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Useful habits by preparation for conception of

It is known that pledge of a safe course of pregnancy and childbirth is thorough training to these events, during expectation of the child of system of bodies of the pregnant woman experience the raised strain, working “for two“. Preparation of an organism for such test should be begun beforehand - before pregnancy.

Should consider

that usually the woman learns about the pregnancy on term not earlier than 5 - 6 weeks, and even later. At this time laying of many bodies and systems of an organism of the child already occurred. Influence of any adverse factors during this period can be reflected on health of future child, up to developing of malformations and even death of an embryo.

pregnancy Planning - the main task of both future parents, and not just future mother. Future child receives a half of genes (carriers of all hereditary information) from mother, and a half - from the father. Therefore and to prepare for such responsible event as the child`s birth, it is necessary together.

not to harm itself

to Future mother and the father is recommended to refuse addictions - smoking, alcohol intake. The nicotine which are contained in a tobacco smoke, methylamine, metilmerkaptan, the pyridinic bases, etc. can reduce fertility (ability to conception) both at men, and at women. Components of tobacco cause violations of a menstrual cycle in women, worsen an erection at men. Smoking including passive, causes violation of placentary blood circulation during pregnancy, is serious risk factor of a pre-natal hypoxia - insufficient supply with oxygen, a delay of pre-natal development of a fruit, increases risk of pre-natal death of a fruit, and subsequently - a syndrome of sudden death of newborns. Therefore mutual refusal of smoking - one of important stages in pregnancy planning. For future mother time of conception has to be planned for the period at least after a month of abstention from smoking.

Alcohol is absolutely forbidden

before pregnancy and during it. It is proved that ethyl alcohol causes mutations, leading to malformations of a fruit, pre-natal death, heavy physical and mental violations at children. Therefore future parents should abstain from the use of alcoholic drinks already at a pregnancy planning stage.

Drugs are absolutely forbidden

. As maturing of spermatozoa happens within 3 months, it is desirable for future father to refuse completely addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs) for such term before alleged conception of the kid. Despite numerous publications about beneficial effect of small doses of low-alcoholic beverages (for example, red dry wine) on a female organism, doctors do not share such opinion concerning future mother. All ethyl alcohol consumed by the pregnant woman as a part of alcoholic beverages through blood arrives to a fruit for which (especially for the formed central nervous system) even very small dose of alcohol is toxic. According to some information, the frequent use by the woman even of low alcohol drinks at a pregnancy planning stage reduces probability of conception a little, besides, it is known that the woman from the birth has a certain stock of ova, and the alcohol accepted during life harmful influences this stock.

But also to men it is better for p to abstain from alcohol during pregnancy planning as alcohol influences the bodies responsible for development of spermatozoa, besides, life expectancy of spermatozoa in an organism of the man makes about 2 months (spermatozoa are constantly updated and ripen in appendages).

Only useful!

the Balanced diet of future parents - one of pillars on which not only their own health, but also health of their children is based. The diet of future parents has to include as obligatory compound food: the proteins, fats, carbohydrates balanced on a ratio and having necessary power value - and vitamins and mineral substances.

Preliminary administration of drugs of folic acid and iodine allows to avoid heavy malformations and serious diseases at the child. Reception of folic acid in a dose not less than 0,4 mg a day is desirable to both spouses at least in 3 months prior to alleged conception. About need of administration of drugs of iodine it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.

is recommended to limit to

At the excess body weight (the body weight index (BWI) - a ratio of body weight to growth squared - is more than 24,9 kg/m 2 ) high-calorie products: confectionery, bread, fat dairy products. However, the products containing sugar and “empty“ calories - jam, jams, candies, cakes, cakes, - are harmful to all. It is better to enrich the diet with vegetables and fruit which will provide necessary amount of carbohydrates and calories and, besides, are vitamin-rich also mineral substances.

weight before pregnancy as both the excess weight, and insufficient body weight (IMT <18 kg/m 2 ) affect an adverse image fertility (ability to conception) at women is the best of all to normalize

. Besides, the excess body weight and, especially, obesity (IMT> of 30 kg/m 2 ) are risk factors on development of an arterial hypertension, diabetes during pregnancy. These diseases significantly make heavier the course of pregnancy, can lead to development of terrible complications both from future mother, and from a fruit.

the Movement - life


the Healthy lifestyle is connected with obligatory physical activities. Really, dosed aerobic (the enriching fabrics, oxygen) loadings are useful to health: they increase resistance to stress of an organism, improve blood circulation, breath, a saturation oxygen that is favorable for conception of the child. Swimming, the bicycle, skis, skates belong to such loadings walking on foot (including on a racetrack). However at women excessively intensive physical activities, on the contrary, can lead to failure of a menstrual cycle, lack of an ovulation.


