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Old age - and a dog not pleasure...

Here and fall... What did it bring to us? And it brought us a cold snap, humidity, shortening of light day... Who as, and I do not love fall. I very much do not like to go to work and back in dank darkness, to muffle up in thick sweaters and the whole day to dream of a hot bathtub... Probably, it is age? Let`s talk about what is necessary during this period for the aging animals.

as if politically correct did not call the beginning of an old age - “mature age“, “elegant age“ - since a certain moment in any organism slowly but surely begins regress. At someone quicker, at someone more slowly, depends both on genetically put predisposition, and on a way of life. And as if our animal of “elegant age“ looked good, it already needs additional care, especially in the fall.

Change of seasons is a strong load of an organism. In the spring, despite spring avitaminosis, this shift takes place easier - nevertheless changes in weather go to a positive side. In the fall... And if still to consider that the winter for some reason always takes our country unawares (on the street already cold and wind, and batteries at best - as pair milk)... In the fall we wait more serious problems.

In - the first, it is stronger molt because it is necessary to grow up a serious fur coat not to freeze in the winter.

A here also fleas who do not want to winter on the street too begin to attack especially angrily. So we wait for an aggravation of skin sores, first of all in the fall - flea dermatitis and a demodekoz.

In - the second, cold and dampness - not a gift for joints. We wait for an exacerbation of diseases oporno - the motive device. It is very actual for elderly dogs, especially large breeds, and also for the animals who ever carried fractures, dislocations and other damages oporno - the motive device. In - the third, fall - time for an exacerbation of diseases of uric system. It is characteristic of all animals, but cats with cystitis and an urolithic illness nevertheless come out on top. There is a lot of objective reasons of such splash, but the most banal is in what batteries already slowly waterlog, window sills warm, and windows - that are not always stuck... Barsiki and Murki luxuriate on a warm window sill, and from window cracks appears...


Besides, contrary to the known saying, do not restore kidney cages therefore with age, unfortunately, the renal failure always develops, and it demands special leaving and a special diet.

That our old men (and the pets beginning to grow old) experienced less difficulties, it is enough to carry out a number of simple rules.

Most important (it does not depend on a season) is the correct feeding and contents.

needs to Feed with

elderly animals to a thicket, but in the small portions (the general, daily dose of a forage should not exceed recommended). If you feed with ready-made feeds, choose special forages for elderly animals (or medical if they were recommended by the doctor).

If you give to

homemade food, then remember, at this age the need for protein is reduced (in particular, excess of nitrogen very adversely influences kidneys), but it is necessary to give it at all, so we give meat on a minimum (on 1 part of meat - 2 parts of a garnish), but quality. In order that the animal received necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, it is vitaminno necessary to give to homemade food - mineral additives, but, considering that at elderly animals special needs, and additives it is necessary to give special too - for the aging animals.

Remember the magic word “senor (senior)“ - it is not a noble title, but the English word “senior“, “elderly“. All forages and additives for elderly animals, as a rule, have the word “senhoras“ in the name. One only “but“ - if at an animal is suspicion on oncology - before to begin to give it vitamins, show it to the doctor, if necessary make the cytologic analysis. It is useful for p to give to

courses of antioxidant preparations (Meksidol or Emitsidin) - they connect free radicals, protecting cages, improve digestion of oxygen, including cells of a brain, heart, possess antistress action.

should preserve

of Elderly animals against stresses, overcoolings and overheatings. It is necessary to remember that at the aging animals, as well as at people, the behavior, flavoring addictions change, the hearing, a scent and sight worsen, immunity falls. Old animals can become grumbling, unsociable, or on the contrary - constantly to require attention and to climb on hands. From - for a poor eyesight violations of orientation in space can be observed, in this case follows without the special reasons not to rearrange furniture in the apartment and not to place an animal in unfamiliar rooms.

absolutely decrepit animal can have signs of an incontience of urine and/or the calla is not a whim of behavior, but sad facts of life. Use pampers. There is also other problem - an atoniya of intestines and locks, in this case the owner`s duty - to help the pet to celebrate the need (an enema or extraction of kalovy masses from a rectum manually).

Weak immunity gives green light to parasites (fleas, ticks, worms) and pathogenic microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses) therefore an elderly animal it is necessary to process from fleas, ticks and worms as well as young. The same can be told and about inoculations - they should continue to be done annually because dogs of any age have hepatitis or leptospirosis, and in old age also “children`s“ diseases - plague and “olympic sweatshirt“ can be shown.

you Watch a condition of eyes, ears, a mouth, genitals, skin, wool. From you the maximum of patience and attention is required.

At least time in half a year show an animal to the doctor.

Recently the woman with an old poodle simply appealed to me on reception to look at it and to make recommendations as with it to behave. It had no special complaints, but the dog was not pleasant to me, and I sent it for full inspection. The tumor on a spleen was as a result found - a little more, and the dog would die, but fortunately, it was succeeded to perform operation in time.

Now about autumn problems

As for flea dermatitis and a demodekoz, then all in our hands: regular processings by drops or sprays will reliably protect your favourite from fleas and ticks. If the dog suffers from a demodekoz, two times a year it is possible to conduct a preventive course of Immunoparazitan (after consultation with the doctor).

Besides, if your pet hard transfers from year to year a molt, irrespective of the reasons, in advance give it a rate of vitamins C biotin (for example, Kanvit Biotin for dogs, Felvit Biotin - for cats) and the herbs removing a skin itch and an inflammation (for example, Phytoelite Clean Skin). Elderly animals often have problems: dandruff, baldness, the increased greasiness of skin because the condition of wool and skin directly depends on work of kidneys, a liver and intestines.

It makes sense to conduct p a course of the preparations improving their functioning (Renal tea, Laktobifid, the Bioproofreader, Essentsiale).

Joints should be protected: do not walk long during dank, wet weather, do not give to an animal of excess loadings, after walk and washing carefully dry up wool a towel or the hair dryer; old dogs, especially sleek-haired breeds it is better to walk in the waterproof, warmed overalls. Even if hondroprotektor are not prescribed your pet for continuous application, two times a year are very good to conduct at least monthly courses of the preparation restoring and strengthening articulate cartilages (for example, Kanvit Hondro or analogs).

do not allow an animal to grow fat! Excess weight besides that negatively influences work of internals, gives the raised load of joints. At an elderly animal have to be though moderate, but constant motive loadings: daily measured walks, especially in sunny warm weather.

Well, and finally about kidneys and an urolithic illness. How many times went on to the world... In any suspicious case make, at least, the test of urine!!! The frequent painful urination with blood accompanies not only an urolithic illness, but also cystitis, and a renal failure.

Each of these diseases demands the treatment, and it is possible to make the diagnosis only by results of analyses. The results received half a year ago do not reflect an illness picture in the present! Self-treatment does not bring to good!!!

From all this we draw two conclusions.

First: you do not bring to trouble. From window sills to drive, to warm, not to overfeed, not to give windows anything harmful (fat, fried, smoked, salty, sharp, farinaceous food, sweets, a proteinaceous reforage - feeding by a large number of meat, fish).

Second: if to the pet the trouble happened - first of all it is necessary to make the analysis of urine (and it is to complete the picture good and blood tests), and with its results to see a doctor. Both for prevention, and the set of additives is developed for treatment (before receiving results and purpose of complex treatment). It both Phytoelite Healthy Kidneys, and Kot Ervin (the tablets and tea prepared from medicinal herbs), and the Healthy fellow (a barmy preparation with a cranberry and methionine), Prevention of the Urolithic Illness (vitaminno - a mineral additive with cowberry a bearberry), and many others Is also wound.

of the good health to your pets and patience to you!