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I am not afraid...

Never thought that this rainy, gloomy and cold day will become the happiest in my life, will bring in it so much sense and pleasures. It on October 16 - Elizabeth`s birth.

Probably, will not be any person who would never test sensation of fear, and so the fear of childbirth was fear of all my life. Since the childhood in memory settled the terrible stories about childbirth seen on the TV heart-rendingly crying out women. I with horror thought that it will once concern also me. But for some reason in one fine January day when I saw two strips on the test, all my fears instantly disappeared, I understood that if not all, then a lot of things in my hands. And that now not those times when women gave birth in the field under carts and went in an hour to mow a grass.

9 months, 42 weeks, 275 days - it seems term rather big. But when the person is happy, time flies imperceptibly. Here and my pregnancy flew by as one day, though was eventful. We with my future baby actively prepared: studied literature, developed for themselves, darlings, a complex of daily exercises, till 40th week went to the pool on occupations for “beremeshka“, ran on courses according to the theory of pregnancy and childbirth. And in general cared and cherished themselves as too much luxuriated cats.

of 6 o`clock in the morning. Something pressing in a waist and in the bottom of a stomach. Really it they? Long-awaited fights? Never I so rejoiced pains as at this moment - at last began, in phone all will not be distributed the same question: “How are you doing? did not give rise Yet?“

8 of morning. Grabs in 7 - 8 minutes on one minute.

10 of morning. I cannot turn in a bed embracing a stop watch on phone any more, I push the husband. Massage of a waist which it does - great force. It is good and the heat bath calms, weakens. The husband is ike a cat on a hot tin roof pounded under a bathroom door, is afraid that I will drown. Or to what I will give rise directly there.

of 13 hours. Fights in 5 minutes for 1,25 min., the husband of that look itself will be delivered, we move forward in maternity hospital. I covered with the “kindest“ words our ZhEU while went down from the 12th floor with fights (the house new, and the elevator was launched 1,5 years later as we moved into). And still to go to other end of the city.

14. 30. We in maternity hospital, disclosure - 4 cm, we with the husband together in patrimonial, it does me massage. Also we neigh as horses - “smekhoterapiya“, perhaps?

of 17 hours. I feel that I leave from - under control, future daddy is sent home not to learn all my lexicon.

of 19 hours. Puncture a bubble with waters, disclosure - about 6 cm

Go, often I go to a toilet, between fights I manage to have a sleep as if week did not sleep, I mass myself, I breathe like a dog, I listen to music, auto-training on a dictophone... Tried to shout at the most critical moments. Investment it did not bring something to me, and, on the contrary, took away forces.

“Can make an effort“, - what pleasant phrase! The midwife “gives command“, all taught on courses to is remembered at once, - breath, the piston, the cutting pain...

I in 21. 20 at me on a stomach the warm, gentle lump is my daughter Lizonka.

Recently we violently celebrated year (but it already another story altogether), now I with the pressing melancholy remember this great, proud day - day of childbirth. Also I am glad to endure it a lot - many times for the sake of great happiness - birth of the child. Now I know, it is not sick. Also it is not terrible at all...