to the Men planning conception of the child does not recommend visit of baths, saunas. High temperatures exert negative impact on process of a spermatogenesis (formation of sperm, maturing of spermatozoa). Optimum temperature for the normal course of process of a spermatogenesis has to be approximately on 1 ° From lower than the body temperature. For the same reason also carrying close linen is undesirable.

the Dream - it is important

Very important to normalize a dream. The dream is necessary for the person for restoration of forces, rest. During a dream biochemical processes of restoration and accumulation of the dissipated energy resources, synthesis of a number of hormones and other biologically active agents become more active. Deprivation of the person of a dream leads to heavy violations of physical and mental health: develop fatigue, often there are headaches, the attention and memory worsen. The sleep debt can lead to development of a depression and a syndrome of chronic fatigue. Besides, the insufficient dream can be the cause of hormonal failures, violations of a menstrual cycle, to complicate conception. Therefore duration of a dream of future parents has to be not less than 8 hours a day. If in the working days you do not manage to sleep during such time, it is necessary to remember that only 2 - 3 dream, full-fledged on duration, can repay “a sleepy debt“ to an organism. Other option of a solution of the problem of a sleep debt - 1,5 - 2 - an hour day dream though for the working women it is an exigeant task. In this case earlier laying - to 23 - 00 is recommended, and it is better - to 21. 00.

Tranquility, only tranquility!

Stresses - a scourge of modern life. Adverse influence of stressful situations on an organism of future mothers and need to limit this influence is known long ago. Adverse effects of a stress can prevent already at a pregnancy planning stage.

At short-term and not strong influence the stress is in some measure training for a human body. However at influence of extremely strong factors or at chronic influence from protective, adaptive reaction the stress passes into a pathological phase - a distress phase, or a “bad“ stress at which there is a failure of compensatory reactions of an organism. At the same time there are various symptoms from which leaders are the increased irritability, nervousness, a headache, disorders of digestion, etc. Thus, the distress can lead to development of various diseases: depressions, a syndrome of chronic fatigue, to exacerbations of stomach ulcer, gastritis, decrease in immunity, violations in work it is warm - vascular, central nervous systems which are followed by emergence of heartaches, fluctuations of arterial pressure, increased fatigue, migraines, etc. Hormones of a stress begin to have the destroying effect on an organism, destabilize work of its main systems, break the normal course of physiological processes. At men against a chronic stress sexual dysfunction can develop, at women - to arise problems with an ovulation (process of an exit of the ripened ovum of an ovary).

Completely cannot exclude stressful situations from our life, perhaps. However in forces of any person to learn to treat all events more quietly. Various techniques of yoga, respiratory gymnastics, relaxation, auto-suggestion, acupuncture will give essential support in opposition to stresses of the house and at work. The positive emotions received from viewing of good movies, performances, visit of concerts of favourite music promote production of endorphins (pleasure hormones), improvement of mood and health, distract and, respectively, level adverse action of stresses. Physical activities (sports activities, dances, foot, bicycle, ski walks, swimming) promote production of the endorphins having antistress effect. However physical activity has to be dosed. Overloads are unacceptable as they lead to irrational power consumption and oxygen starvation.

we Improve working conditions

Already at a stage of preparation for pregnancy contact of future parents with professional harmful factors of the production environment and factors of labor process is undesirable. Toxic chemicals (it actually for workers of chemical, pharmaceutical industry), ionizing radiation, static electricity, a lighting factor, biological factors belong to harmful factors of the production environment (contact with antibiotics, hormones, other medicines, for example, at workers of pharmaceutical productions). Harmful factors of labor process are the irrational organization of a workplace (inconvenient, not ergonomic furniture, insufficient lighting, the wrong installation of office equipment with violation of the rules of safety measures, absence or insufficient mechanization of work), discrepancy of the modes of work to psychophysiological features of an organism (for example, work at night). In actual practice harmful factors influence an organism not separately, and, as a rule, in common, in various combinations, and cumulative effect in such cases is often summarized and has more expressed pathological effect, can lead to development of various occupational diseases, including have adverse effect on the reproductive sphere.

the Female organism is initially more sensitive

to influence of harmful factors, than man`s. Pregnant women are transferred to the harmless sites of works excluding or minimizing contact with professional harmful factors. However already at a stage of planning of pregnancy it is desirable to exclude influence of harmful factors as any problems with health at future parents can have an adverse effect on a possibility of approach of pregnancy and its normal current.

the pregnancy Period, perhaps, the most responsible period in life of a married couple therefore also preparation for it has to be very responsible, depends on it health of mother and kid.