweet than which it tried nothing. Remembered also festive exhibition days. On them usually there came Roma. In the motley dresses reminding bright plumage Heat - birds, Gipsies danced and sang. And for one coin could tell fortunes on a hand.

to Learn destiny it was guilty, but Shurochka did not restrain once. Also heard from the Gipsy that it is necessary to her and a lot of pleasure, and it is a lot of grief. The pleasure and a grief will constantly replace each other, fluctuating, as on scales. And Shurochki`s happiness will depend only on her, on her relation to vital events. And still God willing Shurochke daughter. In the last prediction especially it was not trusted, but from it heart was without restraint driven in.

By 25 years Shurochke very much wanted to marry the worthy person. But, where was to look for them, worthy? Shurochka was not sure of the female charms. Dances in club where the young workers usually got acquainted, did not visit. Conducted modest and a secluded life. The thoughts into the account of a marriage, she shared with the neigbour in the house. The neigbour accidentally threw her the address of the son serving sentence in prison. Correspondence was started.

the Wedding Aleksandra and Fedor did not celebrate

, there was no spare cash. Registered a civil marriage. And secretly got married in church. Shurochka insisted on wedding. Began to live as many Soviet families. Poorly, but it is happy. Shurochka could not give rise. But nevertheless executed the Gipsy`s prediction. At the beginning of war took the girl whom worshipped from orphanage. And when the covered with wounds sick husband returned from the front and began to drink deeply, Shurochka suffered, forgave.

Years flew by quickly. The daughter married, the grandson was born. The grandson graduated from school and went to army. The old wooden house in which there lived Shurochkina a family was demolished. And his former residents parted on city apartments. So the woman Shura was our neigbour.

the Uncle Fedya died when I was 5 years old. I went for the summer to the country to relatives. And when returned, found out what places on the woman to Shuriny kitchen increased. Somewhere the iron bed and its heavy patient disappeared.

the Nurse was delighted to my return. She pressed me to a breast and silently began to cry.

in the Evening I heard

as parents in a whisper discuss the scandal which happened in her family.

- Not native it to it blood, do not act this way with mother who grew up it! - mother was indignant.

- Here it is gratitude for kindness, wanted to send the woman Shura to nursing home, the apartment, you see was necessary for her sonny, - the father echoed it.

the Nurse wrote to

the will on the grandson, but refused to leave the apartment. The grandson and the daughter took offense and ceased to visit her. Deleted from the life. The woman Shura to them went, of course, left envelopes with money in a mailbox. And they slammed a door at it before a nose, did not wish to communicate with it. It continued each revival to go to church, to beg at God of forgiveness.

brought to

From church prosphoras - unleavened fast cakes with the crosses printed on a surface. She treated with prosphoras me. Unusual taste of “bozhenkiny“ food attracted more candies. I ate, by all means making a wish. I had a desire one. I wanted a kitten because I already had a brother. And the little fluffy friend was not.

We drank with the woman Shura tea in kitchen. Also talked.

- does not have God, - with a children`s spontaneity and owing to atheistic education, I assured her.

- Is, and you sometime will understand it.

- Is not present

, otherwise I would have a kitten. And I do not have it, - I adduced the main argument.

the Woman Shura tenderly patted me on the head and smiled.

- And when you die, you will get to Heaven? - I did not lag behind.

- I do not know, - the woman Shura answered.

- You will surely get to Heaven, - I convinced it, - having instantly forgotten that I denied existence of God couple of minutes ago. - And in Paradise there will be many flowers, as at you in the room. No! In 100 times more. Also birds with exotic plumage will sing.

- From where you know? - crafty the nurse was interested.

- But, you told me, - with not smaller naivete I answered. - Oh, at you the new alenky flower, as in the fairy tale blossomed! You remember, about the beauty and a monster?

- I do not remember, tell.

I I with pleasure retold to the nurse a love story.

A in the evening when for me mother came, the woman Shura gave me that flower. Admiring its beauty, I for a while forgot about a kitten.

the Fluffy friend to me was allowed to make much later when our family at last bought the cooperative apartment. Also moved to live to other residential district of the city. Behind daily efforts we forgot about the woman Shura. But she remembered and missed about us.

I arrived to us on a visit in the fall once. Reached by public transport, with changes.

For that time that we did not see each other, the woman Shura strongly grew old. Stooped. Her face darkened. The shivering crooked fingers from a pocket, the jammed black coat, it got a handful of dry prosphoras.

- the Woman Shura, it is not necessary, - I hasty took away her hand. - We have candies.

- Why you went to such distance, you have no forces? - mother scolded her.

the Nurse appeared not in time, inopportunely. It seems, we waited for guests. Or were busy with some affairs. Are occupied by themselves. I remember awkwardness of that situation, and it becomes a shame to me. It is a shame with itself. For the fact that took away a hand, for the fact that did not tell proper words. Since then the woman Shura did not come to us.

Later few years after that case I came to visit the nurse. Crossed a threshold of the familiar room and did not learn the memoirs. And the woman Shura did not recognize me. She almost went blind. But still tried to be hospitable. Got into a dresser behind candies where among lots of photos my children`s picture suddenly flashed.

- the Woman Shura, it I!

- Is not present

, you are mistaken, on a card absolutely other girl. And she began to tell about me and my family. Also spoke with such tenderness and love, as about the family.

- Come still, I am lonely, - the nurse on an apartment threshold admitted, saying goodbye to me.

Ya covered her small, wrinkled, kind hands with the palms.

More to us was not fated to see.

In half a year in its apartment there lived strangers. And from a window sill flowers disappeared.