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Breathing exercises of

Probably, are not present need to convince our readers that breath is a basis of life. The lack of oxygen of blood conducts to a metabolic disorder in all systems of an organism and consequently, to diseases and, even, to death. It is the most useful to health when breath is combined with physical activity therefore the best respiratory gymnastics is aerobic exercises. However exist also special respiratory gymnastics (yogi system, Strelnikova, Buteyko, etc.) .

At most of unexercised people breath superficial, superficial. At this breath only the top part of lungs “works“ and blood is badly enriched with oxygen and as all bodies in the metabolism depend on blood, all organism suffers. That though somehow to compensate it, we involuntarily speed up breath. According to the doctrine of yogis, each person the nature released a certain number of breath. The one who breathes often dies earlier and vice versa, slow, deep breath extends life. Therefore, according to the doctrine of yogis, the correct breath has to be full (deep and rhythmical). Quite so our far ancestors breathed until the benefits of a civilization changed character of human life.

Of course, it is impossible to control constantly the breath, but sometimes, at least once in day (and better three times a day), for half an hour before acceptance of food, it is useful to do full breath, certainly. At first carry out this exercise one minute, gradually bringing to five. The most important rule which needs to be observed - it is necessary to breathe only through a nose. The nature supplied a nose with all necessary that neither dust, nor too cold air, nor poisonous gases having a smell got to an organism. The mouth for these purposes is not adapted.

Full breath of yogis includes


the Top breath - is carried out by

at the expense of a raising of shoulders and clavicles (most of women so breathe). Air comes only to the top part of lungs.

Average breath - air is filled with

a middle part of lungs.

Deep, or belly breath happens because the diaphragm (the muscular partition separating an abdominal cavity from chest) falls down, sticking out a stomach. Air at the same time comes to the lower part of lungs. Deep breath is impossible if the stomach is strongly pulled together with a belt.


So, we begin to do full breath of yogis. Rise or sit down directly, quietly exhale and begin to inhale slowly as follows. At first lower a diaphragm and stick out a stomach (to control the movements of a stomach, it is possible to put on it a palm). As a result air will fill the lower part of lungs. Now fill with air a middle part of lungs. For this purpose move apart the lower edges and a middle part of a breast. At the end move apart the top edges, having curved a breast, raise clavicles and slightly pull in a stomach that the diaphragm served as a support easy. On it the breath is finished. It is important that it was carried out not as three separate movements and that each stage smoothly passed into another.

can begin with

an exhalation Now. At first pull in a stomach, then squeeze a thorax, at the end lower shoulders. The movements have to be smooth, without tension.

Deep breath provides to

full ventilation of lungs, protects from tuberculosis and other pulmonary and catarrhal diseases. To get rid of a fever, breathe by a method of yogis several minutes. Full breath considerably enriches blood with oxygen, increases organism resilience, stimulates a metabolism and well affects endocrine glands, thereby strengthens, rejuvenates and tones up all organism. Slow deep breath is the strong weapon against a stress and helps an organism to relax. When air comes to the lower department of lungs where the oxygen exchange passes most intensively, heart beat is slowed down, the blood pressure decreases, muscles relax, there passes the feeling of concern, tension falls down. In addition, at full breath the diaphragm and walls of a stomach are reduced and carry out massage of belly bodies, promoting blood inflow.

to calm nervous system and to restore forces, yogas apply a breath delay. This exercise is done standing, sitting or lying. Inhale through a nose as at full breath (the account to 8), hold the breath for 8 - 32 seconds (a pause increase gradually), exhale as in full breath (the account to 8). Two do this exercise - three times a day.

If you have a lowered pressure and the head ached, then it is possible to remove or reduce pain by means of the following exercise. Get up directly, socks and heels together, hands are freely lowered down. Having exhaled, make a breath as in full breath of yogis. Thumbs densely close ears, averages clamp nose wings. Blow out cheeks, lower a chin on a breast, close eyes, impose forefingers on eyelids. Remain in such situation how many you will be able. After that raise the head, remove fingers for about a century and wings of a nose and make a slow exhalation through a nose as in full breath. After that remove thumbs from ears and lower hands. And you will lighten at once.