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The holiday of little scullions

In your family grows up the little culinary specialist? Its experiments with products force you to worry, standing under a door in kitchen waiting for the next masterpiece of cook art? You already lost count of kilograms of the spoiled products and the number of the burned pans? Congratulations! Perhaps, future star of the culinary world grows in your family. Let`s support our asterisk in its creative searches and in honor of the achieved success we will help to arrange the most real Holiday of little scullions to which friends - adherents of yours of the baby will be invited.

Everything that is required from us, adults, - to discuss holiday details with the child, to think over the menu, laying and entertaining part and to divide a scope of work. Let`s tell, the child will be able to prepare part of dishes itself or by means of adults, and also will be able independently to prepare some attributes of a holiday and a detail of laying. For example, invitations and cards for guests.

For registration of invitations, cards and the menu one style is better to choose

. We suggest to choose as motive - a nice attractive face in a cook cap. Will be able to draw it also the child if besides culinary talents possesses also art. But just in case we provide the scheme of such attractive face.

Absolutely unusually can make by

cards for guests. It is possible to do, of course, and without them, but it is better to spend a little time and to receive what your scullions will remember for certain with pleasure. Take several small small bottles (on number of guests) with drinking yogurt, for example. Scissors with figured edge cut out tiny aprons from decorative paper and dress them on small bottles, having pasted two straps - cervical and zone. On aprons write names of the invited children. Children can take away these nominal small bottles with themselves, and can drink yogurt and during the holiday as they will want.

we offer

For individual napkins practical and original idea - quilted napkins with a pocket for tableware and the holder - a loop for a napkin. Well and of course, for a mood raising on a napkin we embroider a cheerful attractive face of the scullion in a cap from a white rag of fabric.

For the menu use cardboard folders of the A5 format. Paste over or wrap up them yellow paper, draw an attractive face of the scullion on a cover or make application. It is possible to accompany the menu with pencils with nozzles from balls for a ping - a pong on which draw our scullion too. Perhaps, someone will want to write down the recipe or to leave a critical remark.

scullions will hardly be able to do without aprons and caps, it is invariable attribute of the professional! Therefore allocate couple of evenings to sew aprons and caps for all guests. Believe, children and little girls very much will like idea to put on aprons which besides will rescue elegant clothes from casual spots.

I one more decorating detail. It is possible not to do some big cake if it is difficult to carry out it for one reason or another. It is possible to act simpler - to bake many small cakes, so-called kapkeyk, to build them in some form - a square, a circle, a rectangle - and in this form to cut out “cover“ which to ornament as appropriate and to cover cakes from a leaf of a dense cardboard. Of course, as soon as the turn will reach sweet, is uncovered and can remain for memory of remarkably spent holiday.

to Kapkeyki`s

are convenient also that children will not be soiled thanks to individual paper wafers. Besides your little scullion also can take part in baking of cakes.

can be

of the Menu simple, and maybe very effective. Try some of the dishes given below which beautifully look and for certain will please your children.