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Five facts against autumn colds of

of Osenne - the winter period - traditional time when all family catches a cold, are ill and infects each other. And as it would be desirable to secure against a SARS and other epidemics and itself with the husband, and the son - the school student, and the daughter - the student, and the grandfather... Whether such protection - one on all is possible?

Yes, it is possible, doctors and druggists say. Also the IRS 19 modern immunomodulatory spray will provide such protection. Get acquainted: five facts which will help to avoid ORZ, quinsy and even flu.

Fact 1. Immunomodulatory spray is both prevention, and treatment.

of the Bacterium and viruses which become the reason of respiratory diseases have to be destroyed by fully working immune system. However at citizens very often immune system is weakened, and the bacteria which got into airways successfully are fixed and breed. ORZ, rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, etc. develop. However the immune system always has quite big reserve which activization will help an organism to be protected from an infection.

lysates (the cleared particles) 18 - ti bacterial causative agents of various respiratory diseases are a part of IRS 19. Having got on mucous a nose and a nasopharynx, they cannot infect you, but let immune system know that danger absolutely close. Protection factors, and as show researches begin to be developed, reaction of immune system is even more effective, than on the activator. Therefore IRS 19 is possible and it is necessary to apply directly to treatment of respiratory diseases of a bacterial origin, for example, of quinsy or pharyngitis. Its application also reduces risk of bacterial complications at viral infections, for example, of antritis and bronchitis as complications of flu. So, it reduces need for antibiotics. Generally, at any respiratory disease it is possible to use IRS 19 without reflecting who is guilty - bacteria or viruses. Anyway there will be only an advantage. And for two - three weeks before alleged flash of ORZ spray should be used as prevention, then the immune system will be in a condition of full readiness.

Fact 2. Local application is safest and effective.


about immunomodulators, it is impossible to forget that those from them which we accept inside have considerable contraindications. Doctors consider that safer is local application. Spraying IRS 19 spray in a nose, we make active immunity only in airways. They are gate for any respiratory infection, exactly here and it is necessary to be protected. But further (in blood, intestines, a liver, etc.) the preparation does not get, so, cannot damage it. It keeps useful microflora of mucous membranes of airways, does not give feeling of dryness and burning.


Thanks to the safety and aim action of IRS 19 it is allowed for use from three-months age, that is it is really a preparation for all family. According to the research conducted in six regions of Russia, IRS 19 by 4,1 times the ENT SPECIALIST - diseases at often being ill children of school and preschool age reduced quantity.

the Second plus of local application - fast effect. It is not necessary to wait until the preparation is acquired, will get to blood and it will be carried to the right place. The mucous membrane of the top airways has a big surface and intensive blood supply therefore IRS 19 hits the mark at once - in cages of local immune system. The preparation covers with a uniform layer a mucous membrane of a nose and extends to all nasopharynx. In an hour after the first dispersion necessary factors of protection begin to be developed.

Fact 3. It is convenient to use spray and it lasts for a long time.

Complete with a bottle of spray the nozzle for dispersion goes. While you use constantly, it is better not to remove a nozzle. At dispersion the bottle should be held vertically, the head should not be thrown back. One pressing - one dose.

For prevention a preparation should be sprayed on one dose in each nasal course two times a day within two weeks. At the same time the developed immune protection will be enough for three - four months. According to the same scheme it is possible to apply spray to recovering of local immunity from the postponed flu and other respiratory viral infections, after treatment by antibiotics.

For treatment of IRS 19 is sprayed in each nasal course to five times a day to children is more senior than three years and the adult before disappearance of symptoms. To children from three months to three years - twice a day. By means of a preparation successfully cure sharp and chronic respiratory and the ENT SPECIALIST - infections (rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, etc.)

After introduction of IRS 19 also cages of an epithelium mucous which are responsible for production of own slime become more active. At the expense of it there is an additional clarification of a nose and nasopharynx, there is less often a need to apply the washing-out solutions and the unpleasant clearing procedures.

Fact 4. To carry out prevention by an immunomodulator cheaper, than to treat ORZ.

of IRS 19 is today one of the few immunomodulators on which the farmakoekonomichesky assessment was carried out. It was counted that use of IRS 19 for prevention and for treatment of flu and other sharp respiratory viral infections reduces cost of both a medical course, and preventive. During clinical trials it is proved that preventive application of a preparation reduces quantity of a SARS and exacerbations of chronic diseases of the top airways by 70 - 80% in the subsequent three - four months. Within the All-Russian program of “Rinosinusita at children“ in 1999 - 2000 it was established that IRS 19 improves a condition of 81,1% of often ill children at schools and kindergartens. So, in the period of SARS epidemic incidence at these children decreased by 3,5 times.

at the same time the preparation belongs to the average price category. Therefore its application is proved not only pediatricians, therapists and the ENT SPECIALIST - doctors, but also economists.

Fact 5. IRS 19 is suitable for the emergency prevention.

the Widespread phenomenon - contact with the sick person which cannot be avoided. Typical situations two. The first: at work someone from colleagues sneezes and coughs, but persistently wishes to stay until the end of the working day or even the sick-list does not want to take at all. Second option: public transport or shop where you unexpectedly are near someone coughing and blowing nose. Also are forced to suffer it to the following stop or standing in a queue. In this situation, having come home, it is necessary to carry out the emergency prevention by IRS 19 spray. Too most it makes sense to do when overcooling or when you feel that you will get sick soon (dryness and an itch in a nose, tickles in a throat). In this case a disease, having even begun, as a rule, passes according to the accelerated scheme for 1 - 3 day.

If someone from family members got sick with

, he can be treated by IRS 19 spray, and it will be useful for other relatives to carry out by the same preparation prevention. Of course, it is desirable that everyone had the individual bottle, but if necessary the nozzle of a bottle can be removed and washed out easily before beginning to use to other family member. So, if you select a preventive and medical preparation for all family, remember: IRS 19 is developed for you.