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To Tyrol!

the Snow-white hillsides lit with a bright sun on which you fly on skis the shining tops going to the sky, the aroma of an apple strudel streaming from a cozy chalet are only part of pleasures which waits for you in mountain Austrian Tyrol.

Also as a symbol of Moscow - the Kremlin, the hallmark of Tyrol, one of mountain regions of Austria, - the valley Otstal. And the resort of Zyolden - heart of this valley. Here, in East Alps, it is enough entertainments and impressions for all - both adults, and children. And any entertainments, but always the superior quality - beginning from exotic of charming Tyrolean small villages, very tasty food, skiing and a snowboard and finishing with the weakened evening rest though in numerous discos though in the sports center or magnificent terms. But nevertheless the main thing behind what aspire in Zyolden, of course, - mountain skiing. Experts consider Zyolden as the best ski resort of Austria. Go here not only behind thrills which descent on a steep slope, but also behind new impressions is capable to give. The resort violently develops, every year there are new modern elevators and new ski areas accustom. Besides Zyolden offers extended routes with a big height difference - from 1377 to 3250 m

of Rally of the big three

the valley Otstal possess a fantastic variety of landscapes: equal sites of the valley are replaced by abrupt gorges with the mountain rivers, gorges are replaced by ice-covered tops of glaciers. It is possible to admire a similar panorama far not everywhere even in the Alps. But those who at least once visited the valley Otstal and at least once swept on Rally of the Big Three (so call three tops on three thousand meters), know that this ski resort gives huge opportunities of fascinating driving.

are impressed Most of all by figures: 22 elevators lift each hour on tops up to 40 thousand skiers and snowboarders.

the Main territories of driving in Zyoldena - Gayslakhkogl (1377 - 3058 m), Giggiyokh (1377 - 2885 m) and “Golden Gate“ with two glaciers - Rettenbakh (1377 - 3250 m) and Tifenbakh (2796 - 3250 m). The majority of routes will seem to skilled skiers a little simple-minded. But also they will derive pleasure on long descent from the mountain Gayslakhkogl (Gaislachkogl), ideal for high-speed driving. For those whose level of driving is closer to an average, there are much more opportunities here. Especially the area Mittelshtation (Mittelstation) approaches. Rather easy routes there pass in Innervalda (Innerwald), and also in areas Haynbaykhokh (Hainbachjoch) and Rettenbakh (Rettenbach). The last is located high in mountains so beginners should go down to Zyolden or on “red“ routes, or on the elevator. By the way, the most impressive figure is 22 elevators which lift each hour on tops up to 40 thousand skiers and snowboarders.

of Admirers of a snowboard is appreciated in Zyoldena especially: for them there is a snowboard - park which is located directly near the Hainbackkar elevator, at the height of 2450 m. There springboards, fanboksa, reyla, walls, a half - payp and the tremendous route for a borderkross.

A in order that was what to be engaged between rises and descents, on roadsides of routes numerous racks with mulled wine were built. For evening slow rest the set of restaurants is opened here. By the way, in them it is possible not only to eat well, but also to have a good time. Entertainment program often includes both fireworks, and driving on sledge by moonlight.

Children too always at business. In Zyoldena there is a children`s alpine ski school and even alpine skiing kindergarten for children of 2 years, and than skiers is more senior in four gornolyzhno - snowboard schools instructors among whom speaking in Russian wait.

the Cosiness on - Alpine

One of the coziest and convenient vacation spots - the Alpenkhof hotel located in the quiet district of Zyolden. It is constructed in 2003 just like a typical Swiss chalet - the same simplicity of forms which is so organically looking against the Alpine landscapes. But behind a simple facade the modern, equipped state-of-the-art and very comfortable hotel is hidden. So, having inhaled clean mountain air, it is possible to stretch on a soft bed in a spacious room of cool four-star hotel, to have supper at one of restaurants, to swim for a while in the pool or to take a steam bath in a sauna.

Reference information
  • Distance to the airport: Innsbruck - 87 km, Munich - 191 km, Fridrikhskhafen - 250 km
  • Elevators: 5 gondola lifts, 19 chair, 10 bugelny
  • Extent of routes:“ blue“ - 45 km, “red“ - 73 km, “black“ - 23 km
  • Alpine ski schools: estimated price of occupations in group - € 47 in day, € 144 in 6 days; individual lessons - from € 175 in day (4,5 hours)
  • School of driving on a snowboard: 1 day - € 52; 6 days - € 157.

But the greatest pleasure after skiing - to plunge into vivifying water of a thermal source. There is it in 13 km from Zyolden in the small resort of Lengenfeld located at the height of 1200 m

Among picturesque Tyrolean small villages the huge modern Aqua Dome complex striking a look with a futuristichnost of an image rises. Inside such variety of water entertainments of which it is only possible to dream: saunas with a svetoterapiya and without, a jacuzzi, pools, barrels with hot water, hills for children and adults, SPA - salons and sunbeds. It is possible to swim for a while or sit in a jacuzzi directly on fresh frosty air, under beams of the sun or under a stellar light - as it is pleasant to whom. But the main thing - not a form, the main thing - contents, that is water. It undertakes from a hot spring at a depth of 1865 m. Its uniqueness is that its water originates in glaciers at the height of 3000 m above sea level, then flows through rocks and from depth of 1800 m is got as thermal. In it high content of sulfur - 5 mg/l therefore it will facilitate diseases of joints and osteoporosis, rheumatism and muscle strain.

Bread and shows

Even if you do not ride mountain skiing, in Zyoldena to you will be what to be engaged. Skating on one of outdoor and indoor ice rinks, walk on mountain tracks, curling, a paraglayding, driving on the sledge, a bowling alley, hire snoumobily, shooting ranges - for every taste. Besides, in Zyoldena the large sports complex “Arena Fraytsayt“ (Freizeit Arena) with the big pool, a sauna, a gym, tennis courts etc.

is located
If something happened on the route, literally in a minute near you the special emergency helicopter lands.
Surely glance

in a shtuba (Stube) - so call small small restaurants in the Alpine style where low ceilings, rough wooden tables and chairs, effigies of animals on corners and the real Tyrolean kitchen. It is worth tasting schnitzel, invariable for Austria, on - Vienna, grestl (potato, torments and meat casserole), knedl and a Tyrolean delicacy a graukez (the cheese preparing according to the ancient country recipe) which is eaten with vinegar, vegetable oil and onions. Perhaps, at the first acquaintance the Tyrolean kitchen will surprise with the simple country manners, but, having spent several days in Tyrol, conquering peaks, inhaling fresh mountain air, you recognize that cannot be more pertinent than anything these plain, high-calorie and unusually tasty dishes.

In all this variety of rest as a hobby and bodies relative low cost bribes him. At restaurants the average account on the person will seldom exceed a mark of 30 euros, at the same time one Tyrolean dinner will last till evening of the next day.


I still, in this resort created one of the most perfect systems of the help in case of accidents. If something happened on the route, literally in a minute the helicopter lands nearby (the insurance for such “ambulance“ costs € 10), and seven restaurants and ten cafes on routes are supplied with all modern means of communication.