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“Afftar, Pesci ischo!“

Turn out when you write for own pleasure, you strengthen the health - both sincere, and physical. You do not trust? Try and be convinced.

In the beginning the word

was em> the therapy Method was applied by the letter in medicine more than once. Surprisingly, but fact: he not only accelerates healing of wounds and increases the resilience of immune system, but also allows to struggle with diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or bronchial asthma. Not to mention problems sincere: a depression, sleeplessness, irresolvable conflicts with the administration or with darling...

all of you did not think up
yet what to write about?
  • Describe five things which you see before yourself.
  • Tell
  • about your day from the point of view of your cat (your chief, darling, the passerby who to himself imagines your life). Ability to see foreign point of view is useful at resolution of conflicts.
  • by
  • Make heading: “10 things which do not please me“ - and begin to write down them.
  • Describe your hobby in five - eight-year age.
  • by
  • Choose at random 5 words from the first book and write down them. Then include these words in the small story, at least from two - three offers. If the result is pleasant to you - expand this history.
  • Describe
  • 25 ridiculous (for you and only for you) things.
  • What thoughts and feelings was caused in you by the latest read book (the watched movie, the listened musical album).
  • Write the love message to yourself, seal in an envelope and hide to read it in 5 years.
  • Write to
  • the autobiography - all life since the birth until now. But in some one very narrow aspect.“ I and pickles“ “I driving“ “Brunettes in my life“ “I and Winnie - Down“...
  • Write to
  • in the form of the poem (rhymes and the sizes of a role do not play) the recipe of preparation of your crown dish.
you Will tell

what is incapable to be written nothing, except several lines of the summary? It is easier to write, than it seems to you. Of course, it is impossible to guarantee that you will become the leading columnists of the popular newspaper or the second Darya Dontsova, but to write as a hobby and for health - a task quite feasible.

“How to become the writer?“ - asked the hero of one novel. “Just paint the handle and write“, - he answered. In this council there is no share of a coquetry. However, many fall into a stupor before a clean sheet of paper. At once the internal censor joins, and in the head nothing climbs, except:“ Oh, something does not leave “or“ any nonsense“.

For a beginner the most important - to write, without estimating turned out in any way. Forget about success and readers, you write for yourself. Be not afraid to knurl “the nonsense car“ - sometime in a year - another you will find this text and will begin to estimate it in every possible way. And now try to switch in the weakened state in which images, feelings and thoughts come. So you get access to the pravopolusharny thinking, to semi-conscious thoughts, to intuition.

we Will practice:

  • Sit down, close eyes, begin to breathe freely. Without directing the thoughts, write down all that comes to mind whatever silly it seemed. Devote to this occupation at least minutes 5 - 6, without thinking of result. Follow a stream of the thoughts and images where it conducted you. Similar, only orally, the client on a session of the psychoanalyst where it is called free associations carries out. Do not stop, the set time will not come to an end yet. Do not worry about grammar and rules of Russian at all, it is optional to write with offers. Enjoy process.
  • In several days count what turned out in last exercise. Choose one most emotionally loaded image (the most unclear, the most unexpected, the most cheerful - the word, not leaving you indifferent) either the phrase, or one word. Concentrate and write 10 minutes only about it, trying to make the text fuller and developed.
I write

to you what Bol?

knows to All that feelings change when they are expressed. Thousands of therapeutic systems are founded on it. Therefore there is nothing surprising that creation of emotional texts changes our experiences. Fears, irritation and offenses are included into the framework, find prospect. Mental anguish becomes operated. It is possible to invest any experience disturbing you with letters and words: unpardoned offense, loss, mental anguish - everything that does not release. When you write for the sake of self-expression, be not afraid to swear, be impolite or too dramatic. The one who writes for himself it is made does not concern how others will understand it.

we Will practice once again.

Write to
  • the letter: to the intolerable boss, the ex-husband to whom you did not talk five years, yourself to sixteen-year or bitter destiny. Well, address it to the one who hurt you: whether it be person or circumstances. Try to write without coming off also without ready plan. Having finished, overcome in yourself a temptation to send this letter or e - mail to the addressee. Written on paper it is better to set fire solemnly - this, apparently, pathos ritual helps to bury the past and to live further. Over time, perhaps, you use some parts of the letter to have a talk with the person who hurt to you. Only do not do it at once!
  • If uneasy thoughts constantly deprive of you a dream, state them in writing. Regularly before departure in a bed describe a subject of the alarms in a special notebook or the file. It can seem nonsense, but much such nonsense helps to leave the problems in the diary and to fall asleep peacefully.
  • by
  • Choose some unpleasant feeling with which you want to work. Let`s say you chose a headache (or feeling of fatigue, grief, boredom). Wonder if this headache was a person what he would be? Where would live as whom worked how would spend time what he from all would hide? Describe it as it is possible in more detail. If your headache is connected with emotions, it can begin to calm down directly in the course of writing. Equally well you will manage to create from the depression a landscape, the unknown city, a mysterious animal or a picture in the museum - and to describe them.

Life as a miracle

seems to you that your life is boring, empty and rather poor interesting events? It no more than illusion! About each person it is possible to write the most fascinating and absolutely truthful novel. Everything depends on how to look. If you begin to describe the life, you will see it more clearly and will notice interesting details. To write about itself is and to read about itself too. Only you read then: when put the end, in week, month... And in the course of reading you see yourself from the necessary distance, the indistinct picture appears fog and finds contours. Moreover, the sense of your life, your destiny appears more accurately. You understand the past more clearly and where you should move further. It is possible to write also for the sake of the solution of small specific problems: so you notice new details, feelings and desires, and then find new non-standard solutions in the form of images.

I again exercises.

  • Think what is not pleasant to you in N. (which there can be both a person, and a situation: work, apartment, forthcoming days off). Describe with what you are dissatisfied, and the feelings. Re-read through some time - you found something new in a situation? Decide what should be changed (in the behavior, but not in other person).
  • Imagine the ideal life in five years. Describe one day from this life: who near you, what hairdress at you, a situation that you do. So you will find the answer to a question how you should change already today.
  • Keep the diary: or one, devoted to events, significant for you, or a little on important subjects:“ My fears“ “My desires“ “Everything that enrages me in this life“. The diary will help you to bring order to the life, and in ten years you will be provided with magnificent fascinating reading.