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Our striped rest in Turkey
of Letoonia Club of

the White strip

of Tu - 154 with a two-headed eagle of the Russian Federation surprised us on September 11 - 25, 2001 - did not expect that usual flight of Sheremetyevo - 1 - Dalaman will be served by state-owned airline. A departure - it is accurate according to the schedule. Very much worried how our one-and-a-half-year-old kid will transfer flight - very much it at us is restless, and to fly more than three hours. But almost all the time our Mishka slept.

Take-off, flight, change of pampers at the time of a landing, landing and here we under the scorching sun of Turkey.

Turkey, Turkey... Now, when all already behind, I wonder: “Well why we chose Turkey?“ There was a rest in Crete, in Spain, England before. Well, and in the last two years connected with the child`s birth, summer holiday took place only at the dacha situated near Moscow, with its not stopped building, landing of vegetables, mosquitoes, etc. However, the child was delighted, and here the summer attracted us by sea and the southern sun.

I here when it seemed to us that the kid got stronger for a long journey already enough, we decided.

the Vacation spot began to be looked for in May. But decided to go only after August - the end of a season + not so hot. Islands of Greece, island of Spain, Cyprus, our Crimea, Turkey. We go with the child and therefore there was a wish not to save, but also not to spend spare cash.

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a heap of responses, bypassed, rang round a heap of agencies. In the beginning thought of apartments with kitchen - to feed small. But then, having thought, decided that at All Inclusive the problem with food will not be. The main thing that there was a wish - quiet quiet rest in hotel with good service.

here eventually we chose by

I the offer from Detur in Letoonia Club in Fetkhiye on the Turkish coast. The main advantages of this choice to us were: good responses, Ultra All Inclusive, for such option rather small price and good weather in September.

I, likely, we were not mistaken. In other hotel everything could be much worse...

Well, all one after another. After the plane we were met by the agent from Detur with bus. The conditioner in the bus whether did not work, whether in general was absent. Well nothing, - we calmed ourselves, - to go all hour. But through ten kilometers of a way the bus stopped and the driver told that the compressor is broken and further he will not go. Other bus we waited for half an hour under the scorching sun, having managed to change clothes during this time of the kid - in Moscow there were degrees 15, and in Turkey about 30. But here the bus arrived (besides without conditioner) and we already without adventures reached hotel. It is necessary to tell that we were lucky since still there were passengers in Hillside Beach and Lykia World hotels. But as our hotel was the first on the way, we had not to waste time, carrying others on hotels.

the Hotel to us was pleasant to

at once. Its territory is the whole peninsula of the gulf of the city of Fetkhiye. Overgrown with the pine wood, this burned stony district is turned by laborious work of a ball into the garden drowning tropical plants and smelling sweet as various aromas.

- one central building and a set bungat

in the territory of hotel also the country houses scattered on all peninsula, the part of which as we were told, is removed Turks. In the territory there is a poster with information that “all buildings were built of a tree without reinforced concrete use that well influences a psychological state of vacationers“.

On arrival we were surprised that all our wishes about number were already considered and we were already waited by nominal keys. Lodged us in a country house on a mountain slope overlooking the pine wood (we did not ask a view of the sea), and every morning, having opened a window we enjoyed aromas of pines. Besides the arrangement of our number was such is that the cool kept in it up to evening (and it at the 30th-degree heat) and we turned on the conditioner only after a dinner. But on the other hand, as we asked the place more quietly, our country house appeared too far and, the main thing, is high from the local “centers of a civilization“ - restaurants, beaches. It is good that we took a carriage. Though with it it was necessary to run every day on abrupt ladders of the peninsula - 70 steps up - from the central path to number and as much again down, to the beach.

A the beach in this hotel is all coast of the peninsula, a concrete flooring with plank beds, pebble at a bottom (and which - where and at the edge of a flooring) and three bays with the sandy coast (meters on 30 in length). The sea was very warm (27 - 28 degrees), is bitterish - salty and quite rather dirty. Said that it from - for port on other side of the gulf. Though from - for big beach extents, clear water it was possible to find. We thought that on a sand it will be interesting to kid to play, but, having seen such amount of water, to it was all the same what coast - whether sand, pebble, will only pull out it from water he again headlong runs is torn back. Therefore it was necessary to take away it in children`s club. In its territory there was a lodge with toys, two small pools with small hills (but very cold water) and a swing. Still there were live chickens on whom Mishka arranged hunting.

the Only problem. For us, adult All Inclusive there was something over natural - several restaurants, food, any drinks round day, on the beach - cool water-melons with melons, evening of “five o`clock“ with tea and donuts - and everything is free. And here the child refused to eat. A dietary table with boiled vegetables, potato (boiled, fried, mashed potatoes), meat (boiled, fried, stewed) etc. - attracted nothing it. Ate only rice or macaroni a little and sometimes will have a snack on a pomidorka. It is good that we took with ourselves the whole arsenal of jars of baby food. He ate them with pleasure. The visit of restaurant for us and, likely, for waiters was big test because usually came to an end with “shine“ of food around a children`s stool, in pouring of water on a little table and a joyful clap palms on this pool. Therefore we had several schemes of consumption of food:

  1. Breakfast. The father gets up and goes on a breakfast. Comes from a breakfast and goes back with mother and the kid. At restaurant mother tries to have breakfast, and the father to feed the kid.
  2. Lunch. The family in full strength goes to restaurant. The father tries to feed the kid, mother tries to eat. Then mother with the child leaves, and the father has a rest, enjoying a lunch / dinner alone.
  3. Dinner. All go to restaurant. All try to feed the kid. Then someone leaves to walk with it, and another has supper. Then the father is interchanged the position with mother.

    Yes, one more minus was li>, is that at restaurant all little tables were for smokers and sometimes it was necessary to change the place as behind the back someone lit up a morning cigarette with coffee. Also citizens did of Russia so not necessarily.

    Should note

    what among one and a half thousand having a rest about 50 - 60% was Russians (the others it is French, Belgians, Yugoslavs, Turks, Arabs and Germans). The number of our citizens defined that the service personnel consisted of Turks and Russians - for example two Russian girls worked at reception except three Turks, and 90% of animators were Russian-speaking. Therefore English and Russian were language of communication. Turks understood only in English. Therefore sometimes big works poor Germans should have explained in broken English that they want.

    the Russian public of a ball quite decent - generally families with big-bellied the uncle of 40 - 60 years in - the head.

    the Black strip

    For the tenth day, after a lunch, at our kid began vomiting. It became for us shock. Thought, a heatstroke. By the evening temperature rose. And next day I called insurance and asked the help. We were directed to the doctor at hotel. Having examined the kid, he advised to go to Letoon Hospital hospital which was located on other end of the city in half an hour of driving from hotel and represented hospital of almost European class urgently. There after survey doctors told that it is an infection and the child should spend several days here to define that for an infection and to kill it. At once delivered it a dropper, iskol all hands, trying to get into his small veins, and began to enter antibiotics. Vomiting came to an end, but diarrhea began.

    Us all family was determined in separate chamber by the size about a standard single room in the Russian hotel. There were a hospital bed, a sofa bed, the conditioner, the TV, the refrigerator, a case, a bedside table and a toilet with a shower. The relation of personnel and doctors was very good. Cleaned up twice a day. Every day change of linen. However, there was no hot water. And food was quite poor. Though it at first concerned us a little - by the evening at the wife vomiting, temperature, and next day - the same and at me began. Generally all family got sick. Everything that was “saved up“ for days of rest, was washed up within a day.

    But, thank God, every other day the illness us released

    . But at the kid diarrhea did not stop. Doctors were afraid of dehydration and did not remove a dropper. Besides, the child refused to take medicine and ate only mother`s sisyu therefore entered drugs through a dropper. I was wound between hospital and hotel - carried water (in hospital it paid), things, was eaten off at restaurant.

    four days So proceeded, up to the end of our rest. We decided to go to the airport under the own steam, to a taxi. In comparison in a trip by bus from agency it left quicker (for two hours at the road all in an hour) and more comfortably. And it costed not so much - $45.

    generally, further everything passed without adventures, except for that all flight we changed pampers. After an arrival we called doctors who defined the kid in CDB at once. Where only in a week the chair was normalized and the child was written out.

    Here so we “have a rest“. And “our luck“ because from one and a half thousand vacationers in this club, apparently, such baddy happened only to us is guilty of everything.

    Therefore on the future we drew the following conclusions.

    1. With our kid till three years not to go anywhere.
    2. To Turkey, Egypt and other “unsuccessful“ countries in general with children not to go, and in the countries to drink water only boiled (needless to say, from bottles).

    All of happy rest.

    Private Notes About Turkey

    1. It is better not to resolve monetary issues with Turks - nadurit.

    • Example 1. We go down the street Fetkhiya. We see - change currency, the plate with courses. At me is in a pocket of 50 francs. I Ask
      : I want to exchange for Turkish liras, here. Speak: and we do not know a course.
      - As, - I say, - you do not know? At you on the plate it is written.
      - And how many there? - answer.
      I Give them a course.
      - OK, - say, - we change. Spread on a counter my 50 francs, and nearby a pile of the Turkish notes.
      - Will go? - ask.
      I Take away Turkish liras. I recalculate houses. Inflated.
    • Example 2. The wife in a bench: chooses in a suit to the child. I walk with a carriage nearby. Tell the price in dollars. The price approaches. I go to pay in a card. I am told the price in liras. I speak:“ OK“. I pay. To Bor goods. I leave. At home I recalculate liras on the check for dollars. Inflated.
    • Example 3. I bring the child to hospital. Panic. Heat. I pay off the taxi driver. It on the counter has liras. I have dollars. The head does not work. I ask how many will be in dollars. I pay. I recalculate houses. Inflated.
    Well, maybe, they are mistaken, but why always only the big party?

    2. After a dinner we pace the road on reception and we ask one more blanket. Speak, will be. Night 23:30. Knock at number door. We open - the messenger brought a sheet.

    3. We eat by a taxi in the airport. Speed of about 100. We pass beautiful landscapes of mountains. I think to photograph. Slowly I get the camera. I will bring in the view-finder and... the driver sharply moves down on a roadside and brakes. We in perplexity: What`s the matter? And it that it was more convenient to photograph. We continue the movement. I remove the camera far away.

    4. Passport control of the airport Dalaman.
    - Where we fly? - the officer asks.
    - To Moscow.
    - And it at you NOKIA phone?
    - Yes.
    - And how much is in Moscow?
    - $200 - I say, model 6210.
    - Two hundred dollars!!! the Pause
    - And you it will not sell