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Once again about a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints

In June I wrote the article “111 days of hope“. Still I continue to receive letters - requests. Also I am not tired to answer them.

Many parents, having learned about the scary diagnosis of the child, in despair call. Sometimes I, maybe, am excessively persistent. Believe, it only from good motives, there is a wish to warn against mistakes. I write on the website 7ya again. ru because most of all letters exactly from here come.

the first response on my article Is interesting to

. Like, “you were not lucky that you live not in Moscow. We in Moscow were cured for half a year, but not in 3 months!“ The woman herself as if does not understand a difference.

Tried to find in the Internet article where personal experience when the child was in traditional plaster half a year and as mother is described looked after him. Now just gathered in the search engine “congenital dislocation of a hip“ and again saw a photo with terrible struts as from a torture chamber, the child immured in plaster up to the hips. I do not urge all to go to Tolyatti to treatment. But, dear parents, include common sense!

Now this diagnosis became “fashionable“. Sometimes incorrectly line a x-ray picture, force parents to buy in panic expensive tires, etc. It is clear, that parents shocked, agree to everything, brains are disconnected. Show a picture to different doctors, send by e-mail to Kolesov Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, get advice, learn as it treats. Read others questions-answers, responses, be registered at a forum. How you think, people would begin to spend the time for all this literary trash (I apologize for roughness)? And why other doctors who really cure children do not place about themselves information and do not speak directly as how?

Recently to the girl 3 weeks suggested to lie with the child in a hospital, then to plaster the child at an incomplete dislocation. And infinite carrying tires, electrophoresis and other. There is no clear wish to leave for treatment, let and fast, to others city. It is better to give the child for the next experiences? Reflect! Why you are afraid to ask directly the orthopedist how treatment when there are 100% result when the child gets up on legs will be carried out and will go, how many, eventually, it will cost? And, the most interesting to me personally: whether tires - struts help at dislocation? Why them to carry year if it is possible to stay 2 months in a functional plaster bandage when the child is not immobilized, twists - twirls by legs, but at the same time they are accurately recorded?

Very much does not want to be persuasive. I just described the positive experience of treatment and as I managed to avoid nightmares of traditional long treatment. Once again I want to tell: do not repeat others mistakes, do not risk health of your child.

Before to begin treatment, everything weigh, consult to relatives. The main thing - not to do much harm, and to help! Health to you and your children!