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Flu: it is no more and not less than

the World Health Organization (WHO) warns: the pandemic of “swine flu“, threat of nearly planetary scale approaches. But whether it is so terrible “novy flu“ how it is represented?

Epidemic of any flu can be dangerous by

. Annually on the planet about 10 million people are ill it, about half a million die. Only in Russia from postinfluenzal complications thousands of people annually perish.

aspirin is absolutely contraindicated to
At flu as febrifugal. It can cause bleeding whereas the virus of flu itself also provokes hemorrhages.

meanwhile many doctors claim that in this case not the illness, but panic is more terrible. And messages of mass media on distribution of “swine flu“ look frankly panic. Gloomy forecasts, stories about millions of the diseased and tens of the dead from the terrible A (H1N1) virus. And throughout history - the world competition under the motto “who the first will put on the market a saving vaccine“.

Still rather recently main plots were the outbreak of “mad cow disease“, then “atypical pneumonia“ and “bird flu“. Reportings on destruction wild and the poultry reminding fantastic thrillers where fearless heroes struggle with viruses - mutants were broadcast.

Then prospects of distribution of a dreadful disease were drawn by

the most frightening, too actively there were developments of a vaccine worldwide. And what? All “horror films“ and remained on a web - the websites and pages of newspapers.

Now a number of experts calls an influenza strain of A (H1N1) the reason of the pandemic of flu which happened in 1918 - 1919 - the so-called “Spaniard“ who claimed the lives of 50 million people. However many scientists cannot still claim with an accuracy that the pandemic of “Spaniard“ is caused by pork, but not human virus. By their words, the A (H1N1) virus was allocated much later - in 1931.

to Whom this panic is favorable to

? According to the expert - the virologist, MD who asked not to tell his name, mainly, to the large pharmaceutical companies which received huge orders from the governments of many countries for delivery of a vaccine. And still to owners of large pharmacy chains. And that who uses a situation for the solution of practical tasks on food (a ban on export of pork) and tourist (strict recommendations not to leave to these or those countries) the market.

virus Anatomy
the Virus of flu (Mixovirus influenzae) is very small
, in total about 100 nanometers (1 nanometer - 1 milliard part of meter). In a virus cage molecule RNA which defines flu virus type contains: And, In or Page. They differ with “the striking force“. Large-scale epidemics are caused by a flu A virus. The virus of flu B becomes the reason of local flashes. The flu virus From serious epidemics does not cause, proceeds not hard, its symptoms are most similar to a SARS.

during a seasonal flu epidemic in Russia in the last 5 - 7 years about 90 thousand people a day got sick on average! And with “swine flu“ less than 2000 people around the world got sick in a week. From the point of view of epidemiology the new illness is not just “sluggish“ infection, it is the next kind of a virus of flu A - no more, but also it is not less. it is easy for p to catch

, but a serious illness to have

Viruses of flu are vozdushno transmitted to

- a drop way. In principle, the first barrier on the way of penetration of viruses to an organism is the mucous membrane which covered a nose and a throat: its cages wash away viruses. But, as the virus of flu is very small, it, without being late in the top airways, with ease overcomes a barrier and gets into lungs. And if immunity at the person is not developed, then the virus of flu gets in cages. There, using them “construction material“, he begins to breed. Being released, new viruses destroy a cage - the owner and affect other cages.

Viruses of flu breed freely and with a huge speed. For this reason the indisposition arises suddenly: having caught a flu virus in the evening, it is possible to leave the house still “healthy“ in the morning, and by a lunch already to fall down with a temperature of 40 °. Having got to blood, the virus is carried on all organism, and process repeats already in cages of all bodies. Besides, the virus of flu damages blood vessels, causing hemorrhages.

is cold or... pneumonia?
Disturbing signs:
  • the Illness with symptoms of a SARS which lasts more than 10 days
  • the Complicated breath, a perspiration, especially at night
  • the Exhausting cough which is followed by painful feelings in a breast whether absence or abundance of a phlegm
Is a serious reason for disorders?
Yes, especially if you smoke, or you have asthma, heart troubles or other chronic diseases as viruses can affect bodies of a thorax.

... Tonsillitis?
Disturbing signs:
  • Sharp pain and a zatrudnennost when swallowing
  • Purulent “traffic jams“
  • the Feverish state whether muscle pain and the swelled tonsils
Are a serious reason for disorders?
Yes, if the sore throat keeps more than three days - the viral infection causing tonsillitis quickly enough extends to other bodies, quinsies are especially dangerous to the people having cardiovascular diseases.

of a SARS such damages are not caused and therefore they are had much easier. Besides, viruses of flu are much steadier against temperature increase of a body, than viruses - agents of SARS therefore it is very difficult for organism to fight with them. All this also is the reason of a heavy course of flu with the phenomena of the most severe intoxication which causes headaches and an ache in a body.

the Complicated situation

the Increased temperature, the pulsing head pain, cold, cough, the general weakness - typical and habitual symptoms of the “cold“ attacking us several times in a year. But long cold, weeks not passing cough and weakness in legs can be symptoms of more serious diseases which doctors classify as a secondary bacterial infection, or, speaking more simply, complications after a SARS or flu.

airways therefore - that bronchitis and pneumonia - the most frequent influenzal complications are exposed to

How to prevent complications

the First attack of a virus of flu. At an adverse course of disease pneumonia can develop in its first hours. Therefore it is important to follow 3 main rules:

  1. At once to call the doctor and to be treated strictly under his supervision.
  2. to Rest in bed. Restoration of forces requires the same number of days how many temperature, plus a couple of days more kept. At flu the organism throws all forces on fight against a virus. And even the minimum activity demands energy consumption, any external contact is fraught with an opportunity to catch a new infection against which to fight at an organism of forces will not be enough any more.
  3. to Minimize contacts: it is necessary not only to people around, but also the most sick with flu.