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Development of the child
of game and toy: month of first

Beginning the publication of a series of articles devoted to development of the baby we expect a natural question: and is it important for the kid to whom even year was not executed yet? Really what can teach the baby? To read and write - early. Itself will learn to go and speak-... Some parents, like Nikolay Rostov of Tolstoi (though, maybe, and not so categorically), believe that at this time the child has only physiological requirements, and see the task in in time to feed the baby, to take a walk with him and to put to bed. It seems that the kid does not think of anything so far, feels nothing. Actually it not so. Just his thoughts and feelings differ from thoughts and feelings of the adult. Remember from what age great writers, poets, artists sometimes remember themselves. Lev Tolstoy forever remembered as the baby he was bathed in wash-tubs, in Boris Pasternak`s memory there were walks with the wet nurse on park... The purpose of this article as, however, and all following articles on this subject, - to try to understand as as the kid thinks and worries, and to help him with the most fascinating occupation - opening of the world.

So, your kid was just born. What his impressions about the world to which it got and how he receives them? Grant 1, the main thing that occupies it at this time, are visual impressions. Of course, they are limited to physical capacities of the newborn; therefore, communicating with the kid and choosing for him toys, it is necessary to consider that he is the most distinct sees objects which are at distance of 20 - 25 cm from his eyes and the First toys 2

the Most suitable toy for the kid to whom month was not executed yet have diameter of 8 - 10 cm

, is a mobile. Mobile - a mobile suspension bracket which becomes stronger over the child`s bed. If, for example, as the inventor of a rattle consider the Ancient Greek philosopher Arkhitas, then only the fact that their analogs long since existed at many people is known of mobiles. In the north of Russia still do of a tree of so-called “dranochny birds“. However, earlier these birds in country log huts generally played a role of “charms“ - mascots which protected a family from “evil eye“ and evil spirit. But, certainly, they pleased also kids. There is a legend about the sick boy whom the father cured, having suspended to a ceiling of the wooden birds set in motion by air streams: the child saw birds, was delighted to the fact that there came the long-awaited summer, and it became better for it...

exactly moving objects are most interesting to

of Advantage of a mobile to the smallest (for example, a garland from plastic toys or an elastic with the balls strung on it) - that toys on it move, and to the child at this age before other traditional toys.

to you will offer

In shops of children`s goods quite quite good range of mobiles: generally it is the various rotating suspension brackets on the plastic frameworks fastening to a bed. One of such suspension brackets are got by a key, others work from the battery, and some besides execute a simple melody.

can Make by

a mobile also. And if you have senior children, then this occupation can become for them fascinating game. The self-made mobile, like dranochny birds, starts moving from the slightest fluctuation of air. It fastens to a ceiling and consists from are easy? reechek - to them on strong threads suspend toys or just household items which have to be at distance of 25 - 30 cm from the child`s eyes. It can be: multi-colored figures - origami, bright bows, easy soft toys, pomponchik from threads, paper New Year`s toys (it is the best of all - volume, made of a tissue paper) and even children`s things, for example mittens and socks. All objects which are suspended to a mobile have to be bright and, of course, easy and unbreakable. They should not be too much - optimum quantity - 3 - 4. It is desirable that they were not overloaded with fine details and had rather simple form.

the First games

from the first days of life your kid with interest will Already watch

a moving toy or a tag (the toy can even be taken with itself in maternity hospital; if you did not think or did not manage to make it, it does not matter: any small bright subject will approach).

Sit down and take the child on hands so that he did not see your person (otherwise he will look not at a toy, and at you). Wave with a toy, force it “to run about“, “jump“. And the kid will show the first in the life effort of will, still hardly fixing a look on the subject which interested him.

One of important “opening“ of the newborn of two - three-week age is a color. Kids with pleasure consider toys of an identical form, but different flowers. It is possible to attach a toy to a mobile (previously having removed from it all other objects) or just to suspend over a bed. In 2 - 3 days replace it with a similar toy of other color. Try to use toys not only contrast, but also close tones (for example, yellow and orange).

in conclusion we will notice

that though the choice of games and toys for the child of the first month of life first of all is focused on visual impressions of the kid, we should not forget also that at the newborn both the hearing, and touch are already rather developed... Therefore try to diversify feelings of the kid as much as possible. When he is awake, turn on sometimes the quiet classical music differing on speed, a tonality and mood. Choosing clothes, too try to adhere to the principle of a variety: buy or sew baby`s undershirts from the fabrics different to the touch, - and then each disguise will become for the kid small opening. Let in its “clothes“ from the first days of life there will be not only identical knitted kombinezonchik, but also shirts from smooth sateen and a soft flannel (it is possible pile inside), openwork sewing and weightless lawn. Who knows - suddenly these first children`s impressions will influence formation of future musician, artist or sculptor subsequently...