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The ware and kitchen utensils of

the Secret of good food consists among other components and as ware. I came to it through series of tests and mistakes. There were both casual purchases, and gifts, ignorant of this area of girlfriends and harmful attachment to brilliant. I remember how once, having got an award, I was going to buy new trousers, and on the way to shop, glanced in another - economic. There steel pans were exposed... For the next day girlfriends laughed over me: “Here also carry pans instead of trousers now!“

What needs to be had in kitchen that as it is possible to finish quicker cooking and, of course, that there were enough forces for eating it, at least?

In modern kitchen has to be

at least about fifty various pieces of kitchen stock, the full list can make also one hundred with “tail“. Includes this list both tools the necessary, and additional, facilitating kitchen works. It is possible to make a lunch in a can, to prepare products by means of one knife, and to eat everything, having armed only with one spoon. But how many at the same time it is necessary to spend work and time?

Necessary accessories

of the Pan

Often pans are on sale in sets. If at once not to get a set, then the list of the pans necessary for your kitchen will be defined eventually. It is difficult to cook a pack of macaroni in a liter bucket, and to cook one egg in a 5 liter pan simply not rationally and long (wait until water begins to boil). What and in what quantities (pans, for example) need to be had in kitchen, becomes clear in the course of development of culinary art.

And number of pans and frying pans does not depend on family size. The more a family, the more there has to be a volume of pans. Their number depends on quantity of dishes in the menu of the hostess on duty. The average set contains:

of the Frying pan have to be

of the Frying pan the different sizes. Of course, the same egg can be roasted on a frying pan with a diameter of 28 cm, it will be located, but to fry cutlets or fish for a family of only three people on a frying pan with a diameter of 12 cm - very long.


them can be got in a set too. But I prefer to get on one (the good knife costs much), in process of manifestation of need for it. My mother, for example, had one favourite knife to which she gave preference in all kitchen operations. Though in a set were: