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Creation and Lev`s birth of

U are a lot of me girlfriends who could not become pregnant, I very strongly worried - and suddenly it will not turn out? And how in general people plan the child for a certain month? And also the husband added fuel to the fire:“ I have low-active sperm, it is necessary to try urgently“, - he said to me.

Ya worked as the chief accountant, waited for holiday how miracle. At last finished the next reports and asked for leave for 2 weeks in holiday. The husband was already built and packed at full scale - long-awaited holiday together on Olkhon was coming (Baikal). We long solved as well as where there has to take place conception of the child, and chose as a scene of action this place since it is famous for the unusual power. Holiday was magnificent, everything turned out from the first!

Already a week later I beat off the husband who could not wait for test results. And then there were unforgettable minutes of happiness and pleasure, the face of darling filled with gratitude already only for one news of the forthcoming miracle!

Toxicosis tormented us with

only the first 3 months. The friend and the employee on work rescued me, feeding up me green apples and entertaining stories. Thanks to it huge!

the wedding was farther than

A! With the husband we lived 4 years in a civil marriage, and only when the tummy was 3 months old, we were registered. I think, you should not describe those positive emotions which are caused by a wedding in people. We are happy, and the child is happy in a tummy.

After work we walked with the husband, for the weekend surely went to the country, it did me massage, smeared a tummy with cream. I thought, it happens only at cinema, however it happened also to me.

the husband could not go For the first ultrasonography and called me each several minutes, expecting results. Ask what he kept ringing? Waited - one or two? My mother has a brother - the twin so probably to someone from children will carry too. When I told him that an embryo one, he was indignant why it is one. Then decided that badly tried.

On the second ultrasonography ran in an office me forward. Laid on a couch. And with curiosity stared in the screen. Asked:“ Show a head, a leg, the handle“. I thought, the doctor will expel him from an office, however the doctor was patient. And to my astonishment I the first left an office, and they (the husband and the doctor) communicated still rather long period.

the Husband with pleasure watched

how I already on the big term of pregnancy collect given to the kid as I wash and I pereglazhivat tiny things, he so enjoyed this process that forgot about the fact that we agreed to make repair in the apartment till the son`s birth.

Term came nearer. The house already packed things in a sort. Once I wake up in the morning, and on a bed a wet speck. First labor therefore as as has to occur, did not know.

is not present

of strong contractions. The husband speaks:“ Give, gather, we will go to maternity hospital to the doctor, let will look“. And pale such. I run gathered.

it was p, everything is normal. The stopper departed. The doctor told that to go a week more.

Here - that my hubby was frightened of

outright. Speaks:“ Lenochka, early still to give birth, I in the apartment did not finish repair“.

the Next week passed

in expectations and under repair.

When long-awaited day came, we understood it at once (quite so and write in books). When arrived to maternity hospital, opening was on 4 fingers. I spent the next 3 hours under supervision of the doctor. Thanks to it huge! And supported by the word, and on the handle, on a leg stroked.

had to Give birth on the right side (not really - that a convenient pose), at the son was triple obvity umbilical cords around a neck, and when I laid down as all normal women in labor, on a back, the kid had an uneven heart rhythm. Thank God, the son was born independently! 3580 gr. and

We fell short 3 hours 54 cm to planned by us on June 1 - Children`s Day.

was Put to a breast. Golodnenky. Rozovenky. Happiness is indescribable. In chamber the husband to whom allowed to take the son met, to kiss the wife.

When we remained one, Levushka did not take eyes with me, and I from it. I lay, looked at it and cried with happiness, thinking that at last there was our meeting. I can tell it all that told to a tummy, spoke to it, but now looking in eyes, in these blue eyes...

the Husband came every day. Stood near a window in the evening and showed gestures as he loves us!

Us was written out on 3 - y day. The husband in 3 days completed repair. Also new life began for our family. Life three together!