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Use of medicines during pregnancy of

Unreasonable treatment during pregnancy can conceal risk for two at once - in - the first, for the woman who in a condition of pregnancy becomes the most sensitive to many adverse influences; in - the second, for the developing fruit, influence on which can affect then all life.

How to learn what medicine is safe?

Sometimes during pregnancy needs to carry out treatment even by unsafe preparations when the expected advantage of their application exceeds possible risk. Most often such situation is possible at a chronic disease of mother, or in those hard cases when the question goes about rescue of her life.

If all - needs to resort to the help of drugs, then it is necessary to discuss possible risk and advantage of their application with the doctor. In each case it is necessary to be guided by the principle that only the doctor knowing details about health of the patient and features of course of pregnancy makes the decision on need of reception of these or those drugs.

many lists in which drugs are subdivided on safe, rather safe, rather unsafe and dangerous Exist. They can be useful, but the majority of them contains outdated or incomplete data. On information inserts and packing of drugs it is not always specified about adverse effects during pregnancy, most often they inform on a ban of application of a preparation without recommendation of the doctor.

the Best source of information on collateral influences of medicines during pregnancy. Remember that it is necessary to choose the safest means from all possible in a concrete situation, but it is impossible to refuse treatment from - for fear to damage to the child as overdue treatment or the progressing illness can do a bigger harm.

If all - needs to take a certain medicine, then use the following recommendations to reduce risk and to gain effect.

the Classification of preparations depending on degree of safety of their application during pregnancy developed by the American Council for safety of food and drugs (FDA - Food and Drug Administration) we give


This classification reflects potential harm of medicines for a fruit at the use by the pregnant woman in different terms of pregnancy.

characterize by

of the Letter risk group and designate the following: