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Inoculations operate health of

physicians have such term - “the operated infections“. Diseases which last centuries caused terrible epidemics and mass death of people belong to this category. Thanks to the invention of vaccines there was an opportunity to fight against them, without allowing them to extend. But whether really the mankind completely got rid of terrible epidemics? And very controversial issue, as far as these diseases became really “operated“...

Risk - business not noble

Some parents draw a conclusion: time the medicine won against epidemics, and all do inoculations around, to impart the child from all infections absolutely optional, it is possible to manage and without excess prick - will not get sick...

In practice such approach to health of the kid can lead

not only to the family tragedy, but also threaten health of all nation. According to epidemiologists, society is in safety when 80 - 95% of the population are imparted. Only at this indicator of coverage by inoculations of outbreak of an infection it does not happen.

History proved more than once that even short-term refusal of vaccination threatens life and health of the whole generation. During military operations in Chechnya vaccination of children was temporarily suspended. The outbreak of poliomyelitis which happened in the middle of 1990 - x became years result. Many children remained disabled people, several kids died. In the same ninetieth years from - for decrease in coverage in Russia the real epidemic of diphtheria burst in vaccination, the victims were estimated in hundreds.

At once objections will be: and here outbreak of disease if I refuse only one - two inoculations? Really, refusal of an inoculation of one parent is not capable to lead to such consequences, but if parents consider in large quantities inoculations optional, it can lead to the outbreak of a serious disease. And now we will estimate how many parents inoculations optional and to what statistics - seriously ill been or healthy - your child will get personally still can count. It is impossible to calculate therefore whether it is worth risking?

the Inoculation happens comfortable

would Seem, an inoculation and comfort - things incompatible. But the modern medicine gives the chance to doctors together with parents to make process of vaccination the most convenient.

the National calendar of preventive inoculations of the Russian Federation includes vaccination against nine infections. At the same time each inoculation becomes in several stages. Naturally, there is a wish that there were as little as possible pricks. Now it became possible.

For example when your kid is three months old, comes it is time to secure it against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and poliomyelitis. Vaccination against these terrible infections is shown also at the age of four and a half, six and eighteen months. It is possible to use usual vaccines, each of which protects from “the“ infection. And it is possible to pick up the combined vaccine which works against four called diseases at once, and in addition contains also the fifth component - against a hemophilic infection like b (HIB - an infection).

For our country fight against this artful infection becomes very actual, and many experts raise a question of inclusion of an inoculation from a hemophilic infection in the National calendar (in spite of the fact that considerable additional money for this purpose will be required). The matter is that this infection often becomes the reason of development in small children of pneumonia, and also such horrible disease as purulent meningitis which will difficult respond to treatment and in 15% of cases leads to a lethal outcome.

Fundamental difference of the modern combined vaccines from the preparations which are usually used in Russia for prevention of whooping cough is existence in their structure of a so-called acellular koklyushny component (the cleared components of a koklyushny microbe). It significantly reduces risk of development of such quite often observed collateral vaccine-challenged reactions as temperature increase, loss of appetite, reddening and consolidation in the place of a prick, etc. The combined vaccines and the fact that they not only relieve kids and their parents of excess visits to policlinic are convenient, but also reduce total of excipients - stabilizers, preservatives - as a part of preparations that reduces risk of development of collateral reactions after vaccination.

is also important to be known that the combined vaccines of new generation which are applied on the first year of life of children do not contain the live weakened viruses or bacteria in the structure thanks to what they cannot cause development of a disease even benign, but immunity to infections is developed quite successfully.

Should not be forgotten: in time the done vaccination well operates health of our children. But also we, parents, should not neglect vaccination business. In our forces together with physicians to make this process the most convenient and effective.

of Opinion and councils of qualified specialists can be learned about inoculations and vaccines on the website www. privivka. ru and by phone of the hot line: (495) 937 - 70 - 07 . Experts will answer your questions connected with vaccinal prevention. In the same place will prompt you coordinates of the nearest center of vaccination which work in the Russian regions.