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Little mother of

I write the story with the purpose to support girls - the teenagers who are going to learn pleasure of motherhood. I became a mother in 16 years.

to me had to be passed with

In the tenth class into other school. Exactly there I also met the first and only love. He was my schoolmate; we began to meet in two months after acquaintance, and in June, 2004, at the end of the tenth class, there was the first for both of us proximity. Probably, it was necessary for God that at once after it I became pregnant.

the First suspicions began to creep in in the middle of July. Delays were for me a commonplace, and here nausea (the truth, very weak and not every day) in the mornings and increased fatigue set thinking. I reported about the fears to darling. Together went to a drugstore, bought the test for pregnancy. There was it on July 19, 2004. As you already guessed, to our look two strips appeared. I began to roar, and my young man pressed me to himself and whispered: “It is not necessary! It is harmful to the child...“

Then I calmed down. The main thing that darling even has no doubts to leave the kid or not! The baby will have a father! But we were faced by a serious task: to tell news to parents. Decided to begin with his relatives. Zhenya lived with the father, mother left to other man. Here to it as to most, in our opinion, humane, we also went first of all. I will not go into details, I will tell only that his mother expelled us, told that it is our problems that the only exit - abortion. Unfortunately, my parents presented me with a choice too: either abortion, or withdrawal from the house.

Slava Vsevyshnemu, the father of darling allowed us to live at it provided that we will provide ourselves.

to us it was rather easy for

In August. I settled to carry leaflets, Zhenya was taken by miracle in the seller in shop. At the end of the month we undersigned. Thanks to the father-in-law, lent money for rings...

So on September 1 we came to the eleventh class already the husband and the wife. This year was the last, final. Of course, we had to listen to many “pleasant“ things in the address, but the most important problem consisted not in that: it is very difficult to combine work with study.

Favourite had to miss lessons, it is good still that the director of shop often met requirements of him in spite of the fact that Zhenka was a minor. I threw the commotion with leaflets, closely was engaged in study, very much helped darling. I was lucky, pregnancy proceeded smoothly. In a maternity welfare unit, of course, slantwise glanced, but I got used to special attention long ago.


at me began on March 19, 2005 fights. Fortunately, was about 5 in the morning. I was at home, but not at school. The husband with the father-in-law brought me to maternity hospital, and already in 14 - 30 I pressed to a breast the sonny Sanechka.

For the fourth day us was written out. I nursed the kid, the benefit school in five minutes of walking from the house. Running forward, I will tell that Sasha was on breastfeeding till 1 year 9 months, left from a breast surprisingly easily.

Ya entered the institute on internal office when the son was four months old, the husband decided to be trained in absentia and to work.

Now to our Alexander four and a half years, he with pleasure goes to kindergarten, has a great number of friends. I safely study on the fifth year, I prepare for thesis defense, liked to study as half a year longer. Now he is the director of that shop, at work he is respected and appreciated.

With my parents communication was resumed when to the sonny there were nine with small months, just for New year. I do not harbor malice against them, only we with Zhenka bore responsibility for a fruit of our love.

Ya every day I thank God for the fact that he helped me to meet Evgeny, my loved one with whom to me nothing is terrible, and for the sonny. Sometimes I look in blue Sashkina the face and with horror I think: “And if I did not have it?“

to the conclusion I want to tell

B to those who got into similar situation: trust, clouds in the sky are not forever, the clear sun very soon will look out! Do not refuse, please, the children from - for fear of future or public opinion. All this such trifles in comparison with a small miracle to which you give life...