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In a zoo. The fairy tale for adults of

at Night in a zoo it is silent. It is heard only as couple of lemurs run on a cage. In light circle from a small bulb several monkeys sit. From a distance they can be taken for group of people. The largest of them orangutan James. Having armed with ancient points, he thumbs through the newspaper which it pulled out from a pocket of the employee of a zoo this morning. James something reminds the elderly wise person, especially when looks on people around over points, and, leafing through pages, gives read the comment. Animals exchange words in a low voice. So that not to wake the uncle Zhora sleeping in a corner of the open-air cage of the watchman of a zoo.

- Well that there, on the editorial? - asks old Isabel`s chimpanzee. In the past the circus actress, she still does not leave to public without having brushed the hair and without having fastened to hair of candy wrappers from - under candies.

- Deputies adopted the new law. Now it is possible to take the wheel, having drunk a beer glass.

- Beer! - the uncle Zhora moaned in the corner.

having Disapprovingly been lop-sided in a corner, James continued:

- They write here that having drunk beer, it is possible not only to drive, but even to go!

- Horror! - Isabel sighed.

- So, - and here at us the hostess left to a favourite doggie twenty million dollars.

- Oho, - one of lemurs peeped. - where to itself to snip off such hostess!?

- And what you would make, be at you money? - the second lemur asked, - would order the plane to Africa?

- Go you to Africa! That there Zulus ate me?

- Yes - and, James stretched and, having transferred Isabel`s newspaper, not hurrying, lit a cigarette.

- Ah, it is inimitable! - Here describe such ways of an epilation! It is necessary to adopt! - Isabel very much loved the heading “Care of a Body and Face“.

- Watch

, be not overzealous, - the young macaque Julia gave a vote. And that is necessary for you again to steal wigs from aunts!

- I, actually, asked nobody, - Isabel took offense.

- I cannot allow falling of our rating!

- As though it in your power! - sang a tenorok from a far corner of the open-air cage. In a ring of light the young hamadryad of Timmy got out. - Here go only to hamadryads!

- At - at, a narcissus undertreated, - Julia turned away and began to put in order the hairdress nervously. - Except the reflection in a mirror wishes to see nobody.

- Well why... In the morning to me such pleasant young people come! - Timmy really could not have eyes glued on a small pocket mirror. - Gifts whether you know, bring, beer.

- Beer! - was heard from a far corner.

- in the Morning, Zhora. Suffer! - Timmy carefully took away the newspaper from the dozed-off Isabel.

- Read further, - Julia demanded, - a culinary page.

- Perhaps about fishing?

- Well, or how prepare fish.

- If I find.

- Well, all right.

- Yes read, at last! - lemurs peeped.

Old Isabel, having lost balance, woke up.

- No, I do not want, I changed the mind! - Timmy jumped and began to warm up. - In our life the main thing - a form!

At last, Julia opened a culinary page: “Recent trends of vanguard cookery“, in verses! “If to take a piece of fat and in syrup to boil, and then to grease with mustard, Gogol - mogoly to fill in and to extinguish minutes fifteen and to add a borshchik, your guests will fight for a piece more“!

James gave a grunt, Isabel shy told:

- Perhaps will be enough?

But Julia continued:“ Onions were cooked in milk, crushed in the blender, and, having added a honey spoon, received...!“


snatched out the newspaper and, having crumpled, threw it into a corner.

- On me it is better nutlets with beer.

- Beer! - reached from - under newspapers.

- It began with beer too, - James nodded towards the uncle Zhora.

- do not teach me to live! - Timmy cut off.

- Picked up, - James bent the line. - Zhorkin adopted the slogan. Would be concerned about a form less, it is more about an essence, about contents.

- Aha, contents., Isabel - spiritual perfection, and toffees you, by the way, only present to Dzhulke! Here to you and all essence!

- I have teeth not for toffees, - Isabel whispered.

- Nothing, it zazhilit yesterday a zephyr yet, - Timmy was not appeased, too regretted your teeth?

- Ah, so! - Julia exploded. - There also the zephyr was! Preacher!

- In chocolate... - added fuel to the fire of Timmy.

- my favourite zephyr! - Julia blinked the eyes. - Well, all right, you will ask still fleas to look to you...

James, without having changed a look, tried to light a cigarette on the other hand. Burned and threw it on a floor.

- is accurater than

- filtered Timmy, having extinguished a stub.

James trudged to the open-air cage.

the Public opinion in the person of couple of lemurs stayed shocked.

Night passed

. Saturday morning left solar and rich in guests. Guests brought beer and everything that could come to them to minds. The national favourite Timmy could elicit hardly started poltorashka at the fat man. The public long giggled while the monkey with a type of the expert tasted drink. Then on a smell the uncle Zhora was, and the laughter developed into an ovation. Such reprise (regular customers of a zoo were ready to warrant) would be envied by any clowns. People with pleasure observed how the watchman chases a hamadryad on the open-air cage. Sympathizers, having understood position, offered Zhora beer for nothing. Zhora thanked, and, having taken an entertainment, continued a pursuit of Timmy. Eventually the tsar of the nature got a bottle. Having devastated it, the watchman came back to the corner and fell asleep. The visitor went in bulk. It was also the rating. From - for a rating the administration suffered Zhora, and grandmothers conducted antialcoholic promotion among grandsons on a concrete example.

Inhabitants of a zoo did not notice who threw into the open-air cage a chocolate zephyr in a bright wrapper. In a second Isabel had a gift in hands - the circus past had still an effect. Julia having screamed, rushed to her. Isabel made a pass towards James, but, unfortunately, for nothing. It still, looking back, it was trampled down in search of a zephyr, and Timmy with an indulgent smile bore Julia`s entertainment.

- Remember this day, the baby. From now on you look for fleas only at me. It agrees?


were bothered by heaps of fruit long ago in a feeding trough, and when Zhora looked for snack there, it only contemptuously sniffed.

without taking eyes

from a zephyr, the macaque nodded. Timmy slowly developed a foil, stretched it a delicacy. When Julia`s fingers were in centimeter from a gift, the hamadryad immediately sent a zephyr to himself to a mouth. Nobody managed to be indignant. Timmy suddenly stiffened as a column, jumped up on meter up, and, having made inconceivable entrechats all extremities, having made buldge out eyes, ran to a trough with water. Having drunk up half-buckets, it began to be pushed by all fruit that caught sight to it. Spat out them towards public and again rushed to a trough.

All puzzly exchanged glances with


- Pepper! - Zhora stated, having risen on an elbow. And again failed in straw.

Everything became clear to

. The zephyr was filled with pepper. And responsible for all this laughed now absolutely with impunity.

in the Evening James as usual sat at the head of “table“. And the former prime minister Timmy any more never accepted an entertainment from hands of guests. Zhora went angry. The rating began to fall catastrophically.