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The fall works wonders!

in a maternity leave practically depreciated Nearly three years concept of the day off of my head. Work of the husband by turns still more promoted deleting of distinctions between week and in the day off. I even especially did not trace days of week, fixing for myself only the current date not to get lost in circulation of events.

But here I came to work. Everything abruptly changed. In life “output“ day appeared again. Here only the pleasure from it a person was not. Not only my child adapted to a garden, but also I to a new way of life. Immensely tired by a weekend, during week-end I just rested in bed. Even communication with my favourite kid was insufficiently intensive these days... But...

Fall fairy tale.
the Fall washes away sides,
the soul rustles in the Fall...
leaves Fall beautifully,
Rustle under heels.
the Fall in gold will dress the cities...

... The fall came to the city. In Saturday day we went for a walk with Danila on the city which is filled up with foliage. And something was broken in the scenario of sleepy days off. Something changed. I taught the son to do “leaf fall“, collecting fantastically golden leaves of birches in an armful and to throw up them over the head. We bathed each other in this fallen-down miracle again and again. And still we went on the paths which are filled up with foliage, and as if ice breakers in the ocean, moved apart leaves the boots. We threw them legs, again collected in armfuls and again showered with them each other. To modulating laughter of my robust fellow there was no end!

Red leaves of a mountain ash, crimson aspen, golden birch, red poplar... The huge number of leaflets was brought by us in the package home. Two thick - thick books became “dryer“ for our wealth. And already a week later, next Saturday, we did tremendous applications.

Here so the fall inhaled new life in our days off. And couple of days ago we bought the son of a ski. Now we wait when the snow which already dropped out at us allows to test them.

But the most important is that tremendous feeling which you have in the day off when it is not necessary to hurry anywhere when it is possible to present himself to the son and to enjoy his presence. When it is possible to show it new sides of this tremendous world. To teach him to rejoice to simple, but perfect things. And just to go nearby, squeezing its hot palm in the hands...