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Adenoides of

At your child constantly stuffy nose, frequent cold and otitises, breath only through a mouth, snore at night? These are sure signs of a hypertrophy of a pharyngeal almond. In other words, the child has adenoides. As a rule, such diagnosis demands expeditious treatment - removal. At what age it is better to make it and whether there is an alternative? What is adenoides?

In a normal state adenoides at children represent small lymphoid educations in a nasopharynx. It is the normal immune fabric possessing ability to produce the immunoglobulins necessary for normal activity of a children`s organism. However as a result of repeated catarrhal diseases, infections, an allergy they can increase and inflame. Changes in a nasopharyngeal almond are connected, on the one hand, with an organism allergization, with another - are the testimony of insolvency in system of immunity. Adenoides, protecting a children`s organism, fight against adverse effects of the polluted external environment. Owing to what mucous allocations from a nose appear, adenoides bulk up, nasal breath is at a loss.

Growth of adenoides has three degrees:

I degree - in the afternoon the child breathes rather freely, the mouth is closed, and during a dream when the volume of adenoides increases in horizontal position of a body, it becomes heavier to breathe to it, the posapyvaniye appears.

II-III degree - growths half or completely close the back departments of a nose, openings connecting nose cavities to nasal part of a throat; children often snore in a dream, are forced to breathe through the mouth day and night.

For the first time adenoides (a hypertrophy of a pharyngeal almond) were described in 1873 by the Danish scientist Mayer. The disease occurs at 5 - 15% of children. Adenoides are more often observed at the age of 3 - 15 years, but can meet also at earlier age, and at 70 - summer old men. Adenoides can be truly hypertrophied, and can be in a condition of an acute or chronic inflammation. At an inflammation they become a source of bacterial infection of an organism, pathologically influence airways, nervous and immune systems of an organism.

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the diagnosis “adenoides“, the special equipment for this purpose is not required. Treatment, as a rule, surgical. Conservative methods of treatment (washing, drop, inhalation, but at all not warmings up!) are applied at small increase in adenoides or in the presence of contraindications to operation.

Operations on removal of adenoides are performed by

practically in all children`s hospitals where there is an ENT specialist - office, and do not present any difficulties for the expert. Operation this not heavy and for the patient: as a rule, children transfer it well.

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After operation that the child observed the sparing mode: he cannot run, jump, bathe in a hot bathtub, to wash the head; it is obligatory to eat semi-fluid not hot food. A week later after an extract from hospital the child can already go to school (kindergarten). whether

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Considering a role of a nasopharyngeal almond in reactions of the general and local immunity, its activity in formation of antiviral protection, many doctors give preference to conservative methods of treatment of adenoides. Especially as, in - the first, at the small child it is almost impossible to remove completely adenoides, and in - the second, adenoidny fabric possesses ability to be restored, and after a while the situation which led to operation can repeat. Not a rarity when do to children two, three and even four times an adenotomiya (removal of adenoides). Operation can be shown when all possible methods of conservative treatment were settled and were inefficient.

Since 8 - 9 years adenoides, having executed the function, begin to decrease independently and at most of children by 11 - 14 years, almost completely disappear.

Before deciding to remove to the child adenoides, show it to several more doctors, besides, which appointed or directed to operation. In case big adenoides are really confirmed, carry out to the child treatment and besides numerous. And if do not receive improvement of nasal breath, the termination of allocations from a nose, disappearance of snore or reduction of other displays of a disease, then only in this case decide on operation if it is really necessary. whether

adenoides Will grow again?

For removal of adenoides the favorable periods are. Process of growth of the child can be divided into the periods of “pulling“ (when the child violently grows in length) and the periods of “rounding“ (when growth is slowed down). Operation of an adenotomiya is undesirable in the period of a pulling when there is a rapid growth of a nasopharynx. It is noticed also: than at younger age adenoides, that a high probability are removed that they will grow again. The optimum periods for removal of adenoides - from five to six years, from nine to ten and after 13 - 14 years.

Adenoides can:

Councils of traditional medicine

Washing of a cavity of a nose

needs Previously to exempt carefully a nose from contents, on one half separately and at once to begin washing. Washing is very effective for release of a cavity of a nose from collected in it and on secret adenoides. Insert a syringe tip into one half of a nose, on depth about 0,5 - 1 cm and direct perpendicularly to the person. The head has to be inclined forward at an angle about 45 degrees. Pour in solution in the small portions, gradually strengthening stream force. At the time of solution injection the breath needs to be held. The small child can do such washing, having put it on a tummy. Plants and preparations, kotoryemozhno to apply both at the increased adenoides, and at their inflammation:

of Inhalation

  • 3 times a day within several weeks the child has to breathe over steam of broth of a budra ivylike. For preparation of broth of 15 g of a grass to fill in on 1 - 2 hour with a glass of cold water, then to boil half an hour on slow fire, to filter and store in the refrigerator no more than 2 days.
  • Inhalation steam with an eucalyptus, a calendula, kalanchoe juice, soda. It is possible separately or all together, on 1/2 h l. everyone on a plastic inhaler. To breathe 5 - 8 - 10 minutes, 1 - 2 time a day.


  1. Treatment can be carried out by courses from 1 to 3 - 4 times a year.
  2. Before treating the child independently, show it to the doctor, and can even not to one to establish the exact diagnosis.
  3. always you watch
  4. In instructions to preparations whether there are no contraindications for their reception.