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How to use autosuntan of

Avtozagar - a miracle - the means allowing us to be suntanned all the year round. And it is rather cheaper than other procedures giving similar effect. But it is one part of a medal. On the other hand, it is necessary to be the genius to put him so that nobody will distinguish from the present.

of Those who the first time are going to use means for autosuntan are waited by many surprises, in particular and unpleasant. Therefore it is necessary to know secrets of ideal causing autosuntan and also how to correct the made mistakes.

How to create illusion of natural suntan?


to create beautiful natural suntan, take several tablespoons of body lotion and mix with means for the autosuntan taken in proportions 1/3 from lotion volume. Apply on clean and dry skin.

In what pluses of such drawing?

Such mix softens with

skin and is better absorbed, but the received suntan will not be very bright.


Besides, the structure is absorbed quicker and is suitable for use when urgently it is necessary where - nibud to go.

does not have a characteristic smell of autosuntan.

How to make itself visually more harmonous by means of autosuntan?

you will not believe

, but by means of autosuntan it is possible to make the silhouette more harmonous. By the way, some models resort to this small cunning.

we Will begin

with the fact that skin needs to be peeled any srub that suntan turned out equal. Carefully process rough surfaces - knees, elbows, heels. If you are going to apply means on all body, then peel yourself from the top to heels. Then you will be wiped dry and well moisten skin with lotion.


self tanning spray, since legs, spray means roundabouts, keeping a tube at arm`s length of about 6 - 8 cm from skin. Try to make so that means laid down evenly. Be not overzealous on a lap and elbows.


After you avtozagoret to apply on hips and sides slightly more means to make them more dark - so they will look more harmonous. On a stomach “draw“ vertical lines, and do not forget about hands. Emphasize the place where there has to be a triceps.

How to warn and correct defects when causing autosuntan?

to clarify a little too dark sites, apply on them a little children`s oil and let`s be absorbed - it will soften skin. Then process sites a srub and a rigid bast.

Wipe dark stains with the wadded disk moistened in lemon juice or peroxide of hydrogen. The same procedure needs to be done if you did not use gloves when causing autosuntan and your palms became orange. If there are no lemon and peroxide, take usual baking soda. If stains appeared on a face, then use face toner (it should not contain alcohol) or means for removal of a make-up.


Choose suntan preparations which are mixed with lotion.


that after you moistened skin, it is necessary to wait 30 - 40 minutes before to put means.

Begin to put to

means from below up. Also let`s it dry well before putting on.

Pay attention to a zone about anklebones. The matter is that in this area there are folds about which forget, and as a result there are white strips over heels.

do not impose means too much, otherwise suntan will look not naturally. It is desirable for p to cause to

autosuntan before going to bed that for the morning you had already ready result.


, there is nothing irreparable.

How to find means for autosuntan which will suit you?

Before deciding what means will suit you, rummage on the Internet and you walk on shops. Be defined that you want to receive at the end: easy suntan or you want to turn into the mulatto. There has to be skin opaque or shine? Be defined what shade at your skin - incorrectly picked up means is capable to turn you into the alien. Anyway you should try 2 - 3 options. Be not afraid to experiment.

you Watch

that on a label such substances as dihydroxyacetone appeared, tirozin, it is ideal if some moistening components, and also an aloe belief, and other plant extracts contain.