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Cinderella`s secret. Your shoe

the Woman is always a riddle. Ordinary truth, isn`t that so? Perhaps, because on the way of its solving the considerable number of men came to grief, our contemporaries not especially also seek to solve it.

But secret the secret is, it concerns, it attracts, it seduces in the false ways - and already the next victim in a trap desperately squalls about insidiousness of women. And there is also no insidiousness any. That is - absolutely slightly - slightly. But secret of female sexuality - that which concerns minds of the strongest half of mankind, - here it, almost on to a look. The ancient wise man claimed:“ In clothes of the woman her night is hidden“. Also it was absolutely right. Here only he told nothing about women`s shoes. It is possible because in his time and in its warm regions to ladies there were enough sandals.

But times changed, climate and customs - too, and already the storyteller - the intellectual Charles Perrault in the touching tale of the Cinderella does graceful - and very transparent hint on in what the woman`s essence is shown. In its footwear. Not bad he understood women: the footwear means to the woman much. The true woman, having the choice - a new dress or new shoes, - will choose shoes and it will be right.

Psychologists noticed long ago that at a meeting the look of your vis-a-vis slides from a hairdress on the person, and then - on footwear, passing a dress, and only then being focused on details.

But not less women`s shoe can mean also to the man able to observe and analyze.

the woman`s Shoe for the man - the open book according to which he can learn about her owner much. And for the woman - an occasion to reflect what signals she sends the footwear to people around.

So was, is and will be while there are shoes and women. The refinement and softness were declared by women of fashion of the 14th century in very narrow morocco shoes - sausages with pointed noses. Told platforms of fashionable Venetians of the 16th century about desire to tower over the ordinary. The thoughtless lover of dances and outdoor games during an era Lui XV gave satin shoes with the rounded-off socks... And what now?

On what the man twists a neck by 180 degrees? It is clear. High boots fit harmonous legs, and the short skirt or shorts do not constrain free gait. Very sexually. But fans of easy victories a request not to worry. Your intuition now not at height. You think, the boot is higher, the desired purpose is closer? Here not. This woman likes to stand out, to her the self-affirmation is important (perhaps, a reverse side of some strong complex), and she likes to tease and lead men in a string.

look at

on the girl in flats Better. An easy step, in each movement - unconscious (or conscious?) aspiration to emphasize the originality. She does not look away when the delighted man looks at it. But openness of her eyes - at all not the answer to an appeal “here and now“. In this look - interest in life. And to the man including if, certainly, he can stand out from the crowd. And if he was lucky to be allocated, to him will carry once again (or perhaps and more than once) - the girl taking liking to flats - the liberated and inventive woman in love games. It and on life goes effortlessly. As, for example, Carla Bruni. Of course, if carrying flats is its natural choice, but not a compulsory measure from - for growth of the spouse.

Frankly telling

, not everyone is ready to risk. It is a high time for them to turn the look on the owner of elegant “boats“ on a low, but harmonous heel. Such shoes are preferred only by lovely and modest women. From others it is distinguished by the air, “soaring“ gait. But do not imagine that met “unearthly creation“.

At all the seeming ephemerality is an accurate and realistic woman. Just she prefers not to step on dirt, understand? But it can be strong, remaining at the same time infinitely gentle, sensitive and everything understanding. From it you will not wait for a sexual impact. She in love “conducted“ and quite shares Jacqueline Kennedy`s opinion - Onassis that “from sex the clothes are rumpled and torn“. You do not hurry to call it the puritan. Puritans in principle do not allow “non-staff“ situations when sex move to rumple and tear clothes...

Many surprises wait for

also with that which wears a little old-fashioned shoes with a membrane or does not get out of two-color shanelevsky shoes. It seems that it does not attach significance to sex, it, according to her, only addition to sincere harmony at all. But still waters run deep. It will be appreciated by traditional men, sure that for love it is worth choosing the woman with a small foot. And the shoes described above not only visually reduce the foot size, as serves for them as a bait, but also look well only on small legs. Such women demand persistence and the skillful address, but also render for it wholly. The lover of similar footwear, Claudia Cardinale, called “a cat who could become a tigress“. But it is pleasant to be a cat it more.

“Bearer“ of soft moccasins and convenient sports shoes on city streets is not surprising any more and not really clings man`s views. What makes against men. Anything - that they do not understand. Very clearly this woman as though speaks:“ You so mean to me a little, let and I mean to you as much“. But it is not downtroddenness and not a complex, but only aspiration to freedom. Linger on her face a look - most likely, it pure and washed, a look direct and courageous. It is also free and natural and in sex. She remarkably feels men. With it it is not necessary to spend many words, she understands everything about you and your intentions. But it is too proud and independent to play usual female games with blendes and zavlekalka.

it is not similar here to this effective lady in magnificent shoes At all. Many dream of such shoes, but not everyone is able to wear them. Extravagant design, or a weighty platform, or (and) a very tall hairpin - it is so delightful and it is seductive. Their owner is delightful and seductive too, and many wish its, but not everyone can go for storm of fine fortress. The majority gives in without a fight. But if you are ready to zaglotnut a hook, it is quite good to know how it is arranged. Because on this hook you will be held very long.

First of all, be going to fork up on superfashionable and expensive footwear, your darling just does not recognize another. And at first for its kabluchasty treasures build wardrobe, it is not worse, than Mr. Big for Carrie Bradshaw before a wedding. It is useful. As the tireless predator - the heroine Catherine Deneuve, as madam de Mertia in “Dangerous liaisons“ Jose Dayan approved:“ I bought for all life ten thousand pairs of shoes, but, apparently, that the following couple will be the most favourite“.

I still think what to feel under such sharp heel? Because from now on your place will be there. And still you should go crazy with jealousy all the time. Of course, magnificent sex - but only until you correspond to all necessary parameters will be an award for everything...

“Having presented“ to the heroine crystal shoes, Perrault, perhaps, wanted to emphasize her fantastic character. Does not happen in real life of perfect girls - beautiful and gentle, kind and modest, hardworking and elegant at the same time... as there are no crystal shoes...

But wants to believe in the fairy tale. And on pleasure to us - the version about a typographical error: Perrault conceived not so crystal shoes (verre), and on squirrel fur (vair)... But now all the same such are not carried.

So the fairy tale - lie? Certainly. The fairy tale - lie. But in it - a hint. To kind good fellows lesson. And to fair maidens too.