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Late fall - not a reason for boredom!

Last October days off turned out saturated and fascinating. On Saturday we baked pie with a pear, slighted younger sister Natasha, painted window sills at an entrance - very much were filthy and neighbors were moved there to svinyachit. Vanya wrote the announcement of “Okrashyno“.

were Made by the lessons which are specially set by the teacher for the weekend. Quite successfully. Copy-books and writing of figures in a notebook in a cage. After that could have fun with quiet soul.

Gathered and with pie atilt went to visit. There raged till the evening. Vanya climbed the father - to the host, periodically pushed with the local boy, moderately ate candies, and he even managed to stroke a gloomy fat cat. Here you are too it was possible. Natashka decently gorged on factory cake, and is perfect without consequences. Children jumped on a trampoline and were engaged kvartirno - household acrobatics.


On Sunday to me it was not stayed at home. Painted with the second layer window sills, and I went with Vanya to Toy Store shop. There we participated in show - the Mad Science program. These are chemical experiments for children with carbon dioxide and other substances. Did fog, inflated with gases from reactions balloons. Then set fire to them a candle flame - carbon dioxide extinguished a candle, and hydrogen exploded miniexplosion. Shot a stopper of a flask in which there was a reaction with allocation of OS. And so on, and so forth. Children were delighted.

Further I gave in

and wanted to come back home peacefully. But Vanya persuaded to continue and go to the museum to the children`s program Family travel “Hide-and-seek, or in search of museum invisible beings“.


was Begun with the museum of astronautics on ENEA.

Museum big, pure, interesting, beautiful. The building amazingly, artly and resourcefully is issued.

the son performed Tasks of the Family Travel program independently, I helped to find the answer to one question, Wan of the planet has a shaky knowledge. It was interested, did not pass other exhibits, I everything told that I could. It is great that in several places there are movies. They without sound, but also so everything is clear to the adult, and plots unique. As met Belka and Strelka on the earth and pulled out them from the lander; everyday life of modern astronauts on ISS; training of astronauts. It is possible to come into the ISS model, to glance in uncountable burned landers. Meteorites can be touched! Vanya swung the biggest of them and touched, of course.

to the People on Sunday was many

, in halls it is noisy, in cash desk turn. Nevertheless, good fellows organizers, many thanks to them! Magnets received, smiles and a praise too, impressions the sea. Vanechk`s moon rover, I hope, remembered for a long time. In the museum it is possible to see everything: artificial satellites of Earth, starting with legendary the first. All satellites flying to the Moon, the satellite television. A snow-storm and everything, with it connected. Mir station and ISS. Tsiolkovsky`s workbench full-scale and table Queen. Pictures on a space subject, space suits, food, splinters of the burned rocket, a half of the heat-shielding screen from the lander and a large-scale sculpture “Gagarin opens the world of space“. Even a skeleton of a little dinosaur with the fossilized burst egg because its meteorites ruined.

I Think, will seem to more senior children of a task of game simple, and prizes insignificant are magnets with photos of exhibits. Tasks are following: to count moon rover wheels; to sketch it, the rocket and the first satellite of Earth; to solve a crossword puzzle; to count nozzles in a picture, etc. And here the museum, of course, is counted on all age of 7 years - younger children just stare, all - such level of display of a subject of space exploration not for preschool children, I consider.

A here photo of cards of travel. And the passport - the book is given still, there stamps for passing put. For 8 museums will give prizes, but we do not apply. I asked then Vanya pointwise, it seems he a lot of things remembered. And in the museum it was interesting to it - ran and looked in show-windows and models, found put out tongue on a mythical face (find also you when you get!) recognized Icarus, twisted the Lunar globe (and it is forbidden) and felt, like a duck to water or Leonov in an outer space.

By the way, in the museum also the cafe (we did not look, but by passed), and fine toilets is. There are chairs to sit down to have a rest. Not everywhere, but is. Inspectors help and rejoice for visitors.

did not expect

Ya that everything will be so convenient and properly. The present is felt, after reconstruction the museum was opened only in April of this year.

So, dear children, take legs in hand, and parents with yourself and you leave in family travel behind interesting, useful and cheerful impressions. Every weekend is better to do it.