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Disturbing buttons of completeness

we Worry on trifles and serious problems - and right there we gain weight. Because we try to muffle alarm, calming ourselves food - fat, delicious.

Situation the first: I know

One people understand that excessive uneasiness prevents them to grow thin. Therefore postpone “this business“ for later. Here life will become quieter and then... And whether will become?

the alarm always has some reason - the conflict at work or at home. Here I will change, we think, the husband, or I will pass to new work, and everything is formed. However often external conflict (the useless spouse, bad work) is reflected internal, hidden in subconsciousness. For example: the husband drinks, the wife worries, is anxious - it is the external conflict. But the man often drinks from powerlessness, from the fact that he cannot meet expectation of the wife. And so its expectations - the internal conflict. She can marry at least four times, and every time will be same: he drinks, and she thinks - again it was not lucky.

But if the woman manages to realize the problem and to reduce expectations, it will reduce uneasiness, weight will be lost, and the husband will drink less often and less.

the Subconscious conflicts... But true reason almost always one: our expectation unrealizable or unwillingness to accept what is had.

Situation the second: I do not see communication

Often stout woman does not see communication between extra kilos and uneasiness at all. And does not realize at all that, uneasiness, it has it. But if to ask her, then you will hear about claims to the husband - behaves as the child, unreliable, uncertain. About discontent with subordinates - work insufficiently hard, and she does not sleep at the nights, worries. The woman is not arranged with the relations with relatives, to colleagues and themselves. Naturally, there is an alarm, behind it - an overeating, and in attempts to go on a diet - a depression.

But when the person sees communications between uneasiness and completeness and will be developed by the new relation to a family and people around, extra kilos begin to leave one by one.

Situation the third: I am anxious from - for completeness

the Excess weight and unsuccessful attempts to get rid of it in itself become the alarm reason. Anxious well to calm down, but it will be able to make, only when grows thin. The vicious circle turns out.

the Test
Try on to yourself the offered situations.
  • At thought that it is time to keep to a diet at you spoils mood, irritability, aggression, uncertainty in itself appears.
  • After a stress the irresistible desire to eat arises (to drink a tea). The preference is given to sweets.
  • Excess kg began to accrue after changes in life: a marriage, the birth of children, transition to new work, moving from the hometown (from parents) in another (to the husband`s parents). And the result of changes not really suits you.
If at least one of three situations is familiar to you, then it is very probable that uneasiness is the reason of your completeness.

Schematically it looks so: the person collects will in a fist and decides to hunger. Very quickly its state becomes intolerable, panic, behind it - failure begins, and thoughts come then:“ I am flabby, weak-willed, worthless“. So far the person thinks that he one such “weak-willed“, is anxious about it. But, you see, only units from us can not eat after 18 and live without sweet, the majority does not follow these bans, and their behavior - norm. And so, when the person realizes that he same “normal“, slowly calms down and begins to grow thin.

If you have no psychologist

Of course considerably to get rid of alarm, it is necessary to address the psychologist or the psychotherapist. For now use a set of six receptions.

  1. of Nutritional. Combine two diets - unloading and supporting. When everything is quiet, grow thin on unloading. When there are family or production disorders, pass to supporting. That is eat more low-fat meat, fishes, cottage cheese, grain, macaroni, potatoes. It is less fat, especially animal. Such food will not cause an increase in weight.
  2. Behavioural. not only the food Calms, but also priit - Nye a bathtub or a shower, and also reading, music, interesting movies, meetings with friends.
  3. of Lechebno - sports. the same property walking within half an hour - at speed 10 - 15% faster obych - a leg possesses hour.
  4. Somnologichesky. the Sleep debt conducts to a weight set, it - a common cause of alarm, unstable mood, psychological failures. You sleep in plenty.
  5. Pharmaceutical. Without extreme need try not to resort to hypnotic drugs and antidepressants, but if it is about the soft calming herbs and collecting, then why and is not present? Pustyrnik, hawthorn, valerian root extract, marjoram. Both inside, and outside - in water for bathtubs.
  6. Psychological. to Get rid of alarm, to establish peace to the relations with people around psychocorrecting “mantras“ will help. Read them slowly to catch sense of everyone.
    • We live in human society and out of it we cannot live. Everything that it is necessary for us, we anyway receive from other people. Therefore to us it is vital to be able to get on with others, and it should study.
    • Rejection of these or those aspects of life generates at us psychological problems. The reality surrounding us cannot change, but we can change the attitude towards her.
    • it is A lot of disorders and alarms bring the deceived expectations. But nobody comes to this world to meet our expectations.
    • U of each of us the life purpose is. For the majority it is formulated so: I have to meet expectations of parents, help children, grandsons, great-grandsons and so on. But nothing will help children better, than the experience of happy life acquired by them from us.
    • each person has only one life. Therefore we have no right to demand from other people of any special victims, we cannot present them one more life.
    • If you believe that your children are obliged by something to you, remind yourself that none of them asked you to bring it into world.
    • If someone puts forward the rights for your life, remind yourself that it has for you no spare life.
    • of Positive emotions only two - interest and pleasure. If there are no reasons for pleasure, be interested. People, nature, events. The satisfied interest - the guaranteed portion of pleasure